Saturday, 25 February 2012


According to The Sun (on Friday) mr Rupert Murdoch went on Twitter personally (gasp) to announce that the Sun on Saturday will sell for 50p, as will the fantastic new news of the World, no what am I thinking of, Sun on Sunday.

So there. Two pieces of the finest journalism you'll see, and not a single mobile tapped either, all for a quid!

According to the newspaper, it's readers are almost going out of their minds with excitement. Reader Joseph2011 went on the website to say, "Absolutely great value weekends as well as weekdays", just as if he worked for a publicity company. And reader Gavin Dowdall observed, "50p, that's cheap!" Not to mention c73 who said, "Fantastic, and worth every penny; cannot wait", just as if somehow, mysteriously, he knew what was going to be in it. 

There are new columnists in the character of Terry Venables, for English football lovers, Lorraine Kelly for all us Scots Fowks, Alex James, for people who like cheese, and for those that like that sort of thing there is that sort of thing in abundance in the form of Jeremy Clarkson.

Alex James
Who could ask for more?

It remains to be seen whether the Sun will be coming out for independence. 

I was inclined to disagree with the Scottish Liberal leader when he said that Murdoch's endorsement was the last thing that any politician wants. 

Whether papers' opinions have any great sway with the public, I really don't know. There's the example of my home town  going back many many years, with The Courier, The Evening Telegraph, The Sunday Post and The Weekly News, (and the now defunct The People's Journal), all staunchly Tory, and heavily read in the Dundee area. And yet Dundonians virtually always returned a Labour council and Labour MPs. It's only in the recent past that that has changed, and even then, not to our newspapers' beloved Tories, but to the SNP!

The truth of the matter is, I think, that Murdoch likes to back winners. He sees independence as a winner and doesn't want to be on the wrong side. If his support doesn't do us any good, it certainly won't do us any harm.

As for Willie Rennie, I suspect that had The Scottish Sun on Sunday indicated that it was going to come out for him, he'd have been doing cartwheels all the way to wherever it is that Liberals cartwheel!


  1. I stopped buying the Sun [I liked their crossword] when they said that the Scousers were robbing their own dead at Hillsborough. [Liverpool FC is my English club...after DUFC]. It is not a newspaper but more of a comic with tits. The 'tits' being the people who write for it.

  2. tris

    So youd sup with the devil to gain(hopefully) a few votes well after the Sunday sun fails(as it will). And more and more evidence of the corruption and illegal activities are dragged out of News International.

    The endorsement of a evil man head of a corrupt organisation wont do the snp much good at the ballot box.


    likewise I haven't bought a copy since if only tris had your sense of honour and loyalty......Although he does share your flaw of Nationalism still its an imperfect world

  3. Ged. I never bought it, and probably the only time I've read anything of it was while I was waiting for the barber to be free.

    I've got a mate who tells me that its football coverage is very good though, but I take your point about the Liverpool situation. They did themselves no good over that.

  4. Gedguy

    So tris admits to being a 'Sun reader' (on a casual basis he says??)

    Gawd! almighty is nothing sacred.

    Mind I heard he only reads it to get the latest the knitting pattens ha ha ha

  5. Ah Niko, my old friend. I'd have to have a sense of humour to listen to your inane dribblings... It is, as you so rightly say (there are moments of truth) an imperfect world.

    But onwards. Spook would never forgive me if I didn't look after you and explain the facts of life to you.

    So. I did not say that I was supporting Murdoch. I didn't suggest for a second that I would sup with him (eww Kangaroo stew and a billy of tea).

    Nope. I wondered about this new venture and I pointed out that Murdoch is supporting it because it is winning. That is what Murdoch does. It was never 'the Sun what done it'. It was always the Sun what was on the same side as the winner, even if they had to change sides in mind stream, as Murdoch did in the last few weeks of the election campaign.

    I then pointed out that despite what your friend Willie Rennie said, it wouldn't do any harm, (because most intelligent people know that Murdoch only supports winners, and most dim people don't care).

    I also indicated that it was sour grapes and on Rennie's part, and that he'd be delighted if only someone somewhere was supporting him. A bit like Johann really.

    :) OK Niko? Got it now matey....?

  6. Erm... If you could see my hair Niko, you'd realise that I don't go to the barbers very often.

    Knitting patterns? Are you not getting the Sun confused with the People's Friend? That's more your kind of reading, deeply Tory/New Labour as it is. :)

  7. Tris

    All the drivel being spouted by the unionists about Murdoch is hypocrisy and they know it.

    Blair and Campbell flew to Australia to address a News International conference before the 1997 election to get his support.

    Various unionist politicians have been godfather to Murdochs son, invited Murdoch to their wedding, invited Murdochs No 1 in the UK to a pygama party.

    The unionists went crawling with Alex Salmond Murdoch came calling.

    The intervention of News International is a major game changer in the independence debate, and all the unionists know it, hence the panic.

    We do not have to like the man, but I for one welcome this as it will at least level the playing field somewhat, and the wilder unionist propaganda may have to be played down as there will be a counter to it.

    Lets hope Sky signs up as well.

    P.S. Doubtful if Murdoch has even heard of Willie Rennie.

  8. Oh yes, Dubs, I know that. As I said, if Murdoch had (snigger) said (snigger) that Willie Rennie was the future of Scotland (full bodied laugh out loud), he'd have been jumping up and down for joy.

    And the same thing applies to the other "leaderettes".

    Cameron is up to his oxters in Murdochism with all his mates from the Chipping Norton set who were until recently employed at the top of the Murdoch empire.

    As you say Blair fell over himself to suck up to Murdoch. Did he not fly to Murdoch's private island in the Pacific to meet with him.

    And as you say, Willie Rennie...who he?

    I don't know how much good it will do, but as I say, if certainly won't, as Rennie suggests, do any harm. It will balance the books a little.

  9. Dubs

    Comes to a pretty pass when the Nationalists are reliant on the endorsement of Murdoch...
    Spose you best hope he dont change his mind at the last moment and comes out for Devo max.


    'inane dribblings' thats a low blow even for a Nationalist you know what probs i have with me prostrate..I cant help having to rush for a pee and having a bit of dribble afore i make it...

  10. I thought it was spelt 'drivel' Niko as that's what seems to comes out.

  11. It was said with affection Niko. :)

  12. That's probably what I meant to say, CH. Despite what poor old Niko thinks, I wasn't referring to urine...

  13. tris


    Gerry Hassan

    This is a massive moment. The SNP government is in the middle of its own official consultation on the mechanics and details of the independence poll – and they have decided to breach their own processes, all for gaining the favour and a headline from the new Murdoch paper.

    the Scottish Sun famously came out for the SNP in 1992 but then changed its mind. In the 2011 Scottish parliament elections it also endorsed the SNP. Salmond seems to like dealing with big beasts, but he risks, like leaders before him, having a blind spot to their failings and the ethical dimension.

    The bigger problem is the progressive agenda of Scottish nationalism. This has always been more implicit than explicit, based on a rejection of centre-right UK politics and a belief in the centre-left characteristics of Scotland. It has never been fleshed out by Salmond and the SNP, and their pursuit of "big tent" politics and Murdoch's endorsement have to bring into question what vision of Scotland drives them.

    The progressive potential of Scottish nationalism, of a society championing solidarity, compassion and social justice, can no longer be left unsaid. The SNP must make it centre-stage, otherwise what is the point of independence? But how has such a politics been aided by the SNP's pursuit of Rupert Murdoch?

    what is the point of independence?

  14. Niko

    Once again we feel your pain, you and your party are just not at the races.

    Murdoch was great when Tony Blair was sucking up to him, your unionist pal Cameron was his best friend, whats changed? The games changed Niko thats why your panicking and it shows.

    P.S. Even you should see the rubbish in Hassans piece in the Guardian. Read the bit about Troup, Hussan must have forgot that it was wee Jack McConnell that was hiring helicopters to fly our Donald about. I wonder what else he forgot?

  15. Trump even.

    Miko just a reminder who was talking to Trump, not the date more than a year before Alex Salmond became first minister.

    This is typical of the bias in the main stream press. Hopefully Murdoch will level the playing field.

  16. What is the point of voting Labour, Tories or Lib-Dems Niko as they are controlled by the Globalist Elite.

    Th only trouble is that the SNP do not get end up controlled by the same people - Murdoch being a mouthpiece for them just like the rest of the press and media.

  17. Hassan, Niko....


    Go find someone who is a little less blinkered about New Labour.

    NL are just bitter because Murdoch dropped them when he knew they were lost. He only supports winners. He looks at which way the wind is blowing and he gets behind it.

    Now that's not to say that he won't then take some of his readers with him. Note the Times never changes its opinion much. He doesn't try with Times readers. But the average Sun readers, he clearly thinks more flexible, so some will go with him.

    But he is only there in the first place because he wants to be backing the winning horse.

    Poor old Gerry is living in the past.

  18. Yes Dubs, both the golf course and the Commonwealth Games are labour's legacy to us. We had to take them and run with them. That's politics in a changing democracy.

  19. I think it's important too Billy. I just hope Eck has his feet firmly planted on the floor.

    but we have seen that he can stand up to people if he has to by sheer force of personality and strength of argument.

    That's a good thing in a leader. When he was summoned to Washington by a US Senate committee to give evidence, he politely pointed out that heads of government are not summoned by anyone, and if they wish that information they can have it in a letter form, or they can travel to Scotland and he will give them an interview.

    Can you imagine Cameron taking such a strongly defiant line with anyone from America?

  20. Tris

    Do you think Hassan just forgot about McConnell, he was not deliberately trying to mislead his readers was he?

    I guess for pointing out yet another mistake from a commentator on the main stream media I will be just another cybernat!

    The bit about Murdoch supporting winners is what sticks in the unionist craw. They know, and more importantly they know Murdoch is on to yet another winner.

    October 2014 the headline will be "It was The Sun whot won it"

  21. Goodness Dubs, the very thought that Hassan would be being dishonest rather than forgetful....

    I'm shocked, you cybernat, you.

    I think that the unionists have just seen that the great predicator has predicted that it would do him well to be on the side that wins...and has moved himself there in the none-too-subtle that we've all come to expect from the Dirty Digger. It's what I imagine some other newspapers may slowly come round to over the next few months.

  22. Tris

    If the Scottish Sun on Sunday overtakes the Sunday Mail even they will have to have a serious think about their anti SNP stance.

    They cannot loss the number1 slot on a Sunday.

    Wonder what Niko would get upset about if the Sunday Mail and the Daily Retard/Ranger (take your pick) moved to supporting the SNP.

    We could see it after May.