Friday 25 November 2011

Who is the fattest in Europe?

Percentage of population classed as clinically obese:



  1. When I first visited Italy in the 60s lots of women were 'stout'. I hadn't visited for a couple of decades until around 10 years and and more or less every one of them was slender - even the old widowed dears.

    They're doing something right.

  2. tris

    easy peasy

    Alex Salmond is the fattest by far

    and ugly god he is ugly....

  3. It would be interesting to see the figures for the 40+ age groups.
    Whenever I travel to the poorer parts of Europe I'm always struck at how quickly the locals go to seed.
    They're fit and healthy into their early 30's then they quickly go downhill.

  4. I agree.

    Fast food and eat till you burst publicity.

    Emphasis of quantity over quality.

    I wonder how fat Niko is, including fat in the brain.

  5. These stats should not smack any Brit by surprise.

    Not with the rise of 24hr McDonalds (filthy 'restaurant') and the non-stop ready meal adverts from the super-saver supermarkets.

    Oh, then there is the historic Scots problem with west coast culture and the deep-fat frier.

    Frankly, we need strong government initiative.

    More soft policy mechanisms. By that I mean reforming education so that PSE is actually taken seriously. Why not make things more competitive for the under 18s at schooling? Lets enhance and invest money into upgrading inter-school rugby and football games.

    Then may I suggest a government policy to LIMIT advert time for the likes of fast food joints, booze providers etc.

  6. So how come you look like a total bloater then Dean ?

  7. lupe

    My BMI is over 30 making me obese still seeing as benching around 300lbs and seated Dumbell pressing 70lbs each hand I'll not worry to much over it.......

    about Deano


  8. tris

    read this and thought of you

    Date tabled: 24.11.2011
    Primary sponsor: Flynn, Paul
    Sponsors:That this House notes that not one Government Minister gave a full answer to the parliamentary written question on when they undertook their Big Society One Day Challenge and the nature and date of their volunteer work; and believes this is further proof that the giant concept of the Big Society has shrivelled into a protozoan nothingness.

  9. yeah SR. I would have thought all that pasta would have been horrifically bad for the waist, but it seems not.

    The only fat people we saw in France a few weeks ago were foreigners (Americans, Brits) and some elderly people.

    Interestingly neither did we see any of these painfully thin girls that you see here, poured into skinny jeans here, with their hair pulled back off their faces, usually dressed in something pink and not overly clean. You know the ones?

  10. Easy Niko. It's coz he ate all the curried pies! (And drank my coke.)

  11. I think a lot of it has to do with the sunshine that they get, Monty. It seems to dry the skin out. On the other hand a lot eat healthily, salad, tomatoes and olives are incredibly good for you, and their smoking is mostly done out of doors, unlike ours, inside huddled round a fire (although not so much now).

    I think thought that poor people tend to eat more fattening foods, because they are filling and tasty.

    It certainly was/is the way in Scotland's poorer communities. Loads of chips and cookies...

    I agree with you. It would be interesting to see the over 40 figures.

    Although the fat kids I see around here are never going to be thin. We're not talking puppy fat here.

  12. Wolfie: I wonder about that too....

  13. I don't think it does take anyone by surprise much, Dean.

    But it is storing up huge problems for the future with so many kids being so fat so early.

    I'm inclined to agree that we need to encourage more kids into sport instead of Xbox activity. But we need to make it more inclusive sport. There's no point in the good old fashioned "Right, split up into two teams and have a game of football" rubbish that some teachers get away with.

    We need to equip our schools with gyms, with proper equipment, maybe that could be open to the public at nights to make some money back. We need to make sure that teachers teach PE instead of skiving off while the kids play football.

    We need to remember girls too.

    But all of that takes money and that's something that Labour pee'd up the wall on a pile of nothing. We don't have any left for that kind of development.

    In Dundee there is a healthy living project which helps to educate people, particularly mothers, on eating decent food within a tight budget (including preparation).

    The trouble is that healthy foods tend to taste less strongly than pies and chips and tomato sauce... and carry outs are easier than cooking food from scratch.

    You may have an idea on the advertising thing. They used to advertise cigarettes everywhere, now they don't. I'm not sure how effective a ban on Burger King or McDonald's advertising would be, or if it would even be legal, particularly as they have tried recently to reduce salt and fat content.

    The trouble is that despite all the cookery programmes on telly, no one knows how to cook.

    Maybe we need to make basic raw foods a lot cheaper so that people would be encouraged to buy and cook them...

  14. Oh Niko... I didn't realise you were a gym boy. Is all that weight muscle then?

  15. Ha ha... yes Niko. They talk a good game do ministers. They just do sod all!

    Big Society...You're all in it together.


  16. Girls? They play hockey don't they?

    They did at my old school ...

    and that is part of the problem, a total lack of choice for youngsters.

    For me it was either Rugby or rugby, and girls hockey or hockey.

    So I'd agree with Tris, we need more investment, equipment and effort placed in PSE at school.

  17. p.s. my weight isn't food, its my membership of CAMRA!

  18. Well, they might play a lot of things, Dean, if they ever got the chance.

    But they can work out too, or run, or play football, or shinty...

    Not CAMRA shy then Dean... That's just as bad as too much food.

  19. Tris.....Please excuse my national chauvinism, but I must insist that America is unsurpassed in almost all things....including of course humility.

    But humility aside for the moment, I would point out that while the UK may hold the first and second place positions in European obesity, the United States leads in this area by FAR. Wiki statistics show that no less than 33.8% of American adults are obese......putting the UK and all of Europe quite simply in the shade.

    Please excuse this expression of national pride. ;-) ;-)

  20. Tris

    "We must remember girls too"?? Yes, I remember them. Whatever happened to them??

  21. Some Wal Mart girls here John/ tris

    A bit like Asda Mid Craigie.

  22. They are still there, John. You just outgrew them! :¬)

  23. LOL Throbber...

    Or Kirkton.

  24. LOL Danny,

    Trust you guys to be better than us at the one thing we really seemed to have got sorted...

    Oh well, back to the drawing board.

    I bet we drink more than you!!!!!!

  25. I personally drink, or at least I used to, more than the USA.

  26. I heard a rumour that the government were investigating fat powered electricity power stations for when the oil runs out/becomes too expensive, and that is why they are happy to allow advertising,lack of exercise etc etc to continue...I wouldn't like to be more than a stone or so over my BMI when that one is brought in, but looking at the positive we as leaders in the obesity stakes will have electricity for years to come!

  27. It has already been done

    Soylent Green

    Google it.

  28. nominedeus - brilliant picture!

    Lupus, funnily enough my daughter watched the Soylent Green video last week. It showed how much better the world is in its natural colours.

  29. This appears to be a good explanation of why Italians aren't porky.

  30. Wolfie... I knew we could count on you.

  31. Nomine...

    If London presses any more austerity on us, it should solve the fat problem for all except bankers and politicians.

    Finally they will get their comeuppance.

  32. Woolfie:

    I get the impression that it would have been better in the original, with Flanders and Swann.

  33. Hi Brian, Welcome to Munguin's Republic.

    Gotta admit... Italian lifestyle sounds good. Imagine all that mixed with warm sun and pantiled roofs... and no Berlusconi!