Thursday 15 October 2015


The Noble Lady in pink looks unimpressed with her new colleague
Well, there you go. The whole thing has always been a joke of course, and most reasonable thinking people in Britain realise that. 

It was bad and bad enough when aristocrats handed down a seat in parliament to their legitimate offspring. It was an affront to democracy, but then so is an hereditary head of state or a privy council, or a first past the post system...
Her neighbour looks positively disenchanted
But, the current nonsense is beyond a joke. Any Tom Dick or Michelle can get themselves a seat in the chamber of the living dead, simply by currying favour with a leader of one of the parties that subscribe to this nonsense, following orders or maybe making a financial contribution. The package comes complete with medieval title and £300 a day tax free expenses.

In this case, it was allegedly Mone's business skills led her to be appointed as a Baron, the lowest level of lord (her style will now be "the noble" and her children will enjoy being "honourables"). That being the case it must have been a bit of an embarrassment for her that on the eve of her elevation to the nobility, with a remit for entrepreneurship, it was announced that her Ultimo company made staggering losses. I suppose, though, in fairness, people like her feel no sense of shame about small matters like that.

I suspect her very public falling out with Labour over Brown's handling of the economy and his threat to increase the top rate of tax, and her visceral hatred of the SNP and independence for her homeland may have had something to do with her success with the Tories, though. Nothing like a slap in the face for Labour from a working class girl made good.

Fortunately these two look more favourably upon Michelle. I've not seen IDS look so happy since he found out how many sick people had ''signed off'' under his regime, and George looks as if he's been sniffing stuff again.
The Tories, who turned out in force to celebrate with her in her ermine robes, don't seem to feel any embarrassment about her failing business. She has since divested herself of Ultimo and moved on to fake tans and diet pills.

I have to say the photographs, even ones take with two of the most despicable of her new colleagues show her sporting the most classy (if somewhat over the top) outfit I've ever seen her wear.

The Noble Lady has chosen to be known as  Baroness Mone of Mayfair in the City of Westminster... like some latter day Eliza Dolittle. Presumably, in her rush to get away from the nasty things people were saying about her on Twitter (which she didn't understand could actually get across the border into England) she has forgotten that she comes from the East End of Glasgow. 

I suppose the folk from the East End won't much care.

I had a look to see what she was tweeting about as she became a lord, but I got this message. Clearly she doesn't much care for Munguin.

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  1. So she was going to escape Scotland, if we voted for independence.
    We voted to stay ( I use the "we" very reluctantly), she sods of to London, presumably forever as her new title suggests.
    You really couldn't make it up.
    She, most definitely, won't be missed.

    1. She seemed to be determined to get to London and have her House overlooking the Tower of London, and get her noble butt on a red bench.

      Sharp elbowed.

      I have to say I'm gutted to be banned from seeing her daily tweets showing pictures of her with the glitterati on her deck.

      Wow is me for I am undone.

  2. I thought Tris and Muguin would feel honoured to be banned from look at anything THAT bit of fluff, and traitorous fluff at that wrote, that is if she can actually articulate anything without help.
    Right so you now know I do not wear anything she had a hand in.
    Personally I would actually pay Guy Fawkes to return and finish what he started.
    Now should I get dressed up for the visit from M15.

    1. LOL If we don;t hear from you again I dare say we will assume you've been carted off by the secret services Helena.

      Set Hektor on them.

  3. Tris

    The HoL is a joke as we have commented previously and many times. The arguments against it are just and strong but sadly too many people just don't care enough about this nonsense.

    Michelle Mone is where she is for services to the state and for the state, pure and simple. It's not because she is a great thinker, or a passionate Scot, but because the media put her front and centre during the referendum, she said what she needed to and she is ambitious to get where she wants to be. But we often hear that we need more women in politics, but I tend to say we need more honest and genuine women in politics because not all are.

    I must admit I find Tasmina Sheikh of the SNP really annoying and a political go around, a member of every party bar the Liberals until elected, she is where she wants to be and I don't think , like Mone, she cares which party it's for. The Liberals had Swinson and Labour has Dugdale. I sometimes hear from women at work that sometimes they are put off politics by the women who are in politics. I'm watching a bit of the SNP conference just nowl I find the speakers from the floor more interesting than the elected ones, esp given how tightly managed these conferences are now m attending the Liberal one next week and have an invite to meet Willie Rennie as a new member, he must have read my blog lol. Off topic but I have seen bits of them all this year and have found them all over managed and uninspiring in the main, the SNP need to take care of falling into this trap. Right now new SNP MPs are interviewing each other about being SNP MPs, not good at all and placing each other on pedestals which may alienate some of the membership. I dread to think what they will do when Mhairi Black enters.

    Sorry off topic but as a watcher of politics, like yourself, I worry about the state of it and I must admit I am not impressed with much this year at all other than the SNP result in May but watching today they need to be careful. A lot of the success of the SNP is that many feel they talk for them, that will only last as long as they are not perceived part of the system, right now they are in danger of being sucked in.


    1. I'm not really making excuses for the SNP, Bruce, but they have to be so careful about management, becasue a tiny thing will be blown into front page news, topping the BBC schedule, etc, for weeks if Nicola as much as sneezes.

      That said I agree with you. I hope that they can avoid becoming as awful as the other parties.

      As for meeting Willie... goodness, what an honour.

      What are you going to say to him? You're not going to ask him about Carmichael, or why the Liberal Dems having paid their policing bill, I hope?

      As for women in politics... they are exactly teh same as men.

      They always said that they were put off politics by how horrible people were to each other and how aggressive it all was. So I'd be expecting a much more friendly battle at FMQs ever week between the leaders of the government and the two main opposition parties. Alas this has not come to pass.

      Now as you say, they are put off by the other women... and who could blame them... some of the role models are truly horrific.

    2. Bruce will you shake wee willies neck for me, I was stupid enough to be happy he actually got a seat in oor Parliament, now I wish they had not bothered, he proved to me that you can be as stupid as heck in Westminster because you can vanish, willie hopefully will do that 2016.

  4. She is a con artist ... end of Tris.

    Her *cough* diet pills apparently require the taker to cut back on calorie intake and exercise daily.

    Jezz. If you cut back your calorie intake and exercise you will lose weight WITHOUT the need to take her pathetic little pills. I assume, now she is a true blue Tory, her little pills are also blue.

    Nice to see that she is principled in her choice of name for the House of Deadbeats. Surely though Baroness Moaning Minnie of Loadsamoney would have been easier for her to remember and more importantly for us plebs to say! LOL

    1. LOL I know Arbroath. I choked myself laughing over that.

      Take this pill and don't eat anything for a week and you will lose pounds (lbs) and I'll gain pounds (£), says Moan.

      I wonder if her tanning involves you also taking a holiday to a Mediterranean resort for 3 weeks?

  5. The well named Mone stands for everything i detest about servile, cringing unionists. They are happy to crawl on their hands and knees for scraps from their masters table. She is probably too dense to realise that her fellow Lords look on her as a performing seal.
    Good girl, have a mackerel.

    1. A lot of the business community were angry that she was honoured in that way, and they hadn't been.

      I have no problem with her being a working class woman that did well. Good luck to her, if she'd got into parliament by being elected. She didn't.

      I doubt she'll go down well with their noblenesses. I don't think they wanted her.

  6. I would think yourself lucky that you can't see Ms Mayfair's twitter feed. I still can and a bigger load of self-serving asinine gush I don't think I've ever read! Shame on you and the Rev Stu for diverting unsuspecting readers to that puerile, glib, clap-trap.

    I of course never commented being far too astonished at its syrupy smugness.

    1. I wear it as a badge of honour.

      I add her to a list of political nonentities who have barred me.. My first was Stairheid Maggie, and I've gone on irritating them ... onwards and upwards and arrived at no less than the noble baroness.

      I wonder what it feels like to have blue blood.

  7. Anyone who has worked in sales will have probably heard the term "tits sell". (Apologies for the sexist remark).

    It seems that Cameron has fallen for that line. It's skills and experience you want, regardless of looks, gender, race, sexuality, religion etc etc.

    I admire her for developing a business from scratch, even if it has declined. But lost any respect for her when she brought her marital problems to the media and started posing about in her underwear. Egotistic or what.


    1. I accept that Zog. But I wonder if, in reality (and I apologise for being ageist here) she isn;t a little on the old side for the age range she is attempting to attract to business.

      And I too genuinely admire the fact that she started from scratch. I'm rather less admiring of her business practices and I hope the government isn't paying her to pass on techniques like Off shoring and putting taps on the phones of her senior employees!!

      And trashing £100,000 cars because you fell out with your partner...well ...

  8. I read an article in Private Eye that attempted a hatchet job on Tasmina Sheikh claiming that she was some sort of careerist political butterfly that would go wherever she was likely to get the best hand up the political ladder. Because she had been a member of the Tory party since she was 16 and had stood for the Tories in the 1999 Scottish election for Glasgow Govan and had somewhere in between been a member of the Labour Party. She joined the SNP in 2000 i.e 15 years ago and in all that time has only stood for the European Parliament in 2014.

    Private Eye implied that she was on the make and only interested in climbing the greasy pole. Odd really seeing as her only sojourn into obtaining political office in her 15 years in the SNP was to become an MEP. A European backwater hardly seems a great move for a would be leader on the make. And if PE really understood Scottish politics they would have realised that neither is becoming an MP. It's in Edinburgh where the real power in the SNP lies especially if she wants to be First Minister and not in London, as she will never be Prime Minister. So if she were really on the make why not wit until 2016 and become an MSP....answer came there none!!

    1. Good point anon.

      People do change their allegiance politically from time to time. And PE, amusing though it is, has not the foggiest idea what Scottish politics is about.

      I, somewhat ashamedly, though at one time, that Tony Blair was the answer!

      How wrong can you be?

    2. Anon I would have to say you do not join the SNP if you are on the make.

  9. Interesting yesterday that STV mentioned in their piece about the Mone that her Bra company had gone bust....a pre-req for British entrepreneurs it seems (going bust that is).
    Not a peep from the Beeb in Scotland on that subject.
    I suppose,now that she is part of the British establishment,she will be entitled to state protection against nasty separatists.

    1. Munguin is expecting to be questioned about his views by MIsomething, becasue after all,according to Mr Tompkins, this is a one party state.

      Ha ha ha...