Thursday, 23 February 2012


The Hon Eric Joyce MP has proved to be rather dis honourable.

Last night, in a Commons bar, in front of a delegation from the Canadian parliament, led by its Speaker, he (allegedly) got into a drunken rage, and started head-butting and hitting his fellow MPs, Tory and Labour alike. Among his victims were a Tory MP, Stuart Andrew, and a whip from his own party.

It appears that he was disconcerted that, when he stotted* in to the bar, he found it full of Tories! Poor thug, I mean, thing.

Given that there are more Tories than any other party in London's parliament, it’s not entirely surprising that a bar in that parliament would have a fair number of them (also given that they serve cheap booze, subsidised by us).

Actually I've never quite understood why the House of Commons (or Lords for that matter) has a bar, never mind several bars, never mind several subsidised bars. 

Most places of work don't.

If ever there was a good reason to stop this needless expense (seeing as we are all in it together) it is now. When a tiny minority of football fans proved that they couldn't behave responsibly with drink at matches, it was banned. Now is the perfect time to take it away from MPs, who clearly aren't able to behave with it.

As for Mr Joyce, he has been suspended by the Labour party (well done to them for acting quickly on this) and Mr Andrew is going to press charges (well done to him.

Not much of a future then, Eric?

*Scots for "staggered".


  1. He was suspended by Ed and not Johann Lamont who is supposed to be his real boss.

    So, Ed is still his real boss and the SCOPTTISH Labour Party is just a PR stunt or as we non politicos call it, a lie.

  2. It will be interesting to see if he is punished as a rioter as I believe he took a swipe at the desk sergeant.

  3. Wasn't he the first MP to break the £1million in troughery expenses recently ? And got banned for crashing his car when drunk last year ?
    This stramash just looks like a lovers tiff.
    He's certainly no officer and a gentleman.

    I can't see the minimum pricing for alcohol stopping this kind of attack and thuggery because MPs' can easily afford to buy alcohol no matter how expensive it becomes.
    I remember Lord Watson setting that hotel on fire and our Justice Minister being drunk and disorderly in London. Oh and Lord Fowke's etc...

  4. tris

    Ya big tit our Eric is a first class MP so what he nutted a Tory I remember when Neil Kinnock said himself,

    A Tory MP got lippy in the bog at westminster and in Neils words he 'kicked the sh't out of him'

    so all this Faux indignation from the Nats only goes to show what cowardly hypocrites they all are.

    I mean let be honest the vast majority of youse lot would like shoot all the Tory MPs(err! I can see why)

  5. I'd put our Eric up against any yeah any of the snps msps in a barenuckle fight....

    if the snp win its Independence and if we win(we will Eric has got a KO punch) we will have a referendum on in/out basis.

  6. Didn't this guy also have some dodgy expenses history?

  7. Dear dear Wolfie. Ms Lamont must have erm...been too busy, erm.... studying for a brilliant ...erm...performance... erm... at FMQs, or something like that, so Ed stood in for her. Yeah, that's it.


    Woops, you've just rode a coach and horses through their cunning plan to make it look like Scotland counted.

  8. He also broke a window in the House of Commons, methinks CH.

  9. Probably Throbber. I believe he managed to get away with £200,000 last year. His travel expenses always seem to be more that members who have to travel from the northern and western islands. I'm not sure how that works...

    Oh yeah, wink, wink... I am sure how it works.

  10. och sorry Niko. I just thought that not turning up in the bar, blootered and battering hell out of anyone and everyone, breaking windows, and taking swings at the boabbies was probably not very good MPish kind of behaviour... but it seems if the Rt Hon and Noble Lord Welsh Windbag thought it was OK, then, it must be OK.

    Forget all I said about him being a yob.

  11. Well, OK Niko, if all else fails and Eton Mess, I mean Dave, won't let us have a referendum, then we could always have a fight between your man and we'll find someone to put up against him.

    We must have some oafs somewhere...

  12. Sure did Dean, but like most of them, he got off with it, although I believe he was asked to repay some.

    I think he wasn't happy, but I suspect that he forked out in the end. But he's still lobbing in expenses claims that bring water to the eyes.

  13. Ew err... How embarrassing, CH. Poor old Eric (Tris weeps)

  14. wow he came last in the shadow cabinet election 2010. quite a feat,_2010