Thursday, 1 March 2012


Well, that's good. Fortunately for all of us there will be no more languishing on the dole.

Mr Cameron has said so.
Parliament, you see (that's the one in England), has passed the Welfare Reform Bill. And despite the fact that the House of Lords again rejected it, Cameron and his little helper Nick Clegg, got round it  by calling it a financial bill, and in so doing took any little power the upper house had to stop the progress of the bill to the palace.

Now exactly how they managed (with help from Labour, I might add) to conclude that this was a "finance bill" is not quite clear. Of course it involves payment of a lot of money, but so does going to war, building nuclear power stations, deciding to fork out £25 billion for the Olympics... yet they are not financial bills. So, a crafty piece of fleet of foot from the master of deception, the git wizard himself David Blaine Cameron.

The aim of the bill is to make work pay, says their beloved leader. Right! First question: what work? There are nearly 3 million people officially unemployed, there are very many more who have recently be thrown out of work by Cameron's policies, and who would rather chew their feet off than go anywhere near the dreadful Jobcentre Minus in order to get a miserable pittance, and a dose of gratuitous stupidity and ineptitude by their badly trained staff. (I've worked there and was given just over an hour's training before being let loose on the public with absolutely no knowledge whatsoever, and I've heard staff recommending claimants, sorry, customers, to do ridiculously wrong things.) 

Added to this, every day there are more people being laid off as companies close. And then there are all the sick and dying that Cameron's friends at ATOS are throwing on to the dole. So with something like 6 or 7 million people out of work, and with around 200,000 vacancies (some of which may be for a couple of hours a week), how exactly is he going to make work pay? 

It seems that it hasn't occurred to him that for work to pay there will have to be a simple but utterly essential element, which is, at present, missing.

He refuses to tackle the low wages; he refuses to tackle the high rents. Instead he makes it almost impossible for people to live on the money that they will receive.

Well, bless him. Many of the effects of this bill won't be felt in the poorer areas of the country. No one will be anywhere near the limits laid down in the bill in most of Scotland, North England, Wales or Northern Ireland. The people being thrown out of their homes will be in London and the surrounding towns. 

So for all the people who will find themselves homeless in London and the South this year, I believe a good place to camp out and do some begging will be where all these rich visitor will be congregated. 

Around these stadia in the East end of London would be the perfect place for a beggars village.

Incidentally, I read the story over at the Torygraph, and I scoped the first page of comments. It hadn't gone down well, even with the faithful.

You should have a look at this, as CH points out in his first comment:


  1. I think the word is feudalism or corporatism.

    First 12mins.

  2. I think it's both.

  3. Treacle down economics only works if people wish to tolerate disgusting gaps between rich and poorest.

    I believe the Brits have had just about as much as they wish to stomach of the income divide!

  4. I suppose, Dean, there are those who would say... if I start a successful company, and it's making more money than Croesus, then I can issue myself some gold coins!

    The Workfare woman managed to give herself £8 million + while some of her staff were making around £17,000. That was her prerogative. It was her company. (Of course now they are looking at exactly how she managed to make that money.)

    The trickle down is, I suppose, the fact that she bought a lot of stuff, and kept businesses going by injecting her massive salary into them in one way or another.

    But as you say, that didn't mean that these businesses could suddenly pay their people massive amounts.

    It's interesting that, as we highlighted some time ago on this blog (thanks again to one of our readers), the results of a piece of academic work looking at the differences between countries in the developed world which had large or small differences between rich and poor.

    Regardless how the equality was reached (largely equal salaries [Japan], or diverse levels of remuneration but top-up under social security [Sweden], the closer the income levels, the better the society.

    Britain was, as you might expect, near the most unequal, along with its boss, the USA. It also had more crime, more prisoners and more unhappiness.


  5. Ah, Tris, when I first looked at the photo I thought the guy on the left was that first-class bastard, if ever I met one, called Cecil Parkinson, who was rescued from utter humiliation by the upper classes, legal and political, protecting one of their own and then I realised it might be the only actor ever in a film with less intelligence than his co-star.

    Incidentally, can I congratulate you and Munguin on your well-deserved elevation in the blogging ranks - the swines deserted me again - and it just goes to show that having Niko adding his comments enhances a blog and indeed enhances the prospect of independence.

    However, the bad news is that after this week my travelling day are over and I'm returning to my first love - no, not Cutie Cathy - but what I actually qualified to do so I'll be able to contribute more often to your blog and mine - that should send you back down in the ratings!

  6. tris

    Yeah! well its alright for Cameron to get up on his 'High Horse'

    (the one lent to Besty mate becky Brooks by the Met who then lent it to Cameron and since then the poor Nag died and was sent to a glue factory a very sad and sticky end)

    And pontificate about things he hasn't a clue about and never will.
    Like most of the Tory Elite


    we really must hammer Cameron over the horse fiasco I mean comedy Gold so it is ha ha ha

  7. Ah John... Nice to see you back. Cecil it is, I believe. (I'm not sure about the actor reference; perhaps you could explain)

    I should say that he is the Noble Lord Parkinson of Someone Else's Bed. He was elevated to the aristocracy for his services to shagging. (Sorry Mama, but it's true. I mean he did sod all else of any merit.)

    The one in the front who looks like he might be having a coronary is, methinks, none other than Denis, the odious old racist. He too was elevated to the aristocracy, by his wife, for services to being a husband, and opening bottles of booze most probably supplied by us.

    He actually managed to bag himself an hereditary title, although it was no longer the done thing to award them to anyone outside of the Windsor clan. I imagine that this was because the sainted Margaret wanted her useless tosser of a criminal son to have some sort of title, and as he was unlikely to manage to get a house point never mind a knighthood off his own bat, he really had to get one off another old bat.

    (They tend not to award titles for starting coups in African countries it seems.)

    I don't know who the rest of the evil looking get together are; nor do I know what they are laughing at, but I bet it was something unpleasant.


  8. continued....

    Thank you for you kind congratulations. I am delighted to know that you will have more time to contribute to blogging.

    Hopefully you'll be able to do what you are trained for on your beautiful island!!

    I can only say that I am also proud to have Niko as a contributor, and I'm sure that it does enhance the standing of the blog... (I have to say that, he might be reading this, you see!)

    Do you ever see the lovely Cathie these days? I see she was sidelined by Ed in favour of that bitter old trout Curren.

  9. Niko. They already started the comedy on Cameron and his horse. If you listen to "The Now Show" (Punt and Dennis) on Radio 4 (Tomorrow, Sat, at 12.30) They use it as a running gag.

  10. Ha ha ha ha Niko. Epic. He just can’t help himself can he? The only qualification that idiot has for being prime minister is that he went to Eton and Oxford. He is a talentless loser.

    I love the line: Cameron, who cultivates an image of middle class normality (er, like hell he does), will be horrified at the way the episode links him to a lethal cocktail of urban journalistic cynicism, patrician country pursuits, police corruption and Downing Street evasion. (Why would he be horrified? It’s what he is all about!)

    The we have: "He has no recollection of ever going riding with Rebekah Brooks." (Shades of Ronald Reagan).
    But by late on Thursday night, Cameron's memory was refocusing. So we got: "It is highly possible that he was on that horse. It is likely that he rode that horse."
    Then we got: "Let me shed some light on it. I have known Charlie Brooks, the husband of Rebekah Brooks for over 30 years, and he is a good friend. He is a neighbour in the constituency, we live a few miles . "Before the election I did go riding with him. He has a number of different horses and yes one of them was this former police horse Raisa, which I did ride."
    So why didn’t you just tell us that in the first place you lying old git.
    I liked the Guardian headline... but typically they had to spell something wrong:
    Cameron tries to close stable door after Rebebak Brooks horse story has bolted

  11. I was trying to figure out the names myself. But I only know three of them. Too bad that Bonzo is not there to round out the group...LOL.

  12. You're doing better than I am, Danny. I only got these two.

    I reckon Bozo would have been there but it was his bedtime!

  13. Either that of he found the company to be distasteful...

  14. The only one I knew other than the presidents is the guy to the left of Bush -- Ed Meese, one of the old California hands who ended up in the cabinet as Attorney General.

  15. PS: Bonzo would have fit in with that group just fine. :-)

  16. Oh Lordy, is that Bush the elder; the one who's head looks too big for him? And is that Reagan? I thought it was Cecil Parkinson. Just shows how much I know about old politicians... ha ha ha.

  17. I get what John was on about actors now...

    Erm, how dim am I?

    Maybe Bonzo and I should get together...

  18. LOL....well, all politicians look pretty similar. And the Reagan administration was young here. Yes, the big headed guy in Bush the elder during his VP days. The other guys look familiar, but I can't put names with the faces other than Meese.

  19. Just found the names. From Reagan clockwise, Walter Cronkite (famous TV newsman), Jim Brady (almost hidden, press secretary shot and almost killed in the assassination attempt), David Gergen (advisor), Ed Meese (various posts and Attorney General), Bush, James Baker (Chief of staff, and later Secretary of Treasury and Secretary of State), and in front, Bud Benjamin (TV news producer). At the White House in 1981.

    I wish I really knew what they were laughing about....LOL.

  20. Jeez. I feel a bit stupid now. I was sure that that was Cecil Parkinson and Denis Thatcher. I didn't recognise any of them apart from that.

    Clearly John had Reagan sussed and you managed to find everyone's name, Danny. Well done mate.

    Oh well, I'm just too young to know all these things... :) I'll go back to my building blocks!!!

  21. Well Tris, I can't claim any special knowledge or ability. It took a while, even with the help of Google.....LOL.

  22. Dean said..

    "Treacle down economics only works if people wish to tolerate disgusting gaps between rich and poorest"

    Is this the best that Stirling University can produce ?
    Treacle is produced by Lyles and is a black sticky sweet substance.

    Dean. Here's some help with your grammar in case you manage get on the EUSSR gravy train for incompetent people....

    Trickle down economics only works if people are happy to tolerate the disgusting gap between the richest and the poorest in our society.

  23. Throbber: I'm sure my granny talked about treacling down, as in the way that treacle spread on top of a pudding would run down the side...

    Mind you, I'm one to talk, given that I mistook Ronnie Reagan for Cecil Parkinson, and Bud Benjamin for Denis Thatcher...

  24. Ahhh Google, Danny. What would we do without it?

  25. tris

    Cameron just misremembered the incident................

  26. This the horse incident, that he forgot he'd been involved in, Niko?

    Yeah, then he misspoke and altogether he's a mistake.

    You'd think that if he's too thick to realise it, at least someone who is still on his staff (after them resigning and all) would have the savvy to realise that by now the man is marked.

    The press are after every little thing. He denies it; they dig. They don't have to dig far.

    He can't understand that they don't take his word as an old Etonian and a gentleman....

  27. Tris, what happened to my darling Sophia, one minute she was talking to me and then she vanished? As you're nearer than me can you find out?

  28. Brownlie

    Sophie is a Nationalist so she is a 'SLAG' she waited and waited for you but ya! didnt turn up..
    Feeing all neglected she being a 'SLAG' went off wid a goodlooking Unionist with a big Knob and why not.
    not sure why you would take a door knob around wid you but heigh ho!.

    anyways Sophie is all love up wid anothe and you oly have yerself to blame ...

  29. Oi Niko!

    I'll not have a word said against Sophia, who is the sweetest in the land. Unlike your good self!

  30. I dunno John...

    Sophia has popped in here from time to time to brighten up my day, but she's not been around for a while. I hope she's OK.

    If you're looking in Mrs P, give us a shout out to let us know you're OK...

  31. I've left a message on Shootin fae the Shin, John.