Saturday, 26 December 2015


Read on Twitter.... If this is true then it's another example of Great British values.

I hope you and your massive family enjoyed Christmas lunch at one of your many state provided homes, your majesty.
No yellow cards for you. If you're fed up with Windsor you can go to Buckingham Palace or Clarence House, Kensington Palace, or St James's. Or you could travel to the colonies and stay at Holyrood.

The hypocrisy is beyond belief.


  1. Which private Security Firms I wonder?

    1. Maybe the one that they love to use, despite the number of cock-ups they have been responsible for. G4S?

  2. Which Tory ministers husband is a major shareholder in G4S ?

  3. Back, after the last joyous post in the land of the 'haves' and their contempt for the 'have nots'.

    This is the coming together of a middle aged, middle class Tory agenda, where their 'right' to avoid poverty, degregation through their policies and the rest is predicated on Privatised Spaces.

    I think Naomi Kline has the right of it. Hesitate for a 'long' read:

    1. Good article.

      It's time we took our world, never mind our country back from the greedy bastards that have appropriated it for themselves.

  4. Pretty sure its a hoax, but... what is the difference between this and forcing people to work for nothing so that they don't become homeless ?

    1. You'd want to think it was a hoax, but then you'd probably think that food kitchens in the 2010s was a hoax too; that being paid of by your company becasue they have free labour, and then being forced back to work for the same company as a workslave (or lose your dole) was a hoax; or that paying a rent of £300 a week on a wage of £170 a week was a hoax.

      But none is.

      It's just Britain. That place we are better off in.

  5. Last year in Glasgow city centre, I saw two of our finest City Wardens order a beggar to move on. Now this beggar was a genuine Glaswegian homeless guy, who is a regular face and quite harmless. He's not one of the organised gangs of street beggars from Easter Europe. Fortunately, someone pointed out to the wardens that they did not possess the legal authority and would they like to summon a police officer if they wish to argue. Needless to say they backed down.

    I have no issue with tickets handed out to litterbugs, but a bit of uniform and the power goes to the head. They should stick to hanging outside Central Station and ticketing the unsuspecting smokers.

    I even had my own local council send round two "advisers", when an empty bottle of Buckfast was found in my recycling bin. What a waste of bloody money.

    Oh well it could be worse. A lot of unfortunate people spending Christmas in temporary accommodation thanks to the Government spending more on overseas flood defences than in the UK.


    1. I reckon that we should remember that being homeless, like ill health, is something that could happen to any one of us.

      A change in circumstances; loss of a job; breakup of a relationship.

      One day it might be you or me down there.

      I can't stand it when people move the beggars along because it might spoil the ambience for people spending money. Let's try spending some of that money on making sure that the beggars don't have to beg.

      Of course there are cheats. At every level in every society. But there are many many more genuine people.

      There is a huge amount that is wrong with our foreign aid. Stupid plans to give money to people who either don't want it or don't need it, but to be honest, I'd rather the government tried collecting some of the billions in avoided/evaded taxes... rather than stop aid.

      Properly done, as by the Scottish government (and it was done under Labour too) to help in, for example, Malawi, is very valuable. One thing we should congratulate McConnell on.

      We could stop spending on wars and the Windsors, and not rebuild the English parliament too, and do a bit more flood prevention.