Saturday, 28 March 2015

HUMZA: "We are nobody's branch office. Nobody puts Scotland in a box. No one puts Scotland in a corner."

Is this your first conference?
Depute Leader: Stewart Hosie.
Not bad for a Saturday morning in March.
HUMZA: Welcome to Glasgow. The city with only two seasons: 
taps oan an' taps aff.


  1. Well what can one say, if I was Niko I would bitch, if I worked in the BBC Labour Branch I did bitch. For the rest of us, inspiration, she was wonderful. I expect everyone noticed that folk had to bunk up and not spread out. I have said this before but I know I am on the right side, the intelligent left wing side. No fake camera work needed there, and I bet they had more people wanting tickets than could get them.
    Unfortunately I am packing up the house again but let us hope I am settled in this time and able to put my talents (ahem) to work for 2016. I am sure Hektor will wear his badge with pride whilst leafleting then.

    1. Horrid job Helena... Bonne chance.

  2. I just wish she had said there is no such thing as 'Scottish Labour.'
    There was a moment in her speech when I thought she was about to say so.
    Damn good speech though!
    Hope the packing goes well, Helena.

    1. I wonder why no one on the BBC has ever asked Jimbo why he leads a p[arty that doesn't exist!

  3. WOW!

    This would be the S.N.P. conference in Glasgow then would it? ;-)

    This would be the conference then that had MORE people attending than the branch office versions of thge Tory, Lib Dem and Labour conferences put together times FIVE then! LOL


    In 6 bits, scroll down for start. Sound a bi iffy at times but it is better than very little from BBCLabour in Scotland.

    1. Thanks... I was at my mum's at 6ish and saw a little bit of the boss's speech.

      The commentary was full of misleading statements, and the camera seemed to concentrate very much on the height of her heels.

      I look forward to a long view of Mr Cameron's heels... Well, OK I don't.

      Let's just concentrate on seeing a clean pair of heels from him.

    2. The BBC broadcast many hours of the unionists party conferences but only a couple of SNP party, biased you betcha nothing more than a UK state propaganda arm stuffed with corrupt individuals.