Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Audition for a horror film?
The speech sounded like Tony Blair, or his people, wrote it.
It's pretty logical, isn't it?
However, because British Bombs are dropped with British Values, they won't cause any problems at all. And they are so clever, these bombs, that they know not to kill innocent children.
Or peace, really?
People say the Qur'an is full of violence and hate, and there's a lot of that in it, but no so much as in the Bible, it seems.
Syria: Not going to win any tourist prizes, is it?
Bound to make them tow the line though, huh?
I mean it would work here wouldn't it?
Well, of course it wasn't. Christians don't kill millions of Jews, disabled people, homosexuals nor do they idealise exclusively blond super people, but it's worth remembering that when muddle headed morons like Trump demonise all Muslims. "You ain't no Muslim, bro".
Someone might have said to Hitler: "Sie sind kein Christ, Bruder"
Not-so-smart bombs, clearly dropped by anyone other
than Mr Fallon's team.
Led by the BBC. That bastion of decency and fairness.
How are the charter renewal negotiations with the English Culture Secretary going? 
That's a thought...
That's the kind of face you get, if you lived the kind of life he led.
Serves the bastard right.

Oh ...and veterans have been protesting about the war by throwing their medals back at Downing Street, but strangely, there appears to have been very little coverage of it on the BBC. (As I don't watch tv, I've relied on Twitter for this information. But I've checked and there is nothing in their website at the time of writing).
Medals returned to Downing Street...


  1. Hard hitting stuff, Tris.

    That last picture of the war criminal, looks as though someone asked him, if he was a socialist.

    1. Aye, I suppose it is Jim, but truth is that war is hard hitting, and in all of these wars that the various UK governments have taken us into, none of this kid of stuff has landed on our doorsteps.

      There's no blood in the main streets of our towns.

      I'm no great lover of Islam, or any other religion, but all of these faiths exist and we have to live with them. I think it is important for us to remember that there are nut jobs attached to all religions, not just Islam.

      I've added another pic, so, the war criminal isn't the last pic.

      LOL yeah, maybe, or perhaps it was "Would you go a selfie with me, for free?"

    2. I completely agree, war is mankind's most horrific invention and should be held up as such. It is not glorious nor heroic, there may be individual acts of heroism, but that's not any justification.

      I love the fact that, the veterans are showing their disdain and in these days of social media, the truth will always out.

    3. Yes, I'm glad that the veterans themselves are taking steps to speak out.

      I've just found a picture of the medals being thrown on the ground in disgust, which I will add to the story.

      Whilst searching for it I found a story which demonstrated Great British Values. A soldier who was sacked just 72 hours before he was due to become eligible for a full pension. What kind of scum does that, and then stands at the Cenotaph looking solemn... and criticising a decnet man for not bowing low enough.


      War isn't glorious and of course there are some incredibly brave acts...as in fairness there are every day from doctors, ambulance, fire, and just passers by.

      But killing folk isn't in the least glorious. Never has been, never will be.

  2. Well Tris you did not miss with that article. Hypocrisy is rank in this country and I see Mr Trump really does not do irony.

    1. Trump is beyond belief, but we must prepare for the fact that unless things change greatly he may be the Republican nomination for president...and you thought that it couldn't get worse than Sister Sarah.

      Imagine him as PoTUS, and Giant Haystacks as prime minister of the yUK

  3. Interesting fact about the SS. Towards the end of WW2, due to manpower shortages, there were Muslim members. There was even a British regiment, although numbers were no more than 50. I'd recommend reading Mein Kamf, I've done so and it is one of the strangest books I've ever read.

    I think Trump is going to get the nomination. Scary thought. But look how many votes the National Front just won in France. Something like one third. Embedded political parties have to be careful about what they class as fringe parties - look what happened with the SNP.

    Anyone who glorifies war is an arse. Sometimes military action is necessary, but while it is always a political decision, it must be for the right reasons. Cameron's air strikes are for political gain. However, Corbyn is just as dangerous as I do not believe he would ever make a decision for a military strike, even if justified. But that's less of a problem a there is no way Labour are going to return to power, not given their dolly mixture of Blairites and Commies.


  4. The problem with propaganda is that once people twig to your games,they no longer believe anything you then say.
    If it was only now and then that the British elite decided to go to war,I might listen to the arguments but it seems that every London administration since 1066 has had to have it's war or be deemed a failure.
    Cameron has had three wars in the Middle East so far as well as playing keepy up in Afghanistan so he will go down as one of England's most warmongering leaders.....loud cheers from the morons in Westminster!
    He may not kill as many people as Blair but seems he is going to have a big try.
    Where next?

    1. Well sumemd up.

      One of the arguments forgoing in was that it was what Britain always did. Apparently they are good at it, but I don;t recall them winning much recently, possibly because they USED to be good at it, or they used to pick enemies that that could beat, or, in some cases they were right to do so and had the might of the USSR, the Empire and the USA on their side.

      Now they seem to go off half cocked a bit like an elderly man trying to impress a younger woman... They remind me of that bloke that used to be in the Carry on and Doctor films... ring-a ding...

      Oh well... best put up with it, after all, we're better together.

      Aren't we?

  5. Interesting stuff.

    I'd never thought about reading Mein Kampf. I'm not good at reading hard stuff unless I have to. Is it a struggle to get through?

    1. It can be. A lot of it seems to be ranting. For easier reading, Laurence Rees is an excellent author, and his Nazis - A Warning from History is a good book, as is the Devil's Disciples by Anthony Read.

      As shown above, Jon Snow talks about media campaign and propaganda. Goebbells practically took this to an art form. I think similar methods are used today by all politicians, albeit in a more subtle manner!


    2. "Is it a struggle to get through?"

      I saw what you did there...

    3. You're clever....


    4. I didn't realise the irony! Long day.......


  6. If you want to TRUTH Tris then do as I do ... go to R.T. or Al Jazeera.


    On the Trump the Mump thingy.

    First we had all Muslims to go onto a database.

    Then we had all Muslims to be banned from entering the USA.

    NOW we have him wanting to close the internet thingy!


    1. That's hilarious.

      Does he know that Bill Gates doesn't have a wee switch in his lobby press.

      Anyway, imagine thinking that your money makes you important enough to have the internet closed down.

  7. Someone is reading my back catalogue...



    1. Pseudepigraphia ... the new Wikipedia!

      There are leaders and followers in the world Conan.