Sunday 26 May 2013


Oh no, anything but that...

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  1. There is a case for Scotland to take over the seat at the G8 summit after Independence.

  2. Englands GDP wouldn't be that greatly diminished by the splitting of the union. Most of the money comes from the City of London, not North Sea oil.
    We also have nukes though currently are sensible enough to keep them north of the border... just in case ;-)

  3. Well Marcia, being one of the richest countries in the world would give it a reasonable chance; complying with the demands of 0.7% of GDP in aid, is at least the objective of one of the parties up for government... So yeah, I guess so, but who wants it?

  4. He is a repulsive little creep. I always thought his son was a lot brighter than him.

    One of my great joys when he was foreign secretary was listening to John Humphries knock seven bells out of him and him stuttering and stammering and making a twonk of himself.

    Then he was demoted.

  5. Well, that was wise, QM.

    After all you never know when Iraq is going to let off some of its WMDs... or North Korea, heading straight for Glasgow, or so they tell us in Westminster.

    Still, the population won't notice much difference, and even if they do, well, they are only jocks, so it's not like it matters much!!:)

    Bon retour!

  6. The City of London?

    Look how that worked out...


  7. LOL, Pa. At least we're pretty sure the oil will last for another 40-50 years. I'd not bet 40-50 weeks on the City of London!!

    Has anyone heard from Arbroath recently? I know she'd been sick. If you're reading this Arbroath, say hello and let us know you're OK...

  8. I love how you only highlight selectively.

    Conveniently forgetting about the 'and the reverse would certainly be true...' follow-up paragraph (which rather gives balance, and context to the previously highlighted piece.

    Further evidence of delusion from nat-land.

    1. How can you highlight unselectively?

    2. With a uni education apparently.

    3. Its also bullshit, because its not true anyway.

      Further evidence of delusion from the real purveyors of Nationalism - British Nationalism - the kind which can be identified because it only benefits those at the top of the pile at the expense of those in the middle while ignoring those at the bottom entirely.

      And I'm not even a socialist.

    4. LOL Richard. I wish I'd thought of that...

      CH, just imagine if one went to Eton and then to oxford one would be able to highlight the whole world...almost like an electrician.

      Well, no Pa, it's not true. It's a shame in a way that the word "nationalist" comes into it. I wish people would remember that it's the Scottish National (not Nationalist) Party. ie the Party for the Scottish nation.

  9. Well, in fairness to me I didn't do the highlighting (I should be so skilled!), but you'll note at the end of teh [paragraph which you highlight, that "especially England!"

    And that is followed by our voting power in the EU would diminish; we'd slip down the GDP etc... in short all worrying about the "power" of the UK/rUK/England.

    Not a thing (and this from a man who used to be a socialist), about the fate of ordinary people, or ordinary Englishmen.... not a word. Nothing about we'd have worse hospitals or worse education or worse roads or railways... Nope. It's all about the power that these people wield in the world and their proximity to the American president.

    And one wonders how much power UK has in the EU... In theory of course, every country has the same amount of power in the EU. But I can understand that the big countries are more powerful than the smaller ones; it's a fact of life everywhere, but England will only lose 5 million or so people... It's not a huge deal. It's not going to make them into Malta overnight.

    G8... what is Britain doing there anyway?

    Security Council of the most powerful nations on Earth; or countries to represent areas of the world.

    In theory of course China (Taiwan of course at the time)
    was there to represent Asia; Russia to represent the Communist world; USA to represent the Americas; Britain to represent the British Commonwealth (as it was at the time) and France to represent Europe and its colonies (which became ex colonies).

    None ever did any of that representing.

    But why are Britain and France on now? They aren't rich and they aren't influential in any other way. Britain is on because it does America's budding and France is on because they couldn't kick France off without kicking Britain off.

    Be a good idea to recognise the facts of the world as it is now, rather than as it was in 1945, and put impoverished European ex-powers back on the shelf!

  10. (n short

    Without you, our position in the World and seat at the High Tables of World self importance would go. So we need to stay FFS!

    I find Jack Straw alone one reason enough to up anchors but if he represents the Blair etc NuLabour then we are easily better out of it and feckem!

    1. it does seem that that is what he is saying.

      You might be better off, but what will people of the political classes do, if not run the world at Obama's right hand?

      So shape up Jocks, without you we're not important any more.

      Silly fool. It's not even true. If you can be a deadbeat broke little island off the coast of Europe and be in all these things, it is NOT because you have an extra 5 million people. It's because you are useful to, you are being used.

      England will still be useful to America even when Scotland has gone. They should have no fear.

  11. It was Michael Howard who started the "incentivising" and "politicising" of the Police and Jack Straw who made an Olympian effort to ensure that every citizen was guilty of something, as he had created so many laws that we must have broken at least one of them.

    I have this weird feeling that the two are actually more than distantly related, possibly separated at birth.

    1. Something of the night about them?

  12. Replies
    1. Soon they will have spies everywhere, just like East Germany. Kids will be informing on their parents.

      Of course, if they would butt out of other people's business then they probably wouldn't have so many bloody enemies. It's not like they ever do a good job. Britain seems to have been going around the world poking its ignorant nose in and wreaking havoc since the beginning of time.

      Q: Why can't they just fix the roads, get us trains like other countries have, pay the pensioners a decent amount and get the bloody bins emptied.

      A: Because you don;t go down in history for doing that. You go down in history for causing wars.

      Dick heads, the lot of them.

  13. If we Scots cannot read Straw's lines, never mind the need to read between them - then we're really, really, really, as stoooopid, as they say we are!

    How can we 5 million, seriously depleted people, ruin the future for a world power such as GB plc?

    If there was the semblance of a risk assessment made 30 years ago and more, when McCrone was stuffed into a bank vault, for fear it would frighten the horses, it would have said LOUD and CLEAR - keep Scotland sweet! What clowns they are!

    1. It's a mark of arrogance that Brits have taken all over the world, Baron.

      It didn't occur to them to keep us sweet. All they had to do was keep us in our place.

      The people who knew were considered to be "us" and chaps don't jolly well tell on chaps (otherwise the knighthood, royal commissions and seats in the Lords are all put at risk).

      Clearly at 95, LORD Healey no longer gives a stuff... He got all he wanted. And let's be honest, when the mcCrone Report became available for reading, no one made that much of a fuss about it.

      Straw IS really stupid. I wonder if he doesn't want to go to the lords, or if his overarching feeling of English, Britishness made him overlook the fact s in what he said there.