Friday 9 October 2015


Mrs May's speech at the Tory Party Conference was nothing to do with the facts of immigration. Indeed most of what she spouted had already been disproved in papers her own department (a notoriously disorganised, out of control, left hand and right hand uncoordinated organisation) had published.

Even an article in the Telegraph (no lover of foreigners) from a couple of years ago, had admitted that rather than being a drain on our society's resources, immigrants were of net economic value to the country.

Indeed whether middle England likes it or not, we must have immigrants to sustain any kind of economic balance in the future, as the baby boomer generation moves into old age and beyond, living ever longer but without the ability to make positive economic contributions. 

The NHS, which will be in much demand by this group in the next 30 years or so, is particularly dependent upon immigrant doctors and nurses. 

Germany has recognised this as is demonstrated by its willingness to absorb large numbers of refugees from the Middle East, out of economic necessity rather than altruism.

People may not like foreigners moving into their country, but we suspect that they will like the alternative even less.

But no, Mrs May's speech was nothing to do with truth. It was much more to do with pitching her candidacy for the leadership of the Tory party when the Eton boy stands down. 

There is a growing list of candidates waiting to step into the expensive hand made shoes of Cameron. The usual suspects of course: Mad Boris, the eccentric Englishman, Gideon the coke man, Sajid Javid (a rising star), Elizabeth Truss (a second Thatcher), Philip Hammond (a remedy for insomnia), Graham Brady... (who he?) and the extremely unlovely Priti Patel, Grim Reaper Duncan Smith's underling at the DWP.

I've even heard it suggested that the Grim Reaper may make another attempt at the top job, however given the failure of his last foray into leadership I suspect that that is wandering into the realms of fantasy. Still, in a party which thought Michael Howard was a potential prime minister, who knows!

With today's announcement of a very well funded, big name supported, cross party organisation to fight against the government for Brexit, (rather than the shambolic, accident prone, Farage led, campaign we were expecting),  it may well be that Cameron's days of entertaining at Chequers (as he is today) will be over even sooner than he thought. 2017 ring a bell?

So which of these beauties will be the next leader of the Tories, and the prime minister of the UK? There's a poll in the right hand side bar. Let us know who you think will be leader.

PS: For those who are interested in this sort of thing, it is Cameron's birthday today. More interestingly it's John Lennon's birthday. The difference is that the internet is full of wise things John Lennon said while it's full of stupid things David Cameron said.

Happy birthday John.


  1. "PS: For those who are interested in this sort of thing, it is Cameron's birthday today."

    Does anyone know what Miss Piggy has planned for his birthday surprise yet?

    1. Chops for tea?

    2. I was thinking more along the lines of a bacon sarnie myself Tris.

    3. That' more Miliband than Cameron, unless it was a bacon and caviare sarnie?

    4. On John Lennon, 'Imagine' has been my belief system ever since I heard it. Or it just crystallised my thoughts.

      Nearest thing I have to a religion.

    5. Wise man Mr Lennon.

      If only he'd lived.

    6. This maybe?
      Miss piggy could make a good job of that. :)

    7. Ha ha ha ha... Marilyn Munroe or Miss Piggy? Hard choice.

  2. I am just laughing at the Blog list opposite where I am typing, Ukip have cancelled their Welsh Conference, one wonders if they just did not get enough people interested? I thought this chimed with your excellent article.

  3. Hilarious.

    Cancelled through lack of interest.

    Do they have one in Scotland?

  4. tris

    Next Tory leader thats easy the one who is the most racist repulsive and puke inducing
    in normal caring warm hearted people.................that'l be the one most Torys will choose

    Anyway got to point out that Mays quote you lot go on abaht has a typo error.

    she actually said ' Most migrants (like most everybody else) Gain no economic
    benefit in the UK ' which is under the tory slave labour charter ......true

    1. Hello Niko,

      So that'll be Boy George.

      May made it clear she wanted fewer immigrants. I don't know how she's going to manage to run the NHS or the underground in England.

      However, not my problem... I don't care.

  5. Cameron says he love his country but where is it and who lives there
    certainly not the poor,disabled the sick or the vulnerable they are all
    sanctioned and being socially cleansed out of his country?

    Waves that bloody Union flag like a shroud (in his last broadcast
    fluttering outside the window over his shoulder)
    meanwhile trying to stuff as many of the armed forces dead into
    the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as he can if he can get enough MPs
    to vote for him........

    FFS he has only got a few years to achieve his hearts desire is
    he going to have to leave office without even a smallish war and
    hardly any dead.............Oh the shame of it all !

    1. Hear hear.

      I wonder if he'll get the war he's gagging for.

      SNP will vote against. Corbynites will vote against. I expect that the Greens, Plaid and some of the Irish will vote against along with a handful of humans on the Tory benches.

      Will that be enough?

    2. I'm not so sure they want a war. Not a hot war, but a new cold war. The west's economic model works better on a war footing. Russia seems to be stepping up, to be the bogey man; again.
      I was never a fan of John Lennon, or the Beatles, but his death was tragic and nonsensical.

    3. I think he wants to be there in Syria with his boss Mr Obama.

      Of course a new cold war with Russia will mean that he can justify Trident renewal... although I don;t recall them using Trident when Russia simply took the Crimea. In fact I don't recall them doing anything much about that.

      Whatever, he will use it as an excuse to clamp down on freedoms for everyone except the royals, lords, MPs and filthy rich.

    4. Jimminy

      Cameron just wants to have some of his own ' The Glorious Dead ' its a right wing
      prime minister thing is he to be the one in a long line of PMs to have no blood
      (you cant count suicides for the unemployed etc ) on his hands from unwanted or
      illegal wars/conflicts that sort of thing.

      I believe in the Union but not in Cameron's version i am afraid i wouldn't even wipe
      my erse on his Union flag he and his vermin are building a version of Nation
      which when you look at it with your eyes open. Is totally devoid of love or
      compassion for the individual (good Tory word ) within the Nation.
      those who are outside what they see a person to be.....which is like most of the rest of us you know those without money lots of money.....

      The old Lie
      Dulce et Decorum est
      Pro patria mori.

    5. So which would you prefer, Niko. Cameron's Britain or independent Scotland?

      I agree with your analysis more or less... They are building a country that no one would want to live in.

    6. Niko, I wouldn't even dye my hair, what's left of it, for Britain. Nor would I die for Scotland. I've always thought dying for a cause was a loss to the cause. You can't persuade from the grave, or by putting your opponent in the grave.
      It's a lesson humanity has taken forever to learn. As soon as the first farmers laid claim to land, on which they toiled, some other git wanted it. Sadly, the same still applies and the Tories, of whichever hue, are stealing our plots; day and daily.

      Next time round, Nico, I reckon you'll vote for independence.

    7. Beautifully put Jim.

  6. How about Kezia Dugdale?
    Has all the Right credentials and embraces Tory values and philosophy as well as most of the current policies on welfare and "defence".
    A shoo in if ever there was one.

    1. Oh I dunno. She's a bit common for the Tories.

  7. bringiton



    Cameron saying he love HIS ? Country is like a pedophile saying
    he loves children......

    1. He can do what he likes with HIS country. I just wish he'd leave mine alone.

  8. Why would it possibly matter which of these clones is slid into the pig's heid? They are interchangable. They all sing from the same hymn sheet, supplied by the city bankers and arms manufacturers and all have the same policy objective; Increase My Personal Fortune At All Costs, Preferably Public Costs.

    They could haul a total nonentity off the back benches, as the Labour party did, and get them to hum along to the tune.

    1. You're probably right, although with this lot you can see a few differences.

      I mean with Boris, we'd all get a bit of a laugh. He'd be a catastrophe of course, but he'd be a funny one.

      With Tessy, I'm pretty sure we'd have race riots in no time at all, and no one would ever laugh again with her miserable mug on view so often.

      Whatever, if they are in power again after 2020, anyone without a title of £20m in the bank might as well go to Dignitas or jump off a high bridge, according to their income.

  9. Whilst Corbyn is never going to persuade a single SNP voter about his radicalness, and that Cameron's indiscretions with dead pigs appear to be yesterdays news, I still want out of this imperfect union.

    The sooner, the better.

    Neither of them represent me. And, as you say, the lot of them are beholden to the private sector on a pecuniary basis, which stinks as a political system.

    Just saying.

    1. I suppose I must be glad that Corbyn is not having any inroads on the SNP (according to the most recent polls) I'm worried for the UK that he has backtracked on so much. I know it's not his fault. The things that he hasn't gone back on, his shadow cabinet have ridiculed. But the great hope of the English for some sort of different kind of government appears to have disappeared, swallowed by the vacuum that is New Labour.

      I'm not entirely sure why he has Blair's best mate in his top team though.

      I see Cooper has been calling for more attacks on the SNP. Isn't that Kezia's job, and shouldn't London Labour be fighting the Tories? While they are concentrating their efforts on the SNP, no one seems to mind that the Cons (French word!) are tearing the country up and using it as toilet paper.

  10. New rules?

    No politician should be allowed to take a penny from anyone. No politician should be allowed to hike their status for financial gain - see Tony Blair as an exemplar - no politician should have a frigging duck pond, and so on. Or if you do have a duck pond we should tax you on the ducks. Or if you are Tony Blair or Jonothan Strange, sorry, Gordon Brown, there should be an easy route to prosecution for taking us into a war that we didn't want, and a war that was sold with gold standard truthieness when it wasn't. It astonishes me that neither man was prosecuted for lying to us, but that is the nation state we subscribe to. Thanks for that the 55%.

    They should be encouraged to write their own biographies, and we shoud have a new day of celebration when we burn them.

    There is something rotten about Westminster. I believe it is the people it attracts. Perhaps the SNP 56 are an exception, I really hope so. Or is it 55 today? Frankly the witch hunts are disgusting churnalism.

    I have chucked my subscription to the Herald on the back of Magnus Gardhams' sick piece today. I would encourage everyone else to do likewise. You can get all the news you need here.

    1. I haven't seen that piece Douglas. I wouldn't buy the herald and it's behind a paywall here.

      It's 55 at the moment.

      One change I would make is that when they want to take us to war, they should be out there on the front line, or their kids should be, and all the cabinet. Don't vote for war unless you are prepared to fight it.

      Once upon a time the king led the troops into battle. It seems fine to me.

      I think I would also demand that politicians should have had a proper job before they go into politics. There was much to be said for Mao's idea that intellectuals (not that our politicos are) work in the fields for a period every year.

      let's have Cameron do a year in McDonalds or B and M before he gets a seat.

      And every summer for a month, stacking shelves and Morrisons.