Wednesday 2 December 2009


All good things come to an end.

Well so they say, and I suppose, as everything comes to an end, it must be true.

I learned that Advanced Media Watch will be closing today. So, you may say, another blog disappears, so what? Well maybe nothing much in the great scheme of things, but for me this is a little personal.

I have read Spook’s blog for quite a while, gravitating there from the pages of the Scotsman and his lively and interesting posts there as “Spook of Leith”. I enjoyed the atmosphere on the blog; light hearted but serious; pro SNP but open minded. I loved the way that he always took time to respond to every post and that he had a way of disagreeing without being confrontational, particularly with his readers from other parties. I also admired the way that he analysed some of the trash being printed in the Scottish Press, and debunked what were probably Labour Party Press Releases, uncovering the truth behind the statistics, which, as we know can be manipulated to say what we want them to say.

But Spook was a bit more than that for me. In a personal email about some facts I was checking up on and thought he might be able to use for his blog, I mentioned that I had been ill. (In fact I had had a collapsed lung which wouldn’t ‘uncollapse’ and ended up having a bullectomy and pleural abrasion.... very painful.) I was a bit down, and Spook started sending me daily cheer up emails, even though we’d never met and we didn’t know each other at all. Through these emails I got to know him a bit better and I’m pleased and proud now to call him a friend. It was Spook who encouraged me to blog myself and although because I wasn’t well enough to take on the whole responsibility for a blog, I did take his advice and team up with Munguin for this one. And I could always guarantee that one of the first people to post on any topic would be Spook.

So now, because Spook has moved on in his career, and is getting busier by the day and because of other changes in his personal life, he is closing down his blog.

Well. I’ll miss you Spook. Of course we’ll keep in touch, but your blog was one of the first things I looked at when I logged on and it will seem funny not to do that anymore. Along with the most amazing mother in the world and an absolutely fantastic best mate, a supportive brother and a few other friends, including dear Subrosa, you have helped me through a horrible year in my life, where for the first time hospitals, and operations and morphine became a reality, instead of something you see on the telly. Thanks for that, and thanks for the encouragement with the blog.

I wish you all the best in your job, in your work with the football team, and the great stuff you do at the academy with the youngsters, and with your life with your other half.

Thank you Spook.

PS. I hope you don't mind that I pinched your picture.....


  1. Well said that man.
    Good luck Spook. See you at the Independence Day celebrations - well before your retirement.

  2. I hadn't realized you were ill Tris. But better now - yes?

    Aye - Spooks gaun tae a better place - remunerated employment.

  3. Cruachan... Let's hope it's well before his retirement, but I'll buy him a dram whenever it is....

  4. Good post. I'll miss him too. I'm afraid I was too involved in my own illness to give thought to yours, forgive me.

  5. Scunnert... Cheers. Getting better after a bit of a fight. Thanks to loyal friends and a good family.

    Aye, poor old Spook... full tme work's no fun!!!

  6. Conan. Please, it was just a ittle local difficulty. LOL. I shouldn't think that anyone else knew apart from Spook and Subrosa.

    I know that you were ill, but I heard that you are back at work... I hope that's going well. Take it easy to begin with....