Monday, 20 February 2012


For some strange reason an English Energy minister blokey called Charles Hendry, who is a Sussex MP, made a speech in Edinburgh, telling us that we are too wee, too stupid and too poor to manage to develop our own renewable energy business. We will need English investment to get it up and running, and English customers to buy the electricity. So he's yet another minister who thinks that, when Scotland becomes independent no one will want to invest in it. Idiot. Has he heard that his own prime minister has just signed up with the French to build nuclear power stations in England? That will be the FRENCH... Does he know anything about cross border co-operation? Our own Energy Minister, Fergus Ewing, has dismissed his claims. Quite right too. I hope we're not going to get a succession of these people coming up to visit porridge factories and telling us how useless we are. No, upon reflection I hope we are.

Lansley, the English health minister was heckled as he made his way into Downing Street for the summit on England's NHS...well, the summit with the few parts of the organisation that are actually not against his proposals. He was called a liar and the words "shame" and "traitor" could be heard. I hope poor old Lansley has set up himself something for the future, because I can't see cabinet minister being a long term career for him. That said, the way that Cameron has made it clear he will push the health bill through, no matter what, it could be that it will be the end of both of them. Oh well, any number of cheesy PR men around. They will be easily replaced.

Talking of health, it seems that Mark Simmonds MP has been obliged to apologising for forgetting, when making a speech in favour of the health reforms, that he is paid £50,000 a year as an advisor to Circle Healthcare, one of the companies that may bid for contracts in the wake of said reforms. It's easily done; £50,000 is such a piddling little sum that one is unlikely to recall it, just like maybe someone on JSA would forget that they got £10 for cutting the neighbour's lawn...only different clearly, in that Mr Simmonds is an important person who will get away with this, whereas...

The government in London is calling up reservists to help police the Olympic games in July, August of this year. They have doubled the security budget to over half a billion of our money...well, of money borrowed from some place and now more than 13,000 military staff will be involved in protecting the games. Good use of money at a time when we are penniless, don't you think?



  1. Oh you can keep your overpriced recyclable energy ;-) we wont mind.

  2. Hi there QM.

    But the point is it won't matter a fig whether we are part of the UK or not. It won't make it any cheaper, or more expensive, and, you probably won't want it because you'll be buying yours from the nuclear power stations that France is going to build for you.

    Independence isn't the point is it? So why is this idiot from the London government coming up and telling us we are too stupid and poor to manage on our own?

    How's your water situation? Are you in the part of England that is in drought in the middle of a British winter?

    They seem to have plenty in the north; the problem is that all the private companies you have would fight about how much to pay for water from another region, from another company, or whether it's just as well to let people die of thirst.

    Bravo Mrs Thatcher... Never thought of that did she?

  3. Now that IS interesting... and not really that random, CH.

    I can't stand Murdoch or his ghastly papers but no one can doubt the clout that he brings, and the fact that for all its awfulness, the "Scottish" Sun is the biggest selling paper in the country.

    I was interested in Wille Rennie's little carp:

    "After Rupert Murdoch's crisis at News Corporation, it's the endorsement that every politician dreads.

    Nope Willie, wrong. If the Sun backs independence that will make a serious difference to the way that it is portrayed and perceived in the country. He and his empire might be unsavoury, Willie, but his papers certainly have influence.

    The words every politician dreads are 'Mr Murdoch is out to get you'!

    Blair and Cameron managed to see it OK. If Wille can't, then...well, he's not up to much. Oh er yeah... sorry!

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