Monday, 27 February 2012


When David Cameron made Emma Harrison a 'Tsar' (I wish they wouldn't use that word; it is the name for a supreme ruler in Slavic Europe, not someone who does some work in England in return for an eventual seat in the Lords), he knew nothing about the fact that her company had been, and was still being, investigated for various frauds from the public purse.

So he appointed her to a high level advisory role, where she, in her own words, 'popped in and out of number 10', without checking on her at all. But that's not surprising. He took on Andy Coulson as a paid member of staff without checking on his background either.

The Department of Work and Pensions did know about her fraud cases, and yet, despite her expertise being in the realms of the DWP's remit, Cameron seems not to have asked Iain Duncan Smith for his input.

However, it probably wouldn't have made any difference, because despite knowing about the alleged fraud, the DWP awarded yet another contract, worth nearly half a billion pounds to A4E.

Does anyone do any background checks on anyone in the London government? And if they do, do they ever pay any attention to them?


  1. tris

    Yue are silly billy (and show your lower class status) Etonians dont do background checks they just give on old pall a bell and have quit word to see if they are 'one of us'.

    Aha! I hear you say that approach went wrong here not a bit of it old friend.The only mishap was she got caught still the game goes on.

  2. tris

    If I could have just one Superpower I would choose the power to spell...

    yue....Pall i dunno ruins a good post

  3. tris

    Err! sorry for the inane drivel/dribble but I do have a condition

  4. That should be a warning to all card carrying Labour supporters as it could strike at anytime.

  5. Love your comment about the Tsar - lets not confuse a British political with a former Russian authoritarian regime:) I would add that they appear to have CZRAs in the White House as well appointed by the Obamainator

  6. Ah yes. I forgot about that, Niko. As you say, my lower class roots are showing. One phones a chap and a chap wouldn't let one down by giving a chap bad information about a chap... or a chapess.

  7. I'm not entirely sure, Niko, that the ability to spell would be called a super power... it's more like, well,
    just an ordinary power.

    (Yes, I know about your condition... I thought we weren't supposed to talk about it?)

  8. You think it's catching, CH?

    BTW, are there any card carrying members of the Labour Party left? (or shuld that be right?)

  9. Hello SIPP. Welcome to Munguin's Republic...

    Imagine there being Tsars in the White House. And I thought the West won the Cold War!!

  10. tris

    for me that is a superpower.........

    ps I am a card carrying member of the Labour party

  11. Not the best likeness I can find but they are so similar in other ways.

  12. LOL Niko... We'll have to get historic Scotland to slap a preservation order on you....

    You're unique!

  13. Oh CH, that's so cruel. I wonder... who would publish a horrid picture like that?

  14. I see that gimp Forsyth has been bumping his gums again. Complaining about English students having to pay to get into Scottish Universities..

    Do you think someone should whisper in his thick ear that Scottish students have to pay to get into English Universities ?

  15. Lol Monty. It's an idea, but, don't you think it's much more fun to watch him make himself and his party more unpopular.

    After all, if we are forced to give English students free education, there will be tens of thousands who will apply to come here to profit from a free education. I wouldn't blame them for that.

    However, it would either result in there being far fewer places for Scottish students, who might then be forced to go to study in English universities at great cost. (Bad move for the Tories trying to recruit young people, and for unionists.)

    Or it could result in us putting up our hands and saying've forced us into it. We will have to charge our kids for their education, which they will (hopefully) later use to our advantage. (Also bad for the same people and for the same reason.)

    Mr Forsyth is one of the best weapons we have. Bless him. I love the girning little soul.

    We should remember that in all his witterings about the Union, he stands to lose badly (to the tune of £300 a day) if he no longer has the right to legislate on a foreign county's affairs.

    Not to mention losing his stupid title.

  16. tris..
    Will their lordships not still be allowed to sit in the 'other place' post independence ? Isn't the lords seperate from domestic politics ?
    Did you see the Red Baron Jack O' Malawi story in the Record ?
    He's fighting Mrs Mingins next door over the use of a 3 feet coal bunker. Where do we get these 'statesmen' from ?

  17. Baron Jack calls in reinforcements in the battle of the Bunker...

    Elmer and wee Jimmy Crankie are on the way.
    Diplomacy and a wee cup o' tea and a blether would probably have worked better. And been cheaper.
    But we know that's not in their DNA.

  18. Well Monty, I doubt the English would take kindly to a whole pile of Scots lords taking part in the legislation of England... I know I would if I were them.

    I didn't see the story, but I'm guessing that the noble aristocrat needs it to keep his expenses, coronet and ermine collar. These things take up room you know!!!

  19. Love the comments, Monty.

    Seems an awful small matter for a man of his accumulated wealth to make a fuss about. I imagine that if he needs another tool shed about 1 sq meter, he could probably buy one from B+Q for about £100.

    If I were him I'd have just done that. A neighbour with a grudge is such a bad thing to have.

    Hope he loses, and is told to pay her costs. The the B+Q option will have sounded so much better, in addition to the enemies he will have made.

  20. Of course Cameron didn't ask for IDS input, Cameron doesn't concern himself with facts; just the imperative of not seeing yet another humiliating government defeat.

    By the way, I've got my new blog up and running (at last), and it is all fancy pansy if I do say so myself (though, God knows, I don't understand half of its features yet!!!)

  21. The comment sign appeared briefly at the bottom which I responded too but it's not visible now.