Tuesday 15 November 2011


The BBC's interpretation of "North West"
I should be used to it by now. But tonight I watched the BBC news, and coverage of the debate on petrol prices. The item was introduced and almost immediately they said that there were going to the North West for a special report.

Ah, thought I, this will be interesting. There has been a special case up in the North West, where the government agreed to wave some of the tax, but immediately the company importing the petrol into the islands increased it's price by a corresponding amount. Let's see how this has impacted on the population, and how the expected 3p a litre increase will make the North West the most expensive petrol in the world.

Pfffff, silly old me. 

This was the BBC in London and for them the North West is in fact the South West to us.

So off we went to Manchester.

Is it worth £146 a year to be completely ignored? The world for the BBC stops at the border, except, of course, when they are collecting their tax so that Alan Yentob and his likes can travel first class to New York.


  1. As self revealed garlic breathing (Phew!)Frog

    And the you got the froggy brass neck to lecture us brits (who saved you lot in two wars) about our way of life.......

    and a pet clark fan and your not ashamed of it the mind boggles at that one


    Laissez les bons temps rouler

    I says oh yes!

    Laissez les bons temps rouler

  2. Velcum tchoo North Korea te pariah state where tey steel yur bawbees/capeeks and denigrate our Nation.

    See what happens when you go off and leave us vulnerable to this abuse from a foreign government.

    They are deploying ground to air missiles to protect the olympics next year friendly games my ar...

  3. Aye, just seen that Loon. I've commented over there, so I won't repeat myself, except to say.... Bas.... no, I'd better not. My mum might give me a good slapping!!!

  4. What on earth are you blethering about Niko you mad old fool.... :)

    What in the name of heavens is wrong with being a Pet Clark fan? She oozes talent from her head to her feet and can still pack the biggest theatres on 6 continents.

    Plus, even at 79 (today) [Bon anniversiare Pétula, j’espère que ta journée de fête s'est passée merveilleusement bien....], Pet Clark is still a sexy woman.

    Laissez rouler les bon temps sur la tête de Niko!!

    That's what I says...


    Did you miss me Niko?

  5. I was thinking CH, that if I had been mad enough to join that farcical lottery for all the crap tickets that none of the important people wanted, I'd be doing my damnest to sell them back or give them away.

    If they think the danger is that serious you'd not catch me within 200 miles on London. I see the Americans, who trust us about as far as you can throw Big Ben, are sending 1500 of their own security people to look out for their VIPs. I expect most other countries will wish to do the same.

    Mind I expect that we'll be having Werritty's war with Iran by then, so maybe there won't even be an Olympic Games.

  6. Did you read that the BBC have been promoting their ecowackery rubbish but forgot to mention that ecowackery companies were paying for the programming ?
    "Impartiality is in our DNA " lol


  7. Just have now Monty, thanks.

    It's incredible. They used to have a reputation for some sort of reliability, even if not about Scotland.

    They seem to have lost that.

  8. It's one of the most obvious hallmarks of the BBC's Londoncentricity (has anybody used that word before?) but it's so deeply engrained into us that North-East = Newcastle, North-West = Manchester/Liverpool that I don't think people even notice it anymore. Despite being from Aberdeen - the true North-East of the UK - I know when I hear the BBC talking about the North-East that they mean Newcastle.

    What it means is that when they present the news etc, they're presenting it for an English audience. So perhaps we should all just watch STV instead?

    It would be fun to write down all the various subtle little ways the BBC displays its blatant English bias and try to get them to stop doing them. Wouldn't happen, though.

  9. Tris,

    Aren't you just being a little touchy?

  10. Hi Doug. I have noticed that since the riots the BBC has made a point of trying to announce which laws/proposed legislation, for example, relate to England, or England and Wales only. The result of the uproar of the tourist trade in Scotland which was being damaged by association, I have no doubt.

    I'm pretty sure it's not a deliberate snub, it's just that they completely forget that Scotland exists, and work everything out on an English only basis.

    I'm not sure that STV is any better. I don't know who provides their news service, but I'm betting that it is Londoncentic (I liked your noun, which I've never heard before). I seem to remember its opening is a view down the Thames to Big Ben.

  11. I wondered about that, Dean and then I thought, no. The North East of the country they cover is not Newcastle, and the North West is not Manchester.

    It did seem worth pointing out, and it would be interesting to keep some kind of record of the times they forget Scotland, as Doug suggests...although I watch tv so rarely that it 's not worth my doing it.

  12. He he Niko... you did, didn't you!