Friday, 10 February 2012


Full list of 32 Scottish Labour MPs who voted for further privatisation of the NHS in England On Monday January 16, 2012. No wonder people ask the "West Lothian question". (Apposite picture Mrs Lamont, wouldn't you say?)

Sarwar, Anas - Deputy Leader of Scottish Labour
Curran, Margaret - Shadow Scottish Secretary
Alexander, Douglas
Bain, William
Banks, Gordon
Begg, Anne
Brown, Russell
Clark, Katy
Clarke, Tom
Docherty, Thomas
Donohoe, Brian H.
Doran, Frank
Doyle, Gemma
Gilmore, Sheila
Greatrex, Tom
Harris, Tom
Jamieson, Cathy
Joyce, Eric
McGovern, Jim
McKechin, Ann
McKenzie, Iain
Morrice, Graeme
Murphy, Jim
Murray, Ian
Nash, Pamela
O'Donnell, Fiona
Osborne, Sandra
Robertson, John
Roy, Frank
Roy, Lindsay
Sheridan, Jim

Teller - David Hamilton

Can someone from Scottish Labour please explain

why they saw fit to do this? Who ordered them to?

Was it Miliband, Curren, Lamont? And who IS in 

charge of Labour's Scottish MPs?
Grateful thanks to Dubbieside from bringing this list of Labour, Tories, oh dear, Laries my attention.  I wonder if they would dare vote for this kind of private health system in Scotland?
February 08, 2012 8:43 PM


  1. I was watching Scotland Tonight and then Newsnight Scotland last night and some of the stories from Glasgow Labour were eye opening ( well for me anyway).
    Good that they're finally lifting the lid on this cesspit.
    Glasgow Labour council couldn't get all of their own members to vote through their own budget yesterday and sent people to 'visit' one labour councillor who had gone independent to remind her about her disabled sons job with the council apprentice scheme. She was seen crying on Scotland Tonight / Newsnight Scotland as she told her tale.
    Oh and a London Labour bloke was sent North to interview all the Labour councillors to see if they were 'suitable' to be selected for the May elections.
    One councillor who wasn't 'suitable' was on Newsnight telling his story.
    Politics is indeed a grubby business.

  2. Tris

    Like Wullie I watched Newsnight Scotland (up on BBC iplayer if you want to watch) well worth a look.

    If you thought that Lamont was bad wait till you see Margaret Currans wee boy on the program.

    Though he is usually no friend of the SNP Brewer could hardly stop laughing.

    Link to Councillor talking about her son at City Building. About 2min 30 in.

  3. Hi Wullie.

    Good to see you.

    Aye for all Mrs Lamont is Erchie in Scotland, they had to send someone from London to make sure that the candidates were right wing enough that you couldn't tell them from Tories (although I admit that that was done before Lamont's administration).

    I've just watched the clip Dubs put up with growing incredulity, and then, as that woman broke down, with anger that that is the standard of politics in Scotland.

  4. Surely a vote that went through only by threatening or bribing people must be invalid?

  5. I'm just watching FMQs at the moment Dubs. I cannot believe how bad Lamont is.

    The only word I can think of is THICK!

    She doesn't understand anything; she got her facts wrong and then she stuck to the script, even though Alex had pointed out that her figures were just plain wrong.

    She whined that no steel fabrication contracts had gone to Scottish companies, and Alex explained again and again that THAT WAS BECAUSE WE DIDN'T FABRICATE STEEL IN SCOTLAND.

    She still didn't understand. She just went on with the same thing over and over, and on one occasion she was reading from a scrip and got all muddled up, having lost her place.

    Pathetic. Utterly pathetic.

    And Davidson was pathetic too.

    I'll get a look at Mrs Curren's wee boy later this afternoon when I get a chance.

    How old is he? I remember being with Mrs Curren on a visit to a factory in Dundee when she was minister for communities. She asked for a couple of minutes alone so she could phone home and find out the results of her son's Highers. I wonder if it is the same lad.

  6. Anon: I'd agree, but I don't know how that woman voted. I imagine that her son's apprenticeship is now pretty safe.

  7. Debate
    Previous Section
    Home Page

    16 Jan 2012 : Column 532

    16 Jan 2012 : Column 533

    16 Jan 2012 : Column 534

    16 Jan 2012 : Column 535

    16 Jan 2012 : Column 536
    NHS (Private Sector)
    7.17 pm

    Andy Burnham (Leigh) (Lab): I beg to move,

    That this House believes there is an important role for the private sector in supporting the delivery of NHS care; welcomes the contribution made by private providers to the delivery of the historic 18-week maximum wait for NHS patients; recognises a need, however, for agreed limits on private sector involvement in the NHS; notes with concern the Government’s plans to open up the NHS as a regulated market, increasing private sector involvement in both commissioning and provision of NHS services; urges the Government to revisit its plans, learning from the recent problems with PIP implants and the private cosmetic surgery industry; believes its plan for a 49 per cent. private income cap for Foundation Trusts, in the context of the hospitals as autonomous business units and a ‘no bail-outs’ culture, signals a fundamental departure from established practice in NHS hospitals; fears that the Government’s plans will lead to longer waiting times, will increase health inequalities and risk putting profits before patients; is concerned that this House has not been given an opportunity to consider such a significant policy change; and calls on the Government to revise significantly downwards its proposed cap on the level of private income that can be generated by NHS hospitals.

  8. Tris

    The councillor voted for the SNP amendment.

    Her son must now be the safest apprentice in Glasgow.

    We know six ex Labour voted with the SNP, another one joined the SNP but I do not know how he voted. That leaves thirteen who were de selected by Labour but presumably still voted for them. Old habit die hard maybe.

    I would say Currens son looks between 35 and 40.

  9. Thank you Niko. So why did they vote with the government. It's not like the Tories accepted anything that Andy Birnham said, is it?

    Do you know who tells Labour's Scottish MPs what to do?

    Is it Miliband, Curren or Lament?

  10. Thanks Dubs. Yep. I'd say that boy can safely look forward to getting through his apprenticeship untouched. And I'm glad to hear it.

    I guess it can't be the same son then. This was only about 6 or 7 years ago, when Margaret was Senior Minister for Communities. (Well uness he was a late developer!!!

    Maybe the other thirteen were driven by loyalty, or maybe they too had visits from the nasty threats man, but weren't prepared to make them public.

    I hope they find the "man" who threatened her lad and they throw him in jail. He's scum.

  11. Lamont has a hubby who is deputy leader of the council so weel keep it in the family as we don't want to cause people unnecessary fuss now do we. Dangerous bunch of leeches.

  12. LOL. I didn't know that CH. It's a family business is Labour in Glasgow. Mind you, in fairness, so are the Tories in some places and there's at least two SNP families I can think of.

    I hope (but doubt) that he's better than she is. On yesterday's performance in the chamber she seems like she's totally out of her depth. An amateur against a professional. But she know what he was taking on. She's watched him finish off McConnell, Alexander and Gray.

  13. Labour row over bullying escalates

    Gilbert Davidson has been accused of using his role as a board member of the council-owned firm employing former Labour councillor Anne Marie Millar's son to strong-arm her into voting with former colleagues in what became a battle for the party's survival in Glasgow.

  14. Thanks for that CH.

    I see even his mates describe him as "not the biggest thinking", but a "decent councillor".

    So, if he is both of these things, would it not have been sensible for them not to keep appointing him to chair committees?

    There are people who are quite good at get Mrs McYumshie's drains fixed or having the pot hole by the bus stop filled in, but aren't the brightest buttons in the box.

    Sensible management would use these people to play to their strengths, and give them pot holes by the score to get fixed, leaving the whipping or chairing of committees to those who think with their brain cells...

    So, I wonder what Mrs Lamont can or will do about it all.

  15. It would be 'interesting' to find out how the laddie got his apprenticeship and how many more have parents who are councillors.
    Excellent leverage to keep the comrades in line when the dear leader needs support.

  16. I think a lot of worms will come out of the woodwork if/when Labour lose control of GCC which will then make the Lamont leadership shaky.

  17. Yes, Wee Boaby, you have a point there. Although I think that there was an agreement between the government and Glasgow council to provide apprenticeships for any kids in the Glasgow area, who had the correct qualifications and the right aptitude, as part of the Commonwealth Games legacy. So that could be it.

  18. Massive ones CH; snakes, serpents adn monsters probably...

    Mind you Old Lamont looks gie shoogly as it is. Something that makes Iain Gray look professional, just has to be a catastrophe, never mind all the corruption and law breaking that's been going on in Glasgow...