Sunday, 12 February 2012

Jimmy Krankie new leader of Labour In Scotland!

On a light hearted note. Here is a little tit-bit from the latest edition of Private Eye that I thought I would share with you all! I personally find the resemblance quite alarming and that is not just in terms of physical appearance. But least ways it's fame at last for Lamont!

In the interests of fairness last issue they had one of Alex Salmond and the new leader of North Korea, which was equally funny. I'm sure Alex saw the joke.


  1. The Krankies revealed recently that they enjoyed 'swinging' which was a bit alarming and doesn't sound fandabydozy to me lol

  2. Wee Jimmy has untill now always had plenty to say.What has happened all is unusually quiet on the home front

  3. Throbber: maybe they have met Tommy Sheridan then and enjoyed a swinging time!!

  4. Thank you, Throbber for spoiling my day.

    There is a striking resemblance as you say Munguin.

    On balance Labour might have done better with wee Jimmy.

  5. Fair: yes indeed is it a question of too many chiefs and not enough indians? Odd how normally shrill Lamont is rather more quiet now that we understand that Tommy Morrison is setting up a rival Glasgow Labour party after their near disasterous budget the other day.

  6. CH: you are quiet right. This business in Glasgow of "unsuitable" Labour councillors being deselected from London whether for the right reasons i.e. useless party placemen on the take or the wrong reasons i.e. don't fit in with the new Labour (or whetevr its called now) model from London, is or should be the responsability of Lamont now that she is the new super all singing all dancing all in charge leader in Scotland. Maybe she should reconsider her career path and go for panto....Jimmy can maybe give her a few pointers...swinging too is she is lucky.

  7. cynical..
    That's the BBC song as well. Not a peep from them re the Glesga cesspit.

    Whitney went out on a 'high' and the Rollers have done a tune for her...

    Mr Costner last seen queuing at the broo.