Thursday, 8 March 2012


The SNP is holding its spring conference on Saturday and Sunday, 10th and 11th March, at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow.
On the first day of the conference, the deputy leader, Nicola Sturgeon, will take part in a live BBC webcast in which she will answer questions from the public.
If you want to ask a question, email
Type "webchat questions" in the message field of your email.
You can watch the one-to-one, half-hour interview on Saturday via BBC Scotland's politics website.
And remember this is the BBC, Labour's in-house magazine and broadcasting service. They won't go easy on her or only pick the soft option questions. It should be good. 


  1. Ask Nichola? You do all know what her nickname is in the (admittedly filthy) Tory back benches?

  2. Nichola?? Do the Tories even know how to spell her real name?? Is Niko on the Tory back-benches?

  3. Dean, I did hear a rumour about that at one time, but I trust the members of the Tory back benches, having elected Ruth, will have carefully reconsidered that.

  4. Hello John,

    How's the highlands?

    I've not heard anything back from Sophia and I'm a bit worried. She always responds to anything written on her blog.

    You tried her on Twitter?

  5. Hello Conan,

    We don't often have the pleasure of your company these days. How's the doags?

    I heard they used to call her "the dyke", but I bet they don't risk that one any more. Not if they want to get on in life.

  6. tris,

    That's terrible - if she was the dyke I could be the little Dutch boy.

    I'm not in the Highlands, I'm in the islands - Harris to be precise. Do you like my photo of the Northern Lights taken from ma wee hoose?

    Sophia is still on Twitter so I guess she's okay. I did twit her but as yet have had no reply.

    I see Conan's on twitter as well -they let anyone on, nowadays.

  7. Dear Nicola are you not aware basin style haircuts went out of style in the 1950s........

    Oh yeah Nicola nick name is....@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@ min@@ piece.....fecking disgusting and sexist and antiscottish wimin

  8. off to a northern soul doo bye see you next week

  9. Tris, got a reply from Sophia - she appears to be in the pink!

  10. Sorry John, this lowlander, wasn't aware that the islands weren't in the highlands, if you know what I mean. Yes I knew you were on an island. Lucky sod.

    Brilliant news about Sophia. Much relieved to hear it.

    It's true that they let anyone on Twitter these days. I've met the strangest people there.

    I think, however, that they drew the line when Niko put in an application....

    Still as the Tories know... just when you've drawn a line in the sand, and been supported by your "followers" in doing it, you can find yourself overruled by some posh bloke from Eton... "et la mer efface sur le sable, les "lignes" des "parties" the song so nearly goes.

  11. PS: I do rather like your Northern Lights. Did you get that photograph on the day of the solar storm?

    Anyway. Most impressive.

  12. Niko: Your posts make more sense when you write them in symbols. ;¬)

    Have a great Northern Soul weekend...See you next week indeed!

    It's a Sign of the Times!!

  13. Northern soul Niko is going hame and taking Brian Donohoe to speak to Labour's bosom buddies in Troon.

  14. Tris,
    Have just been looking through Niko's old posts, to see if I could find any sense in just one, and have just noticed one where he called me an old bastard, prone to floppiness in the lower regions, and find that you called it his best post ever.

    Your Mum has been informed and I understand there'll be a loss of pocket-money and grounding. She was going to forbid you to see your friends but could not find any. Perhaps you could give Dean a ring - given his inclinations (politically I hasten to add) he's bound to be lonely.

  15. PS: Who was that old bat in your previous column?

  16. Hmmm. I see some people don't recognise sarcasm or irony or whatever it was when it jumps up and batters their coupon.

    Yes... it's hard to stop pocket money when you don't get any, and as you rightly observe, there are no friends to forbid me seeing... just you and Sophia....well, just Sophia now, and she's got Mr Pangloss. [sigh].

    Why else would I be sitting in on a Friday night preparing moving furniture so I can start the painting tomorrow, when I should be out having fun?

    Hmmm Old bat, is it? Just because you've fallen out with me there's no need to to take it out on Petula. (Oh yeah, and it says her name on the videos...)

  17. Dear Nicola
    Do your curtains match your rug ?

  18. Dear Nicola

    Do you think it would be an excellent idea to offer Fred the Shred the job of running the new Ecowackery Investment Bank in Edinburgh ? Given his track record of wasting billions of pounds on hopeless causes wouldn't he be the perfect candidate to spend the £3Bn on the bottomless pit that is the global warming scam ?

  19. Monty,
    There is no sign of feckin global warming up here - it's bloody freezing even with the whisky-fuelled central heating.

  20. Come on John. Keep up with the programme. Cold weather is due to global warming as well ( ditto hot/ wet/ dry / windy/ calm/ drought / flood/ ) You call it the global warming scammers will claim it.

  21. Monty---------------------Bet Niko and these feckin unionists have diverted the Gulf Stream away from my beloved islands - even my palm tress are withering and my avocados are shriveling up!

    Still, karaoke night tonight - my impression of Peggie Lee or the other one will go down a storm. Don't sleep on the subway, darling!!!

  22. I wouldn't put anything past those Unionists John. Probably diverted the Gulf Stream along the French Channel to keep the water warm for the Olympics. Then they will blame it on global warming.
    Sorry to hear about your avocados shrivelling up. Is that because you all wear kilts up there ?

  23. God help the islanders.

    Lordy but I'm fed up with paint!

    Talking about water and Olympics... if it doesn't rain soon there won't be an Olympics, because they won't have any water... Now wouldn't that be a pity? What with it costing £25 billion of out money and all.

    You've no business growing avocados. You should stick to oats. It was good enough for your grandfather, it should be good enough for you. Avocados, I ask you.

  24. It occurred to me CH, as I read that, that I wouldn't have thought that Cameron would have had the right to go around inviting people to make speeches at the Scottish Conservative conference...

    I thought that was down to the Scottish Tories and their leader Ms Davidson. Clearly I was, yet again, wrong.

    You just never know where you are with these supposedly independent Scottish Parties that DON'T take their order from London.

    Just like Johann Lamont NOT dealing with the SCOTTISH mp that battered seven bells out of some poor Tory in front of the Speaker of the Canadian parliament.

  25. PS Thanks for the live stream...

    Anyone see Alex's speech?... I was painting.