Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Il neige en Algérie...

Alors que l'ensemble de l'Europe a été marquée ces derniers jours par un épisode sibérien, le Maghreb a aussi été surpris par de violentes chutes de neiges. L'Algérie, paralysée en partie ce week-end, déneige lentement les zones devenues inaccessibles et constate les conséquences des rares intempéries dans cette région. A Mascara, au nord du pays, la neige a totalement recouvert la ville le 4 février. © menosultra

Whist we in Scotland have been enjoying spring weather, wandering around town in t-shirts and light jackets, in Algeria there have been falls of snow which have paralysed parts of the country, making it inaccessible. The link takes you to a series of photographs of what is a pretty rare occurrence.


  1. It's global warming. Didn't you believe Al Gore?

  2. No SR. :). He's a politician. I didn't believe him. He doubtless had a money making agenda.

    What I do think is that it is unusual though... the same as the fact that I'm wandering around outside in t-shirts and jeans, and quite a few lads are even in shorts.

    I also think it's unusual that in May last year I had to rope down the garden arch because winds were threatening to carry it off, as they were doing with table parasols.

    Or that we had 6 weeks last winter when snow lay on the ground...

    It's maybe not global warming but it's different.

    This is weird weather.

  3. You do know that the notiuon of CLimate Change means that the weather gets screwed, not that we're all slightly warmed?

  4. Yes Anon. I realise that if the polar ice and the Greenland ice are melting, the strength or force of the Labrador current could have an effect upon the gulf stream. The effect of which might be that warmth and moisture it brings, may move farther south.

    Global climate change could mean Scotland getting very much colder without that warming influence.

    But as I've often said, anyone who isn't a climatologist is simply speculating. I'd guess that the climatologist are guessing too...

  5. Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction. Remove highly concentrated CO2 buried underground to then release it into the atmosphere has to have an effect by increasing the tog value restricting the sun's radiated heat from escaping our world.


    GEOID wiki

    This winter's temperatures up here are at least 10 degs warmer than what we can expect as normal. I don't know if any of you have noticed how local weather has become more and more localised in that one can drive through rain, dry, rain, dry within a shortening distance. Unusual climatic events were forecast years ago as the climate warmed just like water in a warming saucepan on a hot stove it becomes more and more agitated as it heat up.

  6. Tris

    This article might not be about snow but it is certainly raining on the unionist parade.


    P.S. Sent the list of the 32 North British MPs who voted for further privatisation of the health service in England.

  7. Its the end of days coming soon.........

    The beast rises from the sea(which is metaphor for Politics)

    Well wonder what First minister that could be?????

  8. tris

    that is why it is called weather; it changes all the time.

    Always has done and always will do, with or without us.

  9. jeez Niko

    You should emigrate to the States, plenty of fundamental nutters there to make you look almost normal.

    When is Greece going to jump out of the €; after the next €130 billion probably.

    Maybe get a deck chair there soon and less than the Turkish price.
    any connections there

    Got any connections there, for real?

    Good luck to them I say.

  10. Y'see CH, once we start talking in that kind of equations, this bloke here is so completely lost that he's more or less given up the will to live!

    But yes. I think you put it far more clearly.

  11. Excellent article Dubs.

    I think I will keep it and use it.

    love the bulldog story... ha ha ha it's head is too big for it to actually exist without help in being born... ace.

    Haven't got that list though...

  12. Niko, it's probably Ian Paisley... it sounds like him.

  13. Yeah Wolfie. I wish we jump out of the pound...

  14. Tris

    Full list of Scottish Labour MPs who voted for further privatisation of the NHS in England. No wonder people ask the "West Lothian question"

    The following 32 Scottish Labour MPs voted on Monday 16th January 2012

    Sarwar, Anas - Deputy Leader of Scottish Labour
    Curran, Margaret - Shadow Scottish Secretary
    Alexander, Douglas
    Bain, William
    Banks, Gordon
    Begg, Dame Anne
    Brown, Russell
    Clark, Katy
    Clarke, Tom
    Docherty, Thomas
    Donohoe, Brian H.
    Doran, Frank
    Doyle, Gemma
    Gilmore, Sheila
    Greatrex, Tom
    Harris, Tom
    Jamieson, Cathy
    Joyce, Eric
    McGovern, Jim
    McKechin, Ann
    McKenzie, Iain
    Morrice, Graeme
    Murphy, Jim
    Murray, Ian
    Nash, Pamela
    O'Donnell, Fiona
    Osborne, Sandra
    Robertson, John
    Roy, Frank
    Roy, Lindsay
    Sheridan, Jim
    Teller - David Hamilton

  15. Thanks Dubs:

    They are voting for something that the people of England don't want; they are voting for something that the English medical people don't want. It's damn all to do with them.

    I wonder what they hope is that the privatisation will mean that the English government has to spend much less on the NHS in England, so the Consequential for Scotland will be reduced, leaving our proper health service in tatters... and they can blame it on the nationalists.

    If it's not the above, there must be another reason for them doing it. They are such a pile of devious right wing crap. Maybe they all bought shares in the companies that will make billions out of the taxpayers....

    ...or maybe they are trying to persuade Cameron that they would make good Tory MPs at the next election, because Milly and Lamont are so utterly useless that labour will disappear.

    These names need publicising...

  16. Aye CH: That's brilliant too....

    Let's put the link on the other story.