Monday 14 December 2009


According to The Times Mr Brown (clearly preparing for a meeting with his disgruntled constituents in the attached picture), is intending to be the first leader to arrive in Copenhagen, as talks there start to lose their momentum and developing nations stage a walk out.

Mr Climate Change Miliband (as opposed to Mr Foreign Miliband), says that it is a sign of how seriously he takes the subject of climate change. Right! So naturally, as we all believe everything Mr C C Miliband says, that must be it.

On the other hand, it could just be that, with an election in the offing, Mr Brown wants to show us “ordinary people” that he is leading the world through yet another catastrophe, thus cementing his status as not just “a” world leader, but “the” world leader.

With speculation rife that he will call a snap election early in the new year (which frankly I doubt), Downing Street might be hoping to use the Copenhagen summit to burnish the Prime Minister's image as a world statesman, especially if he can help to engineer a meaningful accord to tackle global warming, reports The Times.

It may have escaped Mr Brown’s attention, but the great bulk of the British population is suffering badly from the last disaster through which he “led” the world. Many of us don’t really have much time for a conference that has involved thousands of delegates from all over the world flying to Denmark (where the temperatures for this week range between 2 C and -8 C, so not much global warming there). Some of us aren't convinced of the 'man made global change' stuff, and even those who are may be wishing that Mr Brown would commit just some of that great leadership skill that he is determined to show, to sorting out some of the problems that exist in the United Kingdom.

Unemployment is soaring; soldiers are being killed and maimed in an unwinnable war using substandard equipment; postal and travel strikes loom; the national debt is soaring out of control; penioners, the low paid, sick and unemployed people are having to choose between heat and food; the country remains in recession after all the other G20 countries have moved out of it (except Spain, which isn’t in the G20, despite Mr Brown’s protestations to the contrary), etc, etc.

Why don’t politicians see that most of us don’t give a stuff about world statesmen and their prancing around acting like they matter, especially when they don’t?

Clearly Presidents Obama and Hu are the people who can make this thing work, or not. With their massive economies and huge political clout they can influence change. A broke and broken little island of the coast of Europe can’t. My message to Mr Brown is: Get back home and start tackling OUR problems and leave the big boys to sort out real or imagined world issues.


  1. The curse of Brown struck again anyway, he plans to turn up and Africa withdraws.

  2. Aye QM... Maybe we should be glad he doesn't direct any of that much vaunted skill in our direction.

    King Midas in reverse.

  3. They ponce around signing us up to this and that in a vain attempt to seem relevant.

  4. Yes Sunnert, and in Brown's case he seems to be trying to give as much money as he can, and that we haven't got, to poorer countries to help them out of a mess in order to look more important than the next self important twerp.

    Who is going to give US something to help US out of this mess?

    Still what's a few more billion to the unplayable amounts of debt the fool has already endowed us with?

  5. The Brown government has never been elected.

    The Brown government adopts tactics in our political life of which a more honest man would be throughly ashamed.

    It is surely time for the UK to electorally destroy the Labour Party forever for having the gall to defend and thrust this callous man upon us.

    I will be voting Conservative in my constituency of Stirling, as my lot are the only ones capable of ousting that other infamous Labourite hack, Anne McGuire.

    This kind of poser-photo shoots will not save this corrupted party from electoral oblivion come 6 months [tops].

  6. He he Dean;

    I bet you will.

    You're right though, an unelected Prime Minister with no democratic legitimacy.

    I'm not sure that we should destroy the Labour Party forever though. That would be pretty dangerous for democracy too (although good news for Nick Clegg!!) A good ass kicking wouldn't do them any harm though.

  7. Dean the Tory

    That will be the same as the Thatcher and Major governments. They were never elected in Scotland, but still adopted tactics in Scotland that they should be thoroughly ashamed about.

    Still the up side is that they were electorally destroyed in Scotland (good old Micky Forsyth) Do you think the people of Stirling have short memories and have forgotten Forsyth?

    Stirling SNP gain.

  8. Hi there Dubbieside and welcome:

    It's true that the Tories under Thatcher and Major had no political legitimacy in Scotland. I wonder if there is any Tory government that ever did.

    Anyone know?

  9. Tris

    I believe that in the mid fifties the Tories had the majority of MPs in Scotland.

    We can but hope a similar fate awaits Labour in the future. Is that me agreeing with Dean? I must go and lie down.

  10. Dubbieside:

    OK Thanks for that info. I don't see that happening again. Mrs Thatcher put paid to that kind of support for a generation or two. Her reputation and the visceral hatred of her in Scotland is a huge millstone round the Conservative's necks.

    I don't think Cameron has the personality to persuade us that they have changed in any way.

    Dean is a good Tory though Dubbieside, LOL.

    I hope this is the kind of blog where we can all get on well enough to see each other’s points of view. Dean and I often agree and sometimes disagree, but it's all done with a smile and a handshake, as it is with everyone else. :¬) Enjoy your wee lie down though.

    He He.

  11. Dubbieside,

    he, he, yes- the Labour Party needs to wake up, and realise that they are meant to be presenting British politics with an option of radical change via socialism, they have forgotten that. This is why I cannot stomach the new bunch.

    I will say it is important to hold a healthy respect for socialist legends like Tony Benn, however...Hillary...


    Lol, thanks Tris- I do try [and invariably often fail] to be a moderate progressive One Nationist, however my old Thatcherite tendancies from yonder years die hard. I was a rather ruthless cold Thatcherite when I was 13/14- you'd have detested me then! [now you can add a 14 year old Thatcherite Dean to that picture of me at eight!]

    ...golly, it seems I'm just waiting for "this is your life" to come out..