Sunday 31 March 2013


Labour and the SNP working together
When you think about it, it's just madness that we live like we do
Now, it's up to you Labour...
Despite the obvious advantages, people still think we can't go it alone. They thing we need the likes of Cameron and Osborne,  and the most inept government ever
Er um well yeah... I am a liar.
Get back across that line in the sand
Let's stop all their benefits
And, after all there are so many jobs waiting to be filled...aren't there?
Oh Lord, don't they make you laugh


  1. I hope the National Collective appeal raises the funds for a series of posters. The video last week worked a treat that has the opposition in a spin. They are quite clever.

  2. tris

    Labour says from Monday people on benefits including working benefits will be on average £900 a year worse off.
    What they dont want to say is under Labour if elected people would be £600 or some such amount worse off they aren't saying the loss of money would be reinstated are they.

    The Torys will abuse you 24/7 vote Labour and you will only get abused maybe 3 days out of seven or thereabouts isnt really an inspirational choice is it???

    maybe i am getting too cynical or maybe not

    1. Like a choice of castration or electrodes with an open door next year into the unknown! No brainer.

  3. sorry for going O/T but is it my birthday today?

    I only ask because when you think the unionists have stopped digging themselves into a hole along comes another WHOPPER, and boy does this have the potential to become a WHOPPER! :-)

    When you read this story keep in mind one of the dirty tricks that were used against the Scottish people in 1707, BRIBERY!

    It appears Cameron has already admitted DEFEAT in the Independence Referendum and has now slunk to the lowest of the low by trying to BRIBE Scottish football fans. Back to 1707 anyone?

    1. Could it be that this article was intended for publication tomorrow?

    2. I'd vote No but only if he takes their fans (?) as well!

  4. Hi Marcia. Yes, National Collective is great. I hope they raise the money too. Now that Stu has his, I will consider where else my money can go.

  5. Niko. It's plain wicked, no matter who is doing it. If you live on next to nothing, the loss of that kind of money can be fatal...literally!

    They talk about people who are living well on benefits, and there are some...mostly because they are working on the side, but the way to deal with that is to have more fraud inspectors, not starve poor folk to death.

    The Independent today called it a perfect storm, everything coming at once, although because their computer system isn't working properly some of the changes may be put off for a while.

    I'd be very surprised if there were not riots this summer.

    Add t that that in England a whole pile of NHS changes are about to happen, and most of the staff are not behind them, so for some there will be chaos, and that the English teachers have had give up to well over their necks, and are threatening strike action.

    I agree it's not much of a choice...

    But I've made my choice. And, as you know, it isn't one of them (although I concede that Labour is probably marginally less awful than the Tories). The Liberals have as good as ceased to exist.

  6. Well CH, you know where my vote goes...

  7. Arbroath: I read that, and thought to myself that it had to be a spoof.

    Cameron can't be serious.

    I read only the other day that Scottish football is broke, so how are Celtic going to make it in the English league and as for Rangers.... eh?

    And that they are wanting to buy themselves into the Conference!!!!

    Good lord.

    People seem to think it will be good for them and that fans will travel, but I am not sure that average blokes are going to be keen on, instead of getting the train to Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Dundee and the likes, taking a weekend trip to London or Birmingham, Bristol or Cardiff every second week.

    I think it could well backfire. Folk don't have that kinda money, and their families maybe won't be that keen on them being away overnight on a regular basis... and have to seen the prices of hotels in London and the likes?

    Your link there is broken Arbroath. I found it in the Mirror.

    Oh as as for Cameron, the sneaky, double crossing, lying, thick b*s*a*d. There are certainly no depths to which the rat won't sink.

    He'd sell his granny to stop independence happening on his watch.

    1. Apologies about the broken link. Hopefully this one works.

      I have had a wee think about this story and came to the conclusion that it MIGHT be a hoax for April's Fool day. However, the fact that it appears in TWO distinct locations I am prepared to believe that it might actually true.

      If the story turns out to be an April Fool then really it SHOULD be a TRUE story. It definitely sounds like the sort of underhand activity that Cameron would try and do!

    2. Well, it certainly shows him up for the pathetic little small-minded, desperate loser that he is.

      I hope it blows up in his face.

  8. Barney... How so?

    1. April 1st?

      I see the article states that DC's backing is "top-secret", Obviously.

    2. Ha ha... Like everything else in Downing Street.

      I don't know how they ever get a cup of tea if the kettle leaks as much as everything else does.

      I wonder though if he#'s flying a kite on this one to see how much traction it will have... If everyone laughs at him he'll deny it.

      I mean the idea that lifelong Celtic fans with connections in NI are going to suddenly become firm British fans is highly unlikely don't you think?

    3. Oh yeah and DUHHHHH to me for forgetting that tomorrow was April 1!

      How dim am I?

  9. The case for, by Jimmy Greaves

    I’ve been saying for 50 years that Celtic and Rangers should play in English football – and I haven’t changed my mind.

    Believe it or not, the idea of the Old Firm moving south of the border was being seriously considered even in my playing days, and I always felt it was inevitable.

    I remember playing for Tottenham in pre-season matches against Celtic and Rangers and they were massive occasions which you could never term as friendlies.

    I also played against Rangers in European ties, Battle of Britain clashes which really set your pulse racing.

    Celtic and Rangers are two massive clubs with huge worldwide support and although their finances have gone downhill with the overall decline of Scottish football, the fanaticism of their following has never diminished, even with Rangers in the wilderness of the Scottish third division.

    The move would also benefit the Premier League. Once established in the English game and boosted by vast amounts of TV money, the Old Firm would be certain contenders for top-four places, which would spice up our game no end.

    Sure, the Premier League is a global phenomenon without the two Glasgow giants, but any successful organisation should be looking to expand, to generate more interest and enjoy even greater success.

    It’s about time Celtic and Rangers were welcomed with open arms.

    The case against, by Dave Kidd

    The idea that David Cameron has spoken to Celtic and Rangers with the desire to see the Old Firm clubs integrated into English football is an intriguing development – adding substance to a subject which obsesses Scottish football fans but has, until now, been largely dismissed as an irrelevance south of the border.

    Of course, Celtic and Rangers wish to move south. Economically, they are now comparable to lower Championship or League One clubs, which underlines how enormous an achievement it was for Neil Lennon’s men to defeat Barcelona and reach the Champions League group stages.

    Of course, they want a share in the Premier League’s riches – but does the Premier League need Celtic and Rangers? Not when they are already making billions in worldwide TV rights. Not when it would need the turkeys outside of the biggest six clubs to vote for Christmas by admitting them.

    Should Celtic and Rangers enter at a lower level, it would provide a short-term financial benefit for lesser clubs but nothing lasting or substantial.

    And does England need the sectarian bigotry which festers at Rangers and Celtic? Of course not.

    FIFA would also object, despite the century-old precedent of Welsh clubs competing in the English league system.

    Neither would FA, Premier League or Football League chiefs appreciate politicians meddling in their business.

  10. Unfortunately Niko all these ideas now being introduced or extended had been voted through by Labour prior to them losing the election the Tories are just taking them forward Labour would have done likewise had they won the election and as A Darling said their cuts would have been worse than Maggies They will not rescind any of them if they win the next election, they will have no reason to do so, so don't count on just being done over three days of the week seven it will be Anyone who is poor old sick or out of work will find no solace from any of these people They do not have the imagination or compassion. How could they? They have never lived in the same world that poor people inhabit They never had to mix with the great unwashed
    We have one chance to escape and I do not expect it to be all milk and honey and I really don't care, shrouds do not have pockets, at least I expect and hope the decisions will continue to be made be by people with a better understanding of the common man

  11. The thing that amazes me Fairfor, is how the likes of Curren and Lamont could get involoved with these people.

    Miliband I can understand. Although he tells you he went to his local comprehensive, he neglects to mention that this was in addition to schools in Boston, Mass. He also went to Corpus Christi ... I can see him having connections to the Cameron set, but Lamont? What the hell is that about?

    Do they really care so little about ordinary people who are hurting so badly? Do they really think that getting a seat in the Lords is THAT important?

    Jeez, they were supposed to despise that kind of thing as much as I do...more probably.

    I despair. I's simply nightmarish what they are doing to their followers.

    I know people who have been Labour all their lives; trade unionists, who are hanging their heads in misery over this bunch of Tories and how they have sold their souls for position.

    1. "How they have sold their souls for position"
      I think that says it all.They have reached positions in life far beyond anything they could have ever imagined and have found they like the scraping and fawning from lesser mortals that goes with their elevated status (far beyond their abilities)I find it odd how easy and willing people like these find it to forget their humble beginings Instead of making them more compassionate toward those who are where they once were, it is as though they have had their brains scoured with a brillo pad to erase all memories
      Has it always been thus and we are now just more alert to what goes on because of better information?

  12. I suspect there is much that we know about today, that we simply weren't allowed to know about in the past.

    Even today the UK government keeps things secret for a very long time (and in the case of some things, like inquests into people who allegedly committed suicide) for ever! (The Scottish government is much more open.)

    But I think you are right. The BBC always only let on what they were told they could let on, and newspaper proprietors were bribed with titles, and probably other things too and when push came to shove the government issued "D" notices, which kept their unpleasant little secrets secret!¬.

    There's a lot we didn't know about people like Savile, the RC church... for 2 examples... only 30 years ago.

    I wonder if Labour leaders in the old days were as shallow as this lot. I don't think so, otherwise we would never have taken the huge steps forward that Labour and the unions did between them.

    I guess it's a mixture fairfor.

  13. Regarding the "bed-room tax" there are, on this small island alone, a dozen "holiday homes" which are only occupied a few weeks every year. I suspect that there are a lot more all over Scotland. Are they affected by this "tax"? I suspect that they are not?

  14. I dunno what is happening to second homes, John, or for that matter third, forth and fifth ones.

    I think there is, or was, a large discount, but the UK government has passed responsibility for this stuff to local councils (although the DWP refunds the money at 90%), including ours in Scotland.

    The council leader from Kensington and Chelsea was on this morning saying that they had upped the tax on second homes, and with that they were going to help out poorer people. But he also asked for more powers of flexibility, so that they could reduce the single person discount, for example.

    As usual with Cameron's government, it's all mixed up, and it will end in disaster.

  15. As second or third homes are rarely, if even, involved in housing benefit claims, I suspect not

  16. I think it's the discount that you have had on second homes, so far that is at stake.

    Amazingly, if you were rich enough to have two homes, erm, David Cameron, Prince Charles, Prince Willy... you didn't have to pay full council tax on the second one.

    I think they should probably get rid of that, or reduce it.

    Of course what I really think is that there should be locval income tax, so that you paid according to what your income was...

    But we tried that... and the opposition parties went against it, despite the fact that the poorest would have gained from it...massively.

    1. That's the problem Tris. The POOR would have benefited and the opposition parties can NOT have that happening EVER! Under NO circumstances are the POOR to benefit from ANYTHING! Must keep the dirty little rotters in their place don't you know!

    2. It seems so Arbroath. To hear Osborne and IDS today, you'd think everyone except them was being unreasonable. No one knows about poor people. Not the churches, charities, not the government figures that show people dying of the cold. No one at all, except Mr Osborne, who is, of course, an expert.

  17. Replies
    1. Yes. Anyone can live on that kind of money when they have a multi-millionaire wife and a huge mansion. Not hard for a week or two.

      I'd love to see him dumped in a scheme in some horrible run down town with druggies and dealers for neighbors, damp coming through the roof, needles on the stairwell, rubbish strewn around the street, rusty cars with no wheels in the garden and only £53 a week.

      For 6 months.

      3 meals a day; including 5 fruit and veg; water rates; electricity and gas... all on £53 ...I think not

  18. Sorry I'm O/T here Tris but have you seen this over on the Independent?

    Some of the comments a classic! :-)

  19. Oh well, we were doomed when the Dirty Digger liked us, and we are doomed when the Dirty Digger doesn't like us.

    I dopn't think that he ever said he would support independence. He said he supported the SNP because Alex Salmond was a competent politician, unlike the raw amateurs he was up against that would be stretched to be the Assistant Parks Convenors of their local councils.

    I think he may have said he couldn't see any reason why Scotland couldn't make it alone, but then Alistair Darling and David Cameron, the patronising bastards, have said that as well...


    As long as the Sun takes an independent view, unlike the BBC or the "Scottish" (huh) Mail/Express type newspapers I doubt it will do any harm.

    I notice that a reduction in train fares in Scotland went pretty much unreported by these papers this morning. Up to 41% reductions... Front page lead news in the Courier.

  20. Scot goes Pop has done a good article on this Arbroath....!)

  21. Thanks Tris, just left a wee ditty for Scot. :lol:

  22. Tris, love the last poster!

    We will also apparently not get Eastenders and as for independence negotiations, well, did Willie Rennie not warn us of the sheer amount of paperwork involved...