Sunday 27 November 2011



like the Royal Wedding, the Japanese Tsunami and the fact that Mrs McGinty's cat got stuck up a tree, the Eurozone crisis has proved too much for the faltering British economy and something has to be done.

So it's been confirmed that Mr Osborne (left) will announce that the rail fares increase that put a huge strain on the finances of the commuting public (mainly in the South East of England) will not be as great as had been previously announced, at a cost of some £130 million to you and me. And for the rest of us, talks are under way to try to delay, cancel or at least reduce the 3p extra on a litre of petrol. A much more expensive ploy and by no means signed, sealed and delivered yet.

And now we hear that the Westminster government is going to underwrite loans to businesses that the banks feel would be too risky to make. 

How good of the banksters to be prudent about that. They are doubtless worried that if they had to be bailed out again, the bonuses really would be under threat. But why should they take the risk when George will do all the hard work for them, leaving them to sit back and count their money? Well, that's what you get for funding the Tory party, I guess. 

It was recently announced, too, that the Westminster government intends to lend money to first time buyers in order that they should get their feet on to the all important "an Englishman's home is his castle" property ladder.

That sounds decidedly to me like the Westminster mob underwriting sub-prime mortgages. People who can't afford a deposit for the admittedly VASTLY overpriced British home, will be able to borrow the extra, underwritten by you and me. 

Now, call me spoil sport, but didn't we recently prove that there was a flaw in this "owner occupier status for all" ointment? Particularly at a time when "ordinary" people, no, "families" "up and down the country" are losing their jobs, unable to get new ones and therefore unable to pay their mortgages, is this not just a little on the silly side?

Added to this, despite the plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face evidence to show that it was a hare-brained idea in the first place, the English part of the UK government is now going to sell off its council housing, leaving social housing even more stretched. (Although the dangerously stupid sounding English housing minister,  Gregg Schapps (right), insists that they will build a new house for every one sold off [just how, we're not sure].) 

Fortunately the Scottish government has stopped all sales of council houses and is building up the stock once more.

It seems to me that the Westminster executive is doing all the things that it  (with hindsight) criticised Labour for doing; things that contributed massively to the financial breakdown in the first place. 

And still no claw back of the bankers' bonuses.


  1. tris

    The Plan is to save our seats the old S.O.S Has gone out from the Tory MPs and so a 'U' turn is in the process of happening.

    apparently Osborne found one of Gordon Brows notebooks(with all the ideas for tackling a recession) stuffed down the back of the sofa at no 11 downing street.

  2. Ah, that's why they are so completely useless, Niko.

    Mind you, Osbo could have come up with stupid useless ideas without any help from Gordo.

  3. he will sell off the gold reserves next now the price has dropped....oh sorry theres none left is there, bet he will be miffed when he finds that one out...politicians these days couldn't find their own arses to wipe them let alone have a decent idea that has a hope in hell of helping the people!

  4. Actually, when I say there's no Plan B, what I should have said probably is: there is no Plan, nominedeus!

  5. CH: That's so good I've copied it as a post with full credits to newsnet, and a suggestion people visit the site to read the comments.