Thursday, 24 December 2015



In his Christmas message to the world, Cameron, the UK's unbeloved prime minister, reminds us that the United Kingdom is a Christian country.

Probably, like every year, his boss will do the same tomorrow.

That's good of them, because it would be easy to forget it.

I've never understood how a country can have a religion. I thought religion was belief and it has never been clear to me how a country can believe in a particular philosophy. A government may have a philosophy which might be, in some way, related to a particular religion, but, when that government is elected by 37% of those who voted, it's not really a yardstick for how the country feels about faith.

So what Cameron presumable means is that the government is Christian. 

News to me.

So what exactly is Christian about it? As a schoolboy I was forced, at school, into Religious Education, which was basically Bible Study, and despite my lack of real interest in it, over the years quite a bit sank in. Frankly I find it difficult to reconcile my memories of the Bible with any of the government's policies. 

And it's not just me. It would be hard to recall the number of time recently that we have seen headlines about bishops of the Church of England criticising the policies of austerity followed by the UK government. 
Christianity Personified
Iain Duncan Smith even mocked them for it. Mr Duncan Smith feels free to do that, but his own sect of Christianity seems to be more in line with the C of E than it does with him.

Recently the Baptists, United Reformers, Church of Scotland and Methodists wrote to Smith asking him to look again at the social security system.

There are more examples here.

Still, what would bishops and popes know about religion compared to the likes of IDS and Cameron, huh?
Image that at your Christmas party
Tomorrow the head of state will undoubtedly tell us, yet again, that her whole life has been dictated by the teachings of Christ, which is probably why she gave her grandson an £8 a year helicopter so he could get home to see his son to bed, at the same time as allowing HER government to get the health service into such a state that, the bulk of hospitals in England are seriously understaffed by nurses, sick people die after being found fit to work by nurses or paramedics working to government targets to get the social security bill down, and dependency on food banks is rising by the day.

Perhaps today's story that mothers about to give birth are being turned away from maternity units across England is supposed to reflect the story of Mary and Joseph being turned away from the inn. Get like Jesus, be born in a stable.

That these people use Christianity at this time of the year is insulting to the religion. Someone needs to say that out loud.
On a far more cheerful note, our long term reader and contributor, Arbroath, tweeted last night that, after a 5 year battle, her oncologist has just pronounced her cancer free. (She's never mentioned in all her comment on here that she was battling illness so we didn't know till now.)

Now as Christmas present go, you really couldn't ask for more. We're over the moon for you, Arbroath. Munguin is toasting you in his customary vintage champagne. I've got a small Irn Bru!!! (Well, I am quite junior in the organisation.)

Now you have the best Christmas you've ever had.


  1. The Tories are on a mission from God...certainly Blues Brothers would be appropriate,in every sense!

    1. LOL. I think the Tories are on a mission from Satan... The Blues Brothers were trying to do some good. The Tories, I accept, try to do good, but only for those and such as those. For the rest of us there are on a mission to destroy everything we have.

  2. People who have nothing themselves, yet still give, are those who should be applauded. That is the true sign of not only Christianity, but any other faith.

    If only everyone was the same.

    Never mind, hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year. I'm now going to have my yearly bottle of cider........


    1. Not all at once I trust Mr Zog!

  3. Arbroath

    Wish you all the best and glad to see your in the all
    clear here's to a happy and healthy new year and many more.

    1. And so say all of us.

  4. tris

    I am reminded of that old joke wherby a crim after arrest
    is being booked in by the old bill.....
    the custody sergeant asks the crim what is your religion to
    whit the crim replys (with sarcasm ) I aint got no religion and
    dont believe in a God .

    The custody sergeant replies (bored ) Oh ! right Church Of England
    then writes C of E on custody sheet .

    1. LOL Actually probably more true than not.

  5. I so agree with you and funnily enough I had the same problem at School. I did get two religious prizes, well as I have often said all you need is a good memory and that I had, and nothing like finding out how the enemy works. I have the bible, good as new never been opened along with the prayer book, Episcopal Church of Scotland which in a moment of madness I joined and left in very quick succession. I choked this morning when I heard that the Daily Mail were approving the actions of IDS because more children were in working homes. Pity they still are having trouble eating. grrrrr

    1. Yes, and a record number are homeless...

      If they are proud of their record and they believe in God, then I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they hit up St Peter...

  6. Congratulations to Arbroath, I am so pleased. I knew she was ill not what the illness was. Cancer is a terrible thing, had a small bit myself, Malignant Melanoma, but that was in 1998 and have no problems, internal is a very different beastie. So happy for her and her partner who probably needs a hug more than Arbroath.

    1. Indeed. I think it's hugs to both of them...