Sunday, 4 March 2012


This is Labour's Shadow Defence Secretary being tied in knots by Brillo, despite quoting almost word for word what his leader (or is she?) said in her speech. It seems, though, that Johann Lamont (sadly neither Andrew nor Jim  seems able to pronounce her name correctly) will lead the campaign against "separation". 

But perhaps not on television, because according to Spud, it is the BBC that decides who will do that. Now I'd heard (and seen) that the Beeb and the Labour party in Scotland were more of less one and the same thing, but really? The BBC chooses who leads campaigns?!

You might be interested to know that, according to Mr Murphy, Mr Cameron won't be playing a leading role in the campaign. This is probably because Mr Murphy refuses to share a platform with him. 

So, can we look forward to him sharing that platform with Ruth Davidson?

If this is supposed to be one of Labour's hard hitters, I'd suggest that they will have to rely on the Conservatives to put someone forward to make the case for the union.

Oh, and did anyone notice... not a single word about the Shadow Scottish Secretary. Does Mr Murphy know something we don't about Maggie's future?


  1. How did someone from Glasgow ever become La-Mont? Apart from sounding ridiculous it affords her an air of refinement she could only have dreamed of She hasn't been as quick off the mark as stairhead in trying to cover up (unsuccessfully) her Glasgow accent As for Danny I heard him the other day and barely recognised the voice Why do these people feel the need to try and distance themselves from their mother tongue?
    J.Murphy definitely had the p*** taken out of him by A.Neil,somehow I don't think he even realised

  2. tris

    See Lard arse the First Fat man of Scotland is firing the starting gun on the BBC screw the Scottish very democratic

    Apparently he is for Independence hard to tell these days

  3. Ah Niko, we are always sure of your words of wit and sanitary.

    Have a good one.

    Carry on and keep it up.

  4. I did notice Jim's slip of the tongue when he accused AS of acting like the King of Scotland. He's been under the thumb of the English for far too long. There has never been a King of Scotland as he never owned the land he was always: King of Scots. What do you expect from a Unionist.

  5. O/T but

    A financial based blog is quoting Andrew Neil to the effect that Rupe Murdoch was in Edinburgh and AS to discus the possibility of Sky moving there.

    Cue Niko frothing at the mouth as he strains to free himself from his restraints.

  6. Fair:

    I noticed that John Humphries, when he fried her on the Today programme, twice pronounced it La MONT, and corrected to LAmont on both occasions. He, of course, is Welsh and has an excuse (there are some Welsh names I'd prefer not to pronounce). Both Neil and Spud are supposed to be Scottish.

    I don't know why these people feel the need to anglify themselves, except it has been the fashion ever since the English started coming to Edinburgh and laughing at the Scots language, making it second rate.

    Mind you they did that everywhere they went.

  7. Niko pet, calm down. You've spelt wrong, you're in such a state. You know it's not good for you to get so upset.

    I'm sure that the first minister knows what he is doing.

    He usually does.

  8. Bless him, Wolfie. He does his best to entertain us.

  9. Ged: They do that sort of thing.

    They assume English values, English titles, and David Cameron, in Edinburgh for his speech on the union, used a lectern with the royal crest for England.

    I wish they'd get it into their heads that we are not SCOTLANDSHIRE

  10. Wolfie:

    I detest Murdoch and I hate his right wing press/TV, but if he's bringing jobs to Edinburgh (or Glasgow), I'm all for it.

    BTW, I hear Lamont made a monkey of herself over Murdoch at FMQ, and was spread all over the chamber floor.


  11. So who is courting Rupert now?

  12. See that would-be "shagger" Brillo has a notch on his bed-post at last and a comprehensive shagging at that.

  13. Talking about Labour's new policies, "You will read it first in The Sun." said Mr Miliband.

    Maybe the Sun is deserting the Tories in London, again.

    Well, I hope Lamentable is careful about how she approaches the subject from now on!!!.... but she's not a fast learner!

  14. Very much so John. Spud was like a rank amateur there... as always!

  15. PS: If Tris's Mum is reading these comments please excuse the inelegant language - I've been reading too many of Niko's comments and I really cannot stand Brillo or Murphy.

  16. I'm sure that Tris's mum will forgive you you inelegance, John. (As long as you get her a crate of Guinness, that is!)