Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Another only partly human Tory made the headlines today as three top English judges (including their Lord Chief Justice)  ruled that his department's withholding of council tax relief in two cases, was illegal.

One was in the case of  a disabled 15 year old whose grandparents (his carers) needed a room for his equipment, and for an external carer to sleep in overnight on occasion. The second was a rape victim for whom police had built a safe room to protect her from a violent ex-husband, who beat her and threatened to kill her.

The disabled lad, being cared for by his grandparents suffers from a rare disorder Potocki-Shaffer syndrome, which renders him unable to walk, talk or feed himself, and has left him doubly incontinent. 

For heaven's sake, is it not enough that a couple of grandparents have to cope with these situations every single day in life, without being obliged to go to court to stop a lying cheating weasel of a secretary of state trying to reduce their benefits and make their lives just that little more difficult? 

Mr Duncan Smith wasn't overly inclined to speak to the Press about his loss in court, so much so that he made his chauffeur (paid for by us) drive him to a side entrance so that he could avoid them. Unabashed by yet another failure, and utterly mindless of the strain on vulnerable people, he intends to take the cases to the Supreme court. And this despite the Lord Chief Justice being one of three judges to rule on the case.

It's odd that everything Duncan Smith has touched has failed... from trying to appear educated, and being discovered to have lied about his university and management courses, to his disastrous leadership of the Tory party, and Betsygate

His tenure of the DWP has been a catalogue of catastrophe with each of his initiatives failing, computer software costing millions being found to be utterly useless, missed targets for introducing his half witted policies and failures meaning that people have been left waiting for weeks for benefits that they needed, the latest controversy over women's pensions. And of course the thousands of people who have died after being told that they were perfectly fit for work.

He's a one man walking disaster and killing machine. Maybe they should send him to Syria, he could put ISIS members on one of his schemes. 

He's certainly seen off far more Brits than they have!

Seriously, you have to wonder why Cameron continues to employ, at such a high level, a man who has been a failure in everything he has tackled.

What hold does he have over Cameron?

Who knows. Of course, it's worth remembering that he was party leader (with access to whips' records) in early days of Eton Boy's membership of the Commons, before his rise to the leadership. Maybe in that there lies the key. Lord Ashcroft's stories may be mild fare compared to what IDS can reveal.

Here, for your enjoyment is the Tory Party's list of Collective Nouns.


  1. Replies
    1. Ah... I knew an intellectual man of letters like you would come up with something incentive!

    2. I don't know if it's incentive*, but they are a murder of bastards.

    3. I don't really think they are incisive.

      Insensitive maybe. Inhuman certainly.

    4. Here's me thinking it was invective ;) but it's certainly spurred me on...

      "Whenever you scratch a Tory you find a Fascist."

      "Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are Conservatives."

      And last but not least

      "No attempt at ethical or social seduction can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party... So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin."

    5. Invective is the word!

      To whom is the last one attributable? I know I've seen it, but I can't recall.

  2. I have never believed in violence but I suspect that if I was trapped in a lift with Duncan Smith and Blair I might change my mind....

    1. Agreed. Just like you, I've never thought that a rap in the coupon was the solution to anything, but I could make an exception for quite a few of the politicians. It still wouldn't do anything, but boy would it feel good.

      I was listening to the news that Laurent Gbagbo, of Ivory Coast, had started his trial in the Hague, and I was devoutly wishing that Blair was next, along with the obnoxious Straw.

    2. An eye for an IDS and the whole world ends up better off.

    3. Boum Boum! Ca c'est la version française!

  3. You forgot A Curse of Oil, although that would not be specifically a Tory collective noun, but a Unionist one which never seems to apply to their Saudi friends.

    1. Good one. I suspect that having oil but not having the British Empire to keep up, isn't a curse.

      Pip Pip!

  4. Tris

    it's their ideology that is driving them, preparation for TTIP coming and the impending sell off of all that is left to probably American companies in the main. We will soon own nothing in this country and that is what they want, no Government other than the gravy train pretendy kind.

    IDS is a wanker and I wish him nothing but the worst and every MP that ever goes along with anything that his Department or Government do and I agree, he knows where the bodies are buried and they can't remove him.


    1. Well to be fair, although there are a fair number of racists amongst them, they are happy to sell off stuff to China or the Middle East too.

      As long as they get their greedy mitts on the money, I don't think they really care.

      All the stuff we built up over the years, using tax payers' money, has been sold off cheap. Almost nothing except the BBC, some of the health service, the royal family and the military is left to sell.

      Actually, although I'm against privatisation in general, I'd sell off the BBC and make them earn their living, and I'd sell off the royals, their palaces and their art treasures, in order to feed the poor.

      I mean seriously, how many art treasures can one old woman look at in the course of a day?

      IDS should be very careful.

      When ministers become troublesome to PMs, sometimes it doesn't end up too well.

      Not that, when it comes to IDS, I care much...or at all.