Saturday 31 October 2015


Chez Duncan Smith...?
A proper lantern.
Labour painting the road signs? 
Education, Education, Education...
One way to get them to sleep!
How to be the coolest kid with the best ever lunch. 
Labour sign writers get everywhere!
The return of Mrs Thatcher.
Munguin wishes a Happy Halloween to all our readers!


  1. Well Munguin, thank you so much for the laugh, it has been a funny old day so far. Rain now the blue sky is appearing. Cannot make up my mind what to do, so I turned to your page again and the best giggle so far though I have to say Stu is bringing in the laughs too.
    You would think that people who write signs for a living would look up the words, the amount of badly spelled words etc.
    Husband 's pet hate really and all this about well you know what I mean thingy, well it worked so well for those in different valleys in Papua New Guinea, they cannot understand each other.

    1. yeah they were brilliant though my favourite was where I'm NOT planning to go for an eye test. As jimnarlene said happy Samhain everybody.

    2. Aye Helena. Dunno what the witches make of it. One minute there they are on their broom sticks and the sun is beating down, then the rain starts. Just as well they have pointy hats, eh Mrs T?

    3. I think the bloke who proof read that notice in Vision Express' window should have gone to Specsavers, PP!!

  2. Replies
    1. The festival of the dead... Hmmmm...

      They having it in Perth, or as Nicola tweet "Preth"?

    2. Aye, I saw the pics on Wings, dreery looking bunch; the definition of dreech.

      Samhain, is about the last harvest and bringing in the beasts from the hill pastures, to overwinter. With a bit of ancestor worship thrown in.

    3. I've brought Munguin in...does that count?

      The pictures I've seen of Perth are of a 1/3 empty hall for the leader's speech.

      I don't know what it's been like for the rest of the speakers.

      Apparently they now have something like 30,000 members in Scotland. Perth Concert Hall would, I guess hold 2,000.

      The balcony was all but empty.

      They really need to do better.

  3. To you and Arlene Jim, not eating those sweeties though. I am going to hide behind the sofa as I haven't got any.

    1. If only there had bee a bit more decking there, I'd have thought it was Mrs Moan's house.

    2. In our neck of the woods, Halloween was last night.
      Arlene loves it, decorated the house and had tons of sweets, fruit and small toys to give out. You don't get sweets until you've picked a piece of fruit, first.
      There were parents bringing their kids, who had been guisers visiting us when they were kids; quite surreal, made me feel rather old.

    3. You make it sound nice...

      I noticed a lot of kids dressed as witches as I was driving home.

      I see Arlene is being sensible... You can only have a sweet if you've had fruit first.

      I've got some apples from the garden trees if any of them come here... I ate all the sweets!

  4. Loved the pictures! Especially the one where the kids have encountered the home of the "trickle down" Tory. Just change the word "sweets" to "candy" and "Tory" to "Republican", and it would work equally well here in the USA. :-))

    1. Ah...well you got your rattle snake and your bison too! (It was a bison?)

      AND a picture of Colorado...

      I mean... Is Munguin good to you...or what?

      I see Mr Bush isn't doing too well in the Republican stakes!

      It looks like Donald's the man Hillary has to beat. So here's a wee song for him...

    2. Indeed, Munguin is being very thoughtful. Yes, that's a Bison, although in the mid nineteenth century when the great herds would darken the Great Plains as far as the eye could see, people called them Buffalo.......which Wiki says they're not.

      Yes, since the advent of Donald Trump in the presidential campaign, Jeb Bush has languished down in the single digits in the polls. And last week Jeb did so badly in the presidential debate that he's been called upon to quit the race. So far, he says he's in it for the duration, but it looks like it's not actually likely to be a Bush matchup with Hillary anyway.

      I'll pass along that song to Donald. It should work very nicely as a campaign ditty for him, Very funny......and from the video, it looks like the eternal question has been answered about whether a traditional Scot wears underwear under his kilt.......LOL.

    3. LOL...

      You only had to ask Danny.

      No real Scot wears anything under the kilt. I'm sure some sorry excuses put on a pair of Calvin Klein but the real ones stick by the tradition.