Sunday, 19 February 2012


Winnie Ewing is now 83 and looking forward to the referendum in 2014 but has  in the wake of Mr Cameron's speech in Edinburgh, warned against empty Tory promises.
She said:

"When I heard David Cameron say last week that if people voted No to independence in the referendum, then he would deliver more powers for Scotland, my mind went back immediately to the scandal of 1979 when Scotland was cheated out of a parliament.

"In February 1979, just days before the devolution referendum, former Conservative Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home told Scots that if they voted against the assembly then on offer, a future Tory Government would deliver a better scheme.  And we know fine what happened. 
“Scotland actually did vote Yes - though not in sufficient numbers because of the infamous 40 per cent rule - but we didn't get a parliament.  Instead, we got Margaret Thatcher - and 18 long years of a Tory government Scotland didn't vote for.
"I was a very good friend of Alec Douglas-Home. I would meet him when we were both MPs, on the Terrace of the House of Commons in the morning, where we would both draft our speeches to be made later in the day. We would often exchange jokes that we would include in Burns Supper speeches. 
“It was on one of these informal occasions that he once said to me: 'Winnie, I am a nationalist in my heart but not my head'. I remember that I replied to him quoting Burns: 'The herts aye the pert that aye maks us richt or wrang'. So we got on very well. And, therefore, I am sure that he himself was sincere at the time when he made this promise to Scotland, to deliver a better Bill. But of course the promise was never fulfilled by the Tories, and unfortunately Alec's name will forever be associated with this breach of faith by his party.
"So let's not have a repeat of history, and not be gulled by empty promises from David Cameron.

"When Alex Salmond comes forward with the referendum in autumn 2014, grab with both hands the opportunity for Scotland to become an equal and independent nation.  Alec Douglas-Home offered Scotland "jam tomorrow" in 1979 - and we got 18 wasted years.

"Scotland has another opportunity to take a step forward - and I'd advise the people of Scotland to trust themselves, not Mr Cameron."


  1. tris

    SO Whats all the hullabaloo over Devo max eh? eh?

    I mean its all right an failed elderly lady in her dottage going on about the olden days.

    But Alex seems hell bent on thwarting any yes/no Referendum today

  2. "Scotland has another opportunity to take a step forward - and I'd advise the people of Scotland to trust themselves, not Mr Cameron."

    I agree with that statement, Scotland should to remove itself from the Union as soon as possible.

    The LibLabCon are nothing but a treasonous cabal these days, so watch your backs folks.

    My own allegiance is to England, at least 19 generations of English stock I can trace - and that pre-dates this political union.

    Good luck


  3. A very nice woman is Winnie I met her back in 78 when she came to my house to discuss impending redundancies we were having. I hope she lives to see an independent Scotland which she has fought for with every fibre of her body.

    Anger at LibDems over Devo secrecy ruling

    LIBERAL Democrat ministers have been accused of hypocrisy after blocking the release, under Freedom of Information law (FoI), of cabinet papers showing early splits over devolution.

    Those involved:

    Gordon Brown; Malcolm Chisholm; Tom Clarke; Robin Cook; Alistair Darling; Donald Dewar; George Foulkes; Sam Galbraith; Helen Liddell; Calum MacDonald; Michael Martin; John McFall; Henry McLeish; John Reid; George Robertson; Nigel Griffiths; Adam Ingram; Gavin Strang; Brian Wilson; and Tony Worthington.

  4. So Niko, my wee mate, in what way exactly in Winnie a failed lady? You see, I've always thought of her as a bit of success. Madame Ecosse. The first speaker of the new parliament, a courageous fighter for her country, and a woman who has friends across the parties and is generally respected by all as a person who has contributed to Scottish politics.

    A bit like Donald Dewar, of whom Alex spoke with fondness and respect.

    It doesn't have to be cross party battles all the time.

    As for devo max, well opinion poll after opinion poll puts it as what people really want.

    It's not what I want, clearly not what Winnie wants, also not what Alex wants. You know the guy is like any other; he has ambition. As much as Cameron doesn't want to be the man who loses Scotland, Alex does want to be the guy who makes it free.

    If we have devo max in '14, we will be free in 10 years. So, if I have to live with it, I can.

  5. Steve,

    Hello, welcome to Munguin's Republic and thanks for your contribution, and for your kind wished.

    I agree about the cabal. There's not much to chose from in the UK political field. There's no care, no compassion, no vision, no intelligence.

    The Tories are the worst, Labour are just behind them and the Liberals have lost the plot, being part of the wrecking coalition, kicking all their principles into the rough and clinging to little concessions that the Tories throw them. Cameron himself is so lightweight it's a wonder he hasn't floated away.

    I'd be hard pressed to find someone to vote for if I liven in England (as I have done in my childhood).

    I suspect England might find itself freer if we did split.

    I hope you'll post again.


  6. I've never met her CH, but I've heard she's lovely. I'm sure she will be there to see an independent Scotland.

    As for the Liberals use of the veto. Pffffff. I imagine that the press will continue to speculate what was in the papers; who fell out with whom over what.

    It might have been more sensible to let the papers out, seeing as the commissioner says that they are in the public interest. And if the hypocrites get red faces, who cares?

    The likelihood is that what the press will imagine (and what people will pick up) will be worse than what ACTUALLY happened.

    Looking at some of the old goats they have in that list, I think it will be pretty tame, probably comedic, given that Geordie Ffoulkes, Michael Martin and George Robertson are involved.

    There must be a worry that their petty squabbling will be a little "infra dignitatus" given that they now find themselves in the posh boys' retirement home!

  7. Ah Winnie. I remember being her meet-and-greeter when she came to stay locally for something. She arrived by car driven by her driver.

    We unpacked her belongings and suddenly she said (something like) "Where's the wee case?" and turned to her driver asking if he'd seen it. No was his answer.

    A phone call later resulted in her saying to her driver "I'm afwy sorry but you'll have to go and pick it up. It's essential." The driver had to drive all the way back north, return then go home - a trip of around 500 miles.

    Curious, I asked her what was so urgent about the 'wee case' and could I help. "It's my makeup" she replied.

    A woman after my own heart. :)

  8. Bless her, SR.

    I was waiting for the end of that story hoping desperately it wasn't vodka, or crack.... Arghhhh...

  9. The notion that you need to be an independent 'nation-state' to register in world affairs demonstrates a MASSIVE overestimation in the importance of nation-states ad traditional concepts of government institutions!

  10. tris @ 10:48 said:

    'I hope you'll post again.'

    Thank you, I will.

    The point you made, that 'England might find itself freer if we did split' is I'm afraid not likely.

    The socialist British Labour Party has already gone back to the idea of an England of 'regions'. This is about power and the massive self-interest contained therein.

    The Tories, sans Scotti, will do everything they can to preserve the term 'British' - which as you know conflates Britain with England, and vice versa.

    The Liberal Democrats will remain irrelevant.

    Post 2014 the real battle will be England - could get bloody. My hope is that the Scots are well out of it before then which will allow the English to deal firmly with the triators in Westminster.


  11. Dean, Scotland currently has no say on the world stage. That is taken care of by the UK, or England, in the case of EU matters regarding, for example, farming and fishing. Scots ministers are not involved.

    Neither was any minister from Scotland involved in the Libya situation as the invitation to the Scots minister was withdrawn.

  12. Steve:

    You paint a dismal picture of an England without Scotland...well much the same as it would be WITH Scotland actually.

    I think the English need to do something radical with their politics.

    I certainly agree that what you have at the moment is three pretty near identical self serving slaves of big business with no understanding whatsoever of what life is about outside the public school, Oxbridge, Westminster bubble.

  13. Is there any truth in the rumour that we will have to pay to see the limpik torch when it's brought north for the peasants to worship ? Maybe they will put a screen around it and the ticketholders will be able to lift the cover for a wee peek ?
    They're blocking off the sea in England so you can't see the sailing for free. Ditto the roads for the cycling and it's £10 to sit in a park in Londonistan.
    How much will taxpayers fork out for this drug fuelled waste of time ?

  14. We wont fall for the "jam tomorrow" syndrome again!

    David Cameron has proven that he is a vacuous non-entity that says anything to get his short term aims sorted out. Why on earth would we trust him?

    And now Alistair Darling has changed his mind and wants to play a major part in the unionist campaign (someone has clearly had a word in his shell-like and promised him a sinecure somewhere). He started off by totally agreeing with Cameron in the "jam tomorrow" gambit. If we all vote "no" we can have what’s in the box; might be devo-max, might be a cow pat in ther shape of Margaret Thatcher.......we wont know till after we have voted no. Take your pick!

  15. Oh I do hope so Monty. I can just imagine loads of Scots queueing up to pay a tenner to watch the torch.

    I wonder if we'd get out money back if it rained and it went out?

    I'm not sure if they have enough people who want to carry it here.

    Another dog's breakfast.

    You'd seriously think that with all the disruption and mayhem that this farrago is going to cause in London the least they could do is let people see it on the big screen for free. personally I'm not bothered; you'd have to pay me to go anywhere near London while this nonsense is taking it over.

  16. Aye good old Darling Alistair.

    A seat in the House of Lords for Mr Darling if he takes Mr Cameron's part in Jocklandshire.

    Alistair Darling, the acceptable face of the Tory party in Scotland.

    Don't you just love Dave's lucky dip. He must have got the idea from the Tory Ladies' Circle Tombola. Roll up, roll up... round and round and round she goes; where she stops nobody knows.

  17. Still no flies on Winnie eh!, what a grand piece of advice should be heard all over Scotland..."18 wasted years, I would go further and add the 13 (it was 13 wasn't it) that Liebore tacked onto it thereafter...get thee gone Scotland and stand on your own two feet, the exiles are your history given you by the English, you now have the chance to right those ancient wrongs and determine for yourselves your own future in this world!

  18. He nom, only just saw this..

    Winnie's wonderful.

    And that's damned good advice from you too.