Monday 20 May 2013


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This is Ukip's ad in the Daily Telegraph.

I'm amazed he didn't have something to say about  the vile scum Fascist Scots who hate their country (UK) and insult the English by telling a democratically elected politician to stick the Union Flag up his jacksy! 

I see he did manage to imply that 29,000,000 Romanians and Bulgarians were going to leave their homes and arrive here on January 2nd 2014, (although in reality Nige, that's not actually going to happen, is it? Even your own research showed it was rubbish, but what they heck, makes good copy for the swivel eyed.)

I see he nearly forgot about the Labour and Liberal Democrats and how useless they are... and had to use a postscript. Yes, in a prepared ad in the form of a serious letter, he used a postscript to mention them. (Nasty, tacky 3rd rate gimmicky touch there Nige, and just what we'd expect from you.) 

I expect he had to get on with his next job of the day. 

If ever there was a man I would cross a continent or three to avoid meeting, this fellow is he! I can feel my skin crawling just looking at a picture of him.

That said, he's got the Eton boy on the run. According to an article in the New Statesman, polls have voting intentions between the Tories and Ukip more or less running even. The Liberals are 11 points behind UKIP. 

And possibly largely thanks to Farage and his kippers, Cameron is dans la merde with his backbenchers and may have to be replaced before the next election, according to this Guardian article

Still for all that we have this bunch of jokers leading us, we are apparently Better Together, although who knows because Better Together are actually apart these days... Oh it's confusing.


  1. Farage is good for the yes vote.


  2. According to what we hear, Bruce. I mean you'd have to be a real swivel eyed loon to want to live in the England that Farage is trying to create. And Scotland would be reduced to a county of England.

    Not only would you isolate yourself from everyone, but you'd spend your life hating everything and everyone; women, gays, foreigners, people on benefits, and you'd have to either pay a lot more in taxes or go without yet more services to pay for the 40% increase in defence spending. No Scottish parliament. Tuition Fees, Privatised everything including health...

    Swivel eyed would be the least of it.

  3. S ee to add to Cameron's woes that despite making a big thing of talking about tax avoidance at the G8, Cameron has been told by leading businessmen to rein in the rhetoric.

    It seems the moron can do nothing right.

  4. I don't know who it was that said the Tory grass roots were 'swivel-eyed loons' but he was right - a bunch of daft frothing-at-the-mouth nutters living in the past.

    That Farage is - entirely without excuse - appealing to swivel-eyed loons to bolster party membership says an awful lot about UKIP.

    I used to give them the benefit of the doubt, I never thought they'd get anywhere politically. I think I might have been wrong though, I now think UKIP are dangerous. They may have a point about EU corruption, but the rest of their chat is absolutely out there.

    They claim to be libertarian, that might be so when it comes to irrelevancies like smoking a fag in a pub but its absolutely not true for the important things like civil liberties (as evidenced by Farage's reaction to peaceful protest when he visited the royal mile) and freedom of movement & the common good.

  5. I was once delayed for hours in Essex due to a protest about something or other. Many other motorists were inconvenienced and getting more and more irate. Guess who was leading the protest? Wee clue - it was not Niko and Grahamski!

  6. That is it, Mr Double-barreled moniker! Not only do I have to give my pass-word but to prove I'm not a robot you insult me in Bulgarian! Never again - except this once!!!!!!

    You've done it again UManessen MAW, indeed!

  7. I think it was one of Cameron's aids from the party rather than the government, Pa.

    I actually don't know any Tory activists but I see them in the would-be Jacob Rees Mogg mould, with slightly posher than reasonable accents, loud voices and ideas that would have met with approval from some in the jolly old 1950s.

    Farage's open appeal to them indicates to me that his party is a party of swivel eyed loons, in which they'd feel at home.

    I think you'd have to be a swivel eyed loon of the other sort to think that the EU was all cakes and ale. It sure isn't. Like all government it seems to be pretty corrupt and there is vast amounts of money wasted on the most ridiculous things. Strasbourg for starters and the moronic trek made on a monthly basis (ironically something that Farage is proposing himself for Edinburgh) is batshit mad. The parliament, a laudable attempt to bring some level of democracy has been a gigantic waste of money.

    But Farage has been happy to sup at the table, and is reputed to do so to a great extent, so that sometimes he is supping from underneath it. His lack of attendance at meetings is legend.

    I used to laugh at them, because I thought they were a harmless load of little Englander drunks, but they seem to have been able to tilt the whole agenda to the right, and a pretty hateful right it is too.

    And people shouldn't be complacent. It may appear that it is just Eastern Europeans, immigrants and Scots that they hate, but they don't like social security and they don't like local democracy; they do on the other hand appear to like the idea of Britain not just being the 4th largest military power, but want to increase military spending by 40%. For heaven's sake, what are we? North Korea?

    I am genuinely fearful that this dreadful band of narrow minded bigots will push the English parties so far to the right we'll make Hitler and Pinochet look genial, and that Scots who are not interested in politics and don't follow how it is all going, will fail to vote for an independent Scotland and leave us to be run from London by a bunch of swivel eyed tea party nut jobs.

  8. For heaven's sake. They moan when there are spam posts and they moan when they have to type in a few letters to prove they are humans... There are times you wonder if it is all worth it.

    Можете стон повече от Johann Ламонт, Джон!


  9. Anyway, John, who was it that was holding you up, if it wasn't our Niko or whatshisname?

  10. "to prove they are human" Damn, you've worked me out, at last, and I can come out of the telephone box. As for holding me up - it wasn't Dick Turpin. No, it was the subject of your article, gawd bless him!

  11. Was he lying legless in the middle of the road?

    (You'll have noticed that I've taken the UManessen MAW off now.

    Yes, I have. Thank you very much Tris.)

  12. Tris

    Interesting from Alex Massie, he somehow appears to believe that a large vote for Farage would be bad for Alex Salmond.

  13. The bunch of thugs in Edinburgh should all have been arrested.

    Scotland should be ashamed of allowing mob rule.

    Yes I am Scottish and no doubt you will remove this comment.

  14. Hi Dubs...

    The thrust of his argument is that the right will split and Milibean will come through the hole in the middle.

    Well Labour is ahead in the polls, that's true, but to get there they have had to be as right wing as the Tories, and probably as the kippers.

    Rev Stu did a comparison of their policies and found there to be no difference in the major ones between the two of them.

    The point is that the largely rich south east of England, with most voting power, likes right wing policies that protect their wealth and to hell with everyone else.

    This doesn't work well here.

    For whatever reasons Scotland wants more a more left of centre approach.

    And people must remember that even if Silly Milly gets in next time, it will only be a matter of 5 years before we are back to the Tories...

    The other possibility, already floated by Farage, is that the Tories and the kippers go into coalition. The only obstacle is Cameron. Farage hates him and won't work with him.

    But Cameron's coat is on a shoogly peg. He won't be missed, and now that his charm with the public has failed he'll be out the door and in the lords quicker than you can say Eton Boy.

  15. No it won't be taken down anon (although you should put your name to it).

    They weren't thugs. It was mostly light hearted. If it had been a riot then passersby wouldn't have stopped to watch and laugh. Read some of the comments of the people who watched it, including a guy who went into the pub and had a pint and the spoke to the police on the door when it was all happening.

    They were students who said get out. We don't want UKIP here. This is the same attitude as even the better Together lot took when Farage wanted to join it.

    They said no. This is a Scottish campaign. It's nothing to do with you. That's the arch unionists in it for the lordships saying GO AWAY FARAGE.

    And since when were you not allowed to barack a politician here.

    Is this north Korea? is that what you want?