Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Does anyone know why these people's backsides don't seem to fit on bus seats? Are aristocrats made differently from us plebs?


  1. The baroness' buns will the tip of a very large gluteul mass, of lard asses.

    1. Not a thought I'd like to pursue for too long...

  2. Rubbing our noses in it now.
    Austerity is for you lot, not us.
    I wonder what she has for lunch, subsidised by us of course.
    Don't worry though, Labour is going to abolish the HOL they said so a long time ago, I wonder how that's coming along? Maybe Foulks can tell us.

    1. Yes Gerry, but there seems to be an acceptance of it all from the public.

      It's a bit like the royals. One of the toilet paper tabloids headlined the other day that the queen was having 26 for Christmas lunch.

      Awwwww....Isn't that nice. Old dear with all her family turning up for lunch.

      She can afford 26 for lunch thanks to us, and she'll not be up at 5 am stuffing the turkeys, laying the tables, peeling tatties, all again thanks to us... But still the masses, many of whom will be struggling with loan shark loans so that they can get their kids' presents, lap it all up.

      And Kate featured on the front of one of the papers looking a bit tired...poor soul. And the readers of the Daily Mail are getting bent out of shape because she has two kids to look after and sort out presents for. It's a busy time of year for mums, you know.

      The establishment get away with it because the masses accept that while the Noble Baroness keeps a car waiting for 4 hours while she's at the opera, a great number of people actually think that that's OK, while they wait in the rain for a privatised bus that doesn't turn up, makes them late for their appointment with the Department of Death and Poverty and they get sanctioned.

      The place stinks on ice.

  3. Their brains are in their arses, so does make it a bit more difficult to fit into normal seats.

    1. I suppose that must be it... And given what comes out of their mouths, I think I can see a scientific pattern there! :)

  4. tris

    Typical of New Labourite......“intensely relaxed about people letting taxis waiting ate the plebs expense ...

    Just a thought after scanning the msm catching up on the latest
    anti Corbyn diatribe..Tom Harris has a Brahma of comment on Corbyn
    you know Tom he of the winning tactics in the last election.

    I am of the opinion the hate and vitriol being hurled and Jeremy and
    his supporters is not so much about the policies but who is saying them
    and who is actually in power.

    What the Blairites (Tom actually call himself one ffs )want is office
    be it Government or of the Labour party and anyone outside the inner Blairite wheel is the enemy..

    The way i would describe is its like the factory sweeper had been made
    up to the factory manager with overall control...And all the upper and lower managers feel they have been sidelined and out of influence and so start to undermine the new management to make it fail in the hope
    they can regain their lost roles etc.

    The reason i say this is once upon a time a long time ago in a galaxy
    not to far away... were i labored the sweeper became not the manager but the works convener.and the snobbery against him was visceral unfortunately for the said management due to his nous/common sense and
    ability to rabble rouse or lead he had the power of the shop floor in his and the mens hands and not in the control of the managment..
    Much of present day Blairites actions are eerily reminiscent of those
    happy happy days...

    when the working man had more power and the guts to use it in pursuit
    of a better life for them and their families .

    1. Actually, without any research into her, I just assumed she was a Tory, Niko.

      I completely agree with you about the right wingers.

      The draw of being a member of the British cabinet is huge. To be towards the top it is even better... You strut the world stage like you counted. You dine at the White House. You hobnob with the Queen.

      Of course you end up being roundly hated, b ut when you step down, there's a book, a strong business in after dinner speeches " I said to the Queen and President Sarkozy when we were dining at the Elysée..." and you will never want for anything again.

      But Corbyn isn't going to go easily, no matter what Benn, Ummuna, Cooper and their likes think.

      Frankly I think he's a bit too collegiate for the job. If I were him I'd knock them into shape a bit more. But I'm sure that he knows what he is doing a sight better than I do.

      The members of the labour party wanted him above anyone else. If the Blairites stand in the way of that for too long, it will be THEM who have destroyed Labour's chances at the next election with their carping from the sidelines. Not Corbyn.

      What do you think he should do?

    2. tris
      I think he should boot out any who are unable /unwilling to
      support Labour party policy as set out by the members.
      Gone are the days whereby a Labour MP gets elected and then
      represents his/her constituencies but not Labour party policy.
      And then has the bloody cheek to expect local Labour party
      members to not only support him at the election but to shut up
      and keep shtum no matter how they behave.

      They keep on about Jeremy disloyalty but on many points he was
      right and the Blairites wrong and unlike the rightwing Blairites was quite prepared to take his punishments for his

      To be honest many Blairites are willing and happy if they cant
      be on the top deck to wreck the Labour ship and see it sink .
      I come to the conclusion many on the Blairite wing believe
      the torys are best for the economy and its labours task to balance in a small token minimalist way the worst of the Torys
      but always not to far away from whatever position the torys take...

      Had to laff although he does have a valid point the Tory vice chairman chappy commenting on Fox and Owen ex ministers who now
      ask for cabinet members to be able to speak against Government policy..when in fact when they were in cabinet just to protect
      their own ministerial rank regularly supported policies they
      personally were against.

      bloody hypocrites

    3. On balance I reckon I agree about getting rid of them from the top ranks. When the Labour party took a turn to the right under Blair, there were many who disagreed with Tony, but none of them ever made the cabinet (except Prescott, who was the token leftie... but not that far left (eh your lordship?)). Corbyn, Benn, Skinner and their likes were always just backbenchers who did their job as constituency MPs, and who sometimes voted against the whip. Seems to me that's a back bencher's privilege. Been had been a cabinet minister but was in the winding down phase of his career, the rest never aspired to it.

      But these anti-Corbyn people are front benchers. You really can't be a front bencher and regularly vote against the whip.

      I think once JC gets his feet under the table, these people will have to go.

      The thing that amazes me is that so many of them actually think that THEY are right and the voters are wrong.

      It will be interesting to see how many of them are reselected. I don't know how the Labour Party does that. Do they allow constituency members a vote?

      If I were a member of the Labour Party, I wouldn't be prepared to leaflet or canvas from people who were actively working against what I believed in and what I voted the leader in to do.

      It's a difficult balance, I think. MPs have to balance their party loyalty with the knowledge that they gain from their constituency work. That's fair enough... but into the bargain they then have to factor in their personal beliefs (religious/moral mainly) and their own ambitions to succeed in the party and swing their way to the top (and the money and prestige that brings.)

      It's interesting that you say that about Labour being allowed to sink by some of the right. I have always thought that people like Murphy (and their must be English ones too) really were Tories at heart, but just knew that in their part of the world being a Tory wasn't going to take them anywhere. There's no career prospects for a Tory in Scotland (well... Muddle excepted.) Probably Blair was like that.

  5. Well you do not think they struggle so hard to get in with the Establishment for nothing now do you? What with the lucrative spots on boards and such like why get into a possible dirty taxi in your good clothes, though if Theresa May is an example, they don't spend much on them.

    1. I think she probably spends a lot n them Helena. She just has the taste of an ingin', and seems to think she's still 30.

      That's why she looks so incredibly ghastly.



    3. Couldn't resist it Tris.

      Anyhoo, panda says he's not getting a wash this year as the 1400 spin cycle makes him dizzy. I suspect it's the egg-nog though.

    4. Nah, you're right. It was totally bitchy!

      Tell him to come down here. We've got an 800 cycle... and really nice fabric conditioner.

  6. Gerry I will say the men are no better, those huge thick pin stripe suits that nobody with taste would wear and I bet the price of those would feed an average family for a year.
    Hand washing would be kinder, you just have to ask my Hektor, into the shower with him, he has super Shampoo we get from a groomer in Norwich. When he was a pup he got camomile which any human would have loved. Panda just needs a good cuddle after his bath to restore his equilibrium. I bet Munguin gets nothing but the best.

    1. Bathes in champagne, that one, Helena!

  7. The expenses need to be scrapped. And for a bit of balance, let's not forget Angus Robertson's claim for a tv and god knows what else so he could "keep up with current affairs". But to be fair, it is a bit more linked to his job than a frigging duck pond or house or whatever the hell it was.


  8. No favouritism here. Someone should have told Angus that would come back to bite him. You don't need an all singing, all dancing tv to get up to date news. £100 from Morrisons would do. if you want more, buy it yourself.(Not that you get the truth on the telly anyway.)