Wednesday 6 March 2013

Should Scotland be an independent country?

Difficult to read, I know, but follow the link and vote yourself. See the article here.


  1. Nice wee website that, their 'about' page is interesting. They say since they're funded by the Prince's Trust they've all become rabid monarchists. I think someone has their tongue firmly in their cheek.

    Voted too.

  2. I voted yes, because I believe that Scotlan can and will do well for itself. Providing of course they can persuade the SNP not to sell them out to the EU. If you thought the British were bad...

  3. No good I'm afraid. Links don't seem to show up on iPad. Will you supply URL please

  4. And no doubt another poll showing massive support for 'OUR' glorious union (such as at Glasgow uni and many others) is rubbished by the negative aggressive extremist snp Cybernats....

    1. Hi Niko hope baby and mother are doing well Are you flying a wee Saltire on the pram when you go out for a walk?

    2. Baby eh? So kawaii :P

      Need to tell us the name

  5. fairforfochen

    They may well do i wont,But baby isnt here(we await two) yet niece baby has arrived
    there are at last count 7 babys due in family in next 12 weeks.
    we is wery fruitful

  6. A good graphic for you Tris:


    There ye go Boorach.

  8. Excellent site there CH.

    It's certainly growing and it was good news that the posties were on the Yes side, even though most papers and the BBC refused to make anything of it.

  9. Thank you QM... I've no idea what the future will be with the EU.

    If England has its way it seems we will be drummed out and no one will speak to us again, but I think they are doing that as a scare story... or at least they were until they look like they may come out themselves.

    Although the EU is by no means incredibly popular in Scotland, it seems to me a good deal more so, especially among younger people, than it is in England, where it appears to be roundly hated.

    This may be because Scotland has a far larger number of areas of multiple deprivation, and EU money is far more visible here than it is in the richer areas of England.

    Certainly my own organisation was able to work all manner of wonders when it received matched funding from Brussels.

    Of course there are many Scots who hate it passionately; but fewer than in England I think.

    It is the policy of the SNP government to apply for membership or negotiate membership during the period between the referendum and actual independence. However in 2016 there will be a general election in Scotland, independent or not. We may elect an anti EU government, who knows, or one which will follow England's example and offer a referendum.

  10. LOL Yes Pa.

    Although I'm anti monarchist, and particularly like the Edwardian Price Charles, I do admire the work of the Prince's Trust.

    I don't know if you have ever been involved in it... but I've seen them turn around lost causes.

    I'm also very much in favour of Charlie's ideas about de-establishing the church and about slimming down the monarchy to a Scandinavian size.

    It doesn't fit with him be one of the most profligate members of the family, but it seems to be his plan.

    His difficulty in pushing this forward is his mother's breathing problem... in that she continues to do it!

  11. Niko... I don't rubbish it. I'm dubious about all polls. This one included obviously.

    The comment I made about Glasgow Uni was that a couple of weeks before you guys had been telling us that we were on 23%; then we were on 38% and you tried to tell us how bad that was.

    It seemed to me like a giant leap from 23 to 38.....

  12. Ah Niko. You are trying to populate the world with unionists, but it's not 16 months to qualify for the vote you know....

  13. Thanks Marcia. That's a corker and will definitely feature on Sunday...

  14. '...his mother's breathing problem...'

    Love it.


  15. Only Labour can deliver for the working people of Scotland.

    We introduced devolution, the minimum wage, repealed Section 28, introduced civil partnerships (paving the way for equal marriage), made huge inroads against the moral evil of child poverty, rebuilt Scottish, English, Welsh schools and hospitals after 18 years of Tory neglect.

    I am proud to be Labour. And come the real vote, the only one which matters, we can defeat the Tartan Tories and their separatist recipe for free market low tax hell to which they aspire.

    Only Labour can promote social democracy. The SNP won't, the Tories can't, Greens are a wasted vote (and LibDems don't exist anymore - as Monty Pathon says, 'they have ceased to be, they have joined that choir invisible, they are an ex-parrot')

    1. Only Labour can deliver for the working people of Scotland. Evidence please?

      Like increasing disparity in wealth, illegal wars, rendition or torture in reality, bankruptcy etc.....

      Why I’ve decided to support the ‘Yes’ campaign.

      In autumn 2014, the people of Scotland will be asked “Should Scotland become an independent country?”. As a member of the Labour Party, albeit considerably less active than I once was, it is a question to which I had hitherto given little thought or priority.

    2. Labour couldn't deliver a pizza these days, they'd just eat it before it got to its intended recipient who they'd probably then kill anyway in an illegal war.

      As usual, Labour selective memory comes into play excusing all its sins while in power. Labour are only interested in one thing; delivering power to themselves.

      If that weren't true, why do they want rid of the one thing that would secure the very thing you claim they want for Scotland: universality in social aid as opposed to a nuclear deterrent?

      Labour did a lot of things while in power but in doing so completely fucked the future of the children you claim they dragged out of poverty by... What was it? Oh aye, plunging them into even more poverty.

      The mind boggles.

  16. I'm amazed Dean, that if the labour Party is capable of doing this it hasn't, in all the years it has had the power to do it, actually achieved anything like social democracy.

    Read Peter Mandelson's book. He stated quite clearly that labour needed to move to the right to attract the votes of south-east England.

    Initially this was, I suspect, done with good social democratic intentions. you can't do anything for the coutnry if you are in perpetual opposition to the Tories of Thatcher and Major who gave the country away to their friends in big business.

    But once they were in, although they did do some good, they also did an enormous amount of harm. They broke countless promises to their core vote so that they could remain the firm favourites of the banking classes in the south east.

    They increased the gap between rich and poor... and that's saying something following on from Thatcher and Major. By not giving England its own parliament they botched what was the good idea of devolution. They re-enforced the idea that Britain was England, and the satellites were really ruled by England and the English parliament.

    The minimum wage was a good idea, but it was set far to low and continues to be. Remember that over half the benefits bill goes to subsidise employers who pay too little for people to live on. Even people like Boris Johnston understand that you cannot live on the minimum wage. I won't deny that they enhanced the equality of older people, people with disabilities and homosexuals. (But the SNP is doing that too.)

    Rebuilding of schools is still going on under the SNP and the health service in Scotland, although far from perfect, is a site better than it is in England where a new scandal is revealed every day.

    I accept completely that people can change their viewpoints on politics. Indeed it's my hope to change quite a lot of people's views. But I'd like to remind you that only a year or so ago, you gave yourself the name Dean the Tory, and supported these people, whom you now accuse of neglect.

    Is it not possible that you may also, in the fullness of time, see how neglectful Labour has been of some of its core constituencies, taken for granted as safe Labour voters no matter what, but dying off in their middle 50s as Anas Sarwar pointed out, after an unprecedented 13 years of labour government in the UK and with 8 years of Scottish government dominated by Labour... not to mention living in areas where the local council has been Labour for 70 years and more.

  17. Interesting blog CH.

  18. Interesting that the newspaper that sells the most copies in Scotland has a good editorial and isn't part of the organised attack.

  19. Brilliant Marcia.

    For those of you who have trouble getting a link, this is what it says:

    "Who scares?

    Last Updated: 07th March 2013

    HERE’S a radical idea for the Better Together campaign.
    Just once, just for a change, let’s hear something positive about why Scotland would be better staying part of the United Kingdom.

    Because frankly, the scare stories are wearing a bit thin.
    The latest is over a leaked SNP document that’s cue for a doom-laden warning about slashing pensions, cutting defence spending and shedding public sector jobs.

    Strip away the hysteria and what you actually have is a sensible Government prepared to make sensible decisions about spending.

    A Government aware they are operating in a tough economic climate where there is no bottomless pit of money. And that’s whether you’re an independent country or part of the UK.

    Is there a single household in Scotland that doesn’t have similar conversations about what they can and can’t afford?
    It would be a shambolic Government that didn’t behave in the same responsible way.

    Bear in mind, too, this document was written a year ago in different economic circumstances and that oil prices and revenues have risen.

    The net effect and the hard fact is that the finances of Scots are £863-a-head healthier than the rest of the UK.

    Or isn’t that scary enough to tell folk?"

    I seem to recall that people said that if they would be better off by £500, that would convince them to vote for independence. Now it's £800.

    Thank goodness one paper is not afraid to tell the truth, even if it's only the Sun. Fortunately it IS the most read paper in Scotland, and as the Scotsman is now barely read by a handful of people, it's worth a hundred of their doom and gloom stories.

    Now if we could just persuade the BBC that telling the truth is part of their remit, rather than being a part of the London government's propaganda machine, I'd feel a lot happier about giving them £144 of my money for the rubbish they churn out.