Saturday, 19 December 2015

Just in case you thought that the last few days' posts had concentrated too much on the Labour Party, we shall never forget the other lot...
Surely it's time she resigned the whip?
Just say what you think Charlie...
Oh yeah, of course,  you usually do.
Probably he was less lying and more doesn;t understand what he's talking about, and hoping you don't either.
Well, not so much when you're rich and the heir to a baronetcy.
Hmmmm... How's that working out?
Aye Gideon, you're doing a grand job.


  1. Ooh, careful with the "Socialism and Inspectors" poster. That is precisely what the Scottish Government is doing with their "Named Person" policy.


    1. Good question, Morag. I'm not quite sure how it works.

      In any case, I have no problem in criticising the Scottish government, Zog. I may prefer them to the alternative...Well with the alternative being Eton Dave the Pig Boy in the UK and Whiny Kez in Scotland, what's not to prefer...

      But they are far from perfect... As I say, just better than teh alternative.

      But as it goes, the irony is that as the Tories liberated everything from the vaults to give away to their friends (selling the family silver, even Harold MacMillan called it), they also introduced the most ferocious systems of control centrally from Westminster.

      First Lawson and then Lamont, then Brown amd Darling and now Gideon.

      And they inspect what you've written on your Facebook and Twitter, read emails and track phone calls, not to mention follow you by your mobile signal and spy on you with cameras...

      Inspectors... Jeez, the Tories are every bit as bad.

  2. It's all well and good having a go at the Tories Tris but you must always remember that they promised us that "we are all in this together!" Just to prove the point oor wee towel folder has done this!

    1. Well Arbroath you have to remember that when they said WE are all in it together, what they actually meant is YOU are all in it together.

      Sod all to do with us superior people.

      Hense the huge pay rises for those and such as those, and the redundancy notices for the peons.

      But, as the guy said on the day after the referendum...speaking to the ordibnary people of Scotland he said: (or words to that effect)

      "Embrace it. Yous asked for now, yous voted for it, now f***ing embrace all the nasty evil things they will do to yous"

      And he was right.

      He didn't sound like he was a professor of history, but he knew what he was talking about... unlike some professors of history!!!!

  3. AH, you figured that "WE" thngy thing out then Tris ... good for you! LOL

    1. It's a complex use of pronouns that they only teach at Eton, Winchester and Fettes.

      Cameron got his degree in it at Oxford.

      It was about all he could take in.

  4. The Tories are evil.

    Where's Nico, thought he'd be up for some Tory bashing, or is that solely reserved for the SNP?