Monday 13 May 2013


Why would we be surprised at this double standard?

I seem to recall exactly the same argument being used when Labour supporting Jimmy Carr was discovered to be a bit creative about paying his  taxes, in that he wasn't much doing it. 
Cameron was on him like a ton of bricks, and only remembered that prime ministers don't comment on individual cases when it turned out his mate, the Tory Gary Barlow, obe, from Take That, was also on the fiddle. 

At least their double standards are consistent. 

Now that BetterTogether are Better Apart, run by the Conservatives and the Liberals, we discover that the joke ex prime minister and part time MP, Gordon Brown, has renounced his North British nationality, which he so proudly trumpeted whilst on his first visit to the USA as prime minister some years ago, just before he saved the world. He has presumably applied for, and been granted Scottish nationality, of which he is also proud.

Cometh the day, cometh the appropriate nationality.
Has anyone told Alistair Darling that the Tories and The Liberals, are now running Better Together? Is there redundancy pay?



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    1. This is becoming a full time job!

    2. Apparently there is a filter that can be used. A Cybernat Writes has it. You might want to have a chat with him.

    3. I'm a bit worried about using any more filters. With the best will in the world they filter out stuff that shouldn't be filtered out.

      I could add one of these things where you type in some random letters to prove you are not a robot, but I hate doing them myself, and I don't want to subject anyone else to them if I can help it..

  3. "when you type in random letters"? I do that all the time. I see that now that Maggie is away, Broon comes out to play - must be an asset to the Yes campaign and finally get Niko on our side!

    1. Hmmm... Good post over at your place though.

      I'm wondering if Mr Darling is getting redundancy money, now that the clunking clunk has taken over.. Or has Mr Darling joined the Conservatives?

  4. I'm seldom bothered by spam messages, it seems not even spammers read my blog ;-)

    I have the random letter thing activated, I think it only shows for people not logged into blogger though.

    Surely Labour and BT must groan inwardly when GB offers to stick his oar in. They can't be so deluded they think people have forgotten how shite he was...

    Although, I don't really understand why they thought Darling would be a decent figurehead either, both are tainted. I have no doubt there is a pretty high level cross-party group directing things from Westminster. If they thought folk up here would be duped because Darling and Brown are Scottish; it shows how much of a grasp (or lack-there-of) they have on feeling up this way.

    From a personal POV, we all accept there is a veneer that covers the real face of UK politics, occasionally it wears thin and we see the real face of some of our elected representatives - it isn't pretty. I read yesterday about the subject of the Frankie Boyle poster above - a lady committing suicide due to worry over the bedroom tax - and felt (not for the first time mind) that the current government really are a bunch of unfeeling, out of touch sociopathic bastards.

    I'm not sure what's worse though, the government for being what they are or those who align themselves then defend or excuse the governments actions, citing necessity as a reason.

    On balance, I think the latter group should be singled out for particular disdain, the government at Westminster are either crap or just dogmatically shit. Those currently defending the union aren't doing so because they think its not broken (you'd have to be a total fucking moron to think it isn't, I swear to underline the point.) They're doing it to save their place in the trough.

    Now, would anyone like some Organic Alfalfa Oil, I'm told when applied to the offending area (the nose,) it offers instant relief to the swelling and expanding that is often the symptom of telling fibs, exaggerating and saying things exist which obviously don't.

    Oh hold on, I've just sold out to... Something called The Truth Team...

    I have some Viagra left...

    Ok, maybe not.

    1. Ha're mad.

      No, actually you're not.

      You're bang on. Of course it's difficult for me to judge who would be an impressive figure to lead the no campaign.

      A politician certainly has higher profile than a functionary, but is that high profile an asset?

      The best thing might have been to have some up and coming politico... you know, like Blair was 18 years ago... blue eyes and fresh faced, but are there any?

      And if there are, would they risk their future on something which they can't guarantee being a success?

      It has to be Labour of course. Imagine David Muddle or Danny Alexander fronting a campaign. It would guarantee them minus numbers in their support.

      Alistair Darling was a strange choice by anyone's book. He'd been a bit of a disaster as chancellor (well, things hardly went well under him) and he's posher than most Tories. Edinburgh posh with 7 houses, for which he fiddled his expenses.

      Is Gordon Brown any better. Better Together Apart? Part-time MP, and hardly a huge success as the prime minister, snubbed by presidents and renowned for lurching from disaster to disaster, throwing phones, being almost mad with anger, huffy, unpleasant.

      Name me one success he has had?

      But what can they do. Despite the fact that he is just a man, such is the Brit way that he is (hushed tones) an ex-prime minister, no less. So if he comes along and offers his services to something which is not exactly succeeding, what can you say? No? Bugger Off?


      They are stuck with him. Thank goodness it's not me.

      BTW, I have to fill in a random letters thing on your blog...

  5. Labour will show its support for the UK by separating its campaign from the two governing parties in the UK, Better Together apart. Have I gone through the looking glass?

    The Tories are too toxic to share a platform with but not a government? If it wasn't for a compliant media, No would be toast,

    1. Remarkable that there is nothing in today's press about the abject failures of the No campaign, so bad they had to be replaced by Better Together Apart.


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    3. What indeed, Pa. I'll need to give it some thought....

      I'll get back to you, maybe...

  7. Tris

    Off topic but I think you might like this new group that is supporting Yes.

    They also have a rather good web site.

    350 business signed up already. As the BBC are happy to point out they are small to medium businesses but their Scottish businesses.

    All this and bitter together splitting apart, happy days.

  8. Worth a post on its own...hat tip :)

  9. Excellent news, Dubs (hello, by the way...not seen you for ages). Good website too.

    I think small and medium businesses are just the kind that we want. Massive businesses are usually international and tend to have their head offices in Luxembourg or the Channel Islands to take advantage of tax regimes even slacker than the London one. They are also damned expensive if someone makes a mistake and the thing bombs.

    Small and medium sized businesses are much more suited to the Scottish needs.

    So... anyone heard if Alistair's still got a job looking after the Tories' no campaign?

  10. Tris

    Good to see the blog still in good health.

    Been on holiday in the USA, and been busy since I came back.

    Most Americans that I talked to were interested in our referendum, but could not believe that there are people in Scotland who would vote against ruling themselves. I just tell them that it proves that 300 years of propaganda works, but we are working hard to get the message across.

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