Thursday 28 March 2013



  1. Bedroom Tax Song: You Cannae Have A Spare Room in a Pokey Cooncil Flat.


    I'm a welfare state wean, we live on the bottom flair
    But we're no allowed to even live there any mair.
    They say we've got too many rooms, in our social rented flat
    We've an eight by ten foot boxroom where you cannae swing a cat

    Oh ye canna have a spare room in a pokey cooncil flat
    Ian Duncan Smith and Co have put an end tae that
    They say "live in a smaller house", they say that is their plan
    When the odds against you finding one are ninety-nine to one

    Noo ma auntie's in a wheelchair, but these Tories dinna care
    They say they have a deficit, she got to pay her share
    £60 a month they'll take, then leave her tae her fate
    Whilst gieing millionaires a tax cut, cause they say they're due a break

    Noo that Buckingham Palace looks a pretty roomy gaff
    And the ludger there gets benefits at rates that make me laugh
    A civil list, plus tax perks, near a £100 million pounds
    While her other dozen palaces l
    ye empty a' year round

    Noo those MPs doon in Westminster must think that we're 'a dense
    Wi their second home apartments, where the public pays their rent
    They're even get a food allowance, two hundred quid a week
    But they're claiming we're the scroungers, is their arse up in their cheeks?

    So we've formed a Federation and we're gonna have our say
    The Bedroom Tax it has to go, and we ain't gonna pay
    We're gonna march on London tae demand our civil rights
    Like nae mair Tories and their Liberal shite

  2. You could stick a picture of Johann Lamont behind those words, and it would make no difference.

  3. That's brilliant, CH.

    I seem to remember that MPs said that they had to have enough rooms in their state-bought houses, because their family might want to stay at the weekend, and it isn't fair to their family if they can't stay ...

    Obviously MPs' families are more important that poor people's families.

  4. Certainly could Juteman... or Ed, or ...well, I can't think of one that doesn't deserve that.

  5. They're all rat bags.

    The sooner we're shot of them the better.

    Yet still, its the SNP which is vilified in the press in order to do down the idea of independence.


  6. Aye, it's all their fault.

    Labour brought in a bed room tax, now the Tories and the Liberal puppets are doing it... and the whole bloody thing is down to the SNP.

    The SNP which is also ensuring that the 10% reduction in Housing benefit doesn't affect Scots... while in most places in England... watch out for trouble.

    Did someone say Poll Tax?

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  8. CH that's a brilliant poem. Do you mind if I pass it onto other - credited of course?

  9. Excellent cynical
    The words seem to carry more weight than if written as a comment Maybe it's because the tune is rattling round in my head It will drive me mad all day now