Tuesday 1 December 2009


I just got in and whilst supping on some excellent homemade soup, a gift from a friend (thanks Anya), I had a wee read through some of my bookmarked blogs.

Vox Populi, Vox Scoti is one of my favourites. Math Campbell doesn’t post every day, but when he does it is always good, well thought out, solid common sense.

Today, however, there was more to it. It started off a bit poetic, talking about the “heavy frost on the ground. The cold icy blast of winter, long promised on the winds.” I read on, intrigued.

What followed was stirring and heart warming stuff. Maybe it’s just me of course, but by the end of the piece I too could smell the changes on the wind.

I feel better after reading it. I hope you will too. Thanks Math.


  1. Hhehe, thanks a lot :D

    I like to keep my hand in writing speeches, but these days it takes something I care about to really make the effort worthwhile…

    It wasn't a bad effort if I do say so myself, although the midsection could have used some polish, but meh, I wrote it in 30 minutes…
    I'll try and do some more when I can find the gump….

  2. Math:

    It was a cheering and warming wee piece, and, as I said, I felt the better for reading it...

    I doubt that being linked in my blog got you much more in the way of readers, but I just wanted to share it with at least some other people.