Tuesday, 14 February 2012



  1. Global capitalism is riddled with corruption and it needs to change fast.

    Deliberate implosion of US economy - Former Bush Sec. of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts c47mins long

    Here it is in script.

    Tapeworm Economy

  2. A few weeks ago, the scare story was that Scotland wouldn't have a triple A credit rating, and what a financial basket case that would make us.

    Now, Unionists are falling over themselves to say it wouldn't make much difference if Britain lost it's triple A status.

    Day by day, the case for the Union gets weaker and weaker.

  3. Wow CH, that's scary stuff...

  4. Hi Don McC... Nice to see you.

    Very true. It's a big deal when it seems to provide a stick to beat nationalists with, but it's no big deal when it's a stick to beat the status quo with...

    Their arguments become more and more facile. No wonder they want the whole thing done as quickly as possible. By 2014 they will be really desperate.

  5. The facts usually are when our MSM is letting us all down big time in following Tory/Lab government spin. The USA want to kill the Euro that is why Goldman Sachs fiddled the Greek books to get them entry into the club. Iraq and Iran threatened to buy oil in Euros one down one to go.

    Toryhoose wont accept my posts now as they don't like criticism of their post/ers and Labourhame are on go slow.

  6. I've said that for ages, and for the same reason CH.

    As soon as the dollar wasn't going to be the oil currency.. and even Saudi Arabia was talking about using Euros... it spelled the end of the Euro. It would have meant much more instability in oil prices for America.

    It was only a matter of weeks after that that the credit rating agencies started on Greece and Portugal, and when it looked like Germany had sorted that, they started on Italy and Spain, which even Germany couldn't rescue. Now I'm not saying for a second that these countries didn't have problems and that the problems weren't made worse by the fact that they had no flexibility with their currency, but it certainly seemed like a concerted plot to me.

    Given that the credit rating agencies have the most appalling record for getting things wrong, it must have been more that just them.

    Maybe Osborne can rest easy in his bed... and then again, maybe he can't (demonic laughter).

    Och Tory Hoose...what can you say? and as for Labour Hame (don't you wish these people wouldn't patronise us)...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... Maybe admin is working out if it would be precipitous to start a campaign to remove Johann Lament (able) this early in her leadership...

  7. I've just seen an advert on Sky for a payday loans company. APR of 1737%. At first I thought 'shocking'. Then thought 'well at least they're honest'.
    Unlike anything we'll ever hear by our politicians, MSM and financial 'experts'.

    cynical.. don't worry mate there will always be a space for your views over at NNS
    With no critical replies ;)

  8. Just what poor people need isn't it, throbber?

    Was it Wonga?

    That's Mr Cameron's friend and advisor that runs that, and some of their loans have APRs of over 4,000%.

    You can tell a man by the company he keeps!

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