Tuesday, 6 March 2012


If ever there was a bunch of second raters, full of bitterness because their fiefdom is falling apart, this was it.

They have been  rumbled by Scottish voters at long last and they don't like it.

Look at the miserable face on Curren, and how ridiculous is that finance spokesman MacIntosh? No wonder we'd never heard of him before the leadership elections.

When are they going to get someone that isn't just brimming with bitterness?


  1. Not bitter at all. More amused.

    Let's face it, to describe them as second rate would be praise indeed.

    Now I'm sure they are all nice people. I met, and spent time with Maggie Curren, when she was a minister in the government and she was a pleasant agreeable woman who showed what seemed to be a genuine interest in what we were doing.

    But at least since the night of Labour's wipeout, and probably since Labour lost power in Edinburgh she has been disagreeable and waspish.

    Mr MacIntosh may be a nice person too, but he sounds lost in his brief, and his presentational powers are appalling. I can see why he was rejected as leader.

    Anas Sarwar seems a bit nearer the mark, but in Westminster like most with any talent in Labour. (Mr Chisholm apart.)

    And all they all do is carp about what the SNP is doing wrong. As for what they will actually do themselves... all you get is a set of trite catch phrases... "we lost the election, but we didn't lose our values" which translates in reality as..."vote for the budget or your disabled son will be sacked".

    And in this new Pro-Scotland, Scottish Labour Party, Johann Lamont is in charge of all things Scottish... but Ed Miliband acts immediately (and correctly) to get rid of Eric Joyce. Where was Mrs Lamont?

    No. It's not bitter. I've nothing to be bitter about. It's never easy to be in government as Labour knows perfectly well, having been there. But this government is doing alright, for all that.

    The easy job is opposition.

    But even then, there is supposed to be more to opposition than simply opposing. It's not good enough to say "whatever it is, I'm against it".

    And there has to be something more positive than that you will fight for the people who have no voice, when you don't... and when the government does.

    And as for implementing the Tory cuts: we all know that it's meant to appeal to people who don't analyse deeply, but even Brian Taylor, no friend of the SNP, on the BBC, also no friend of the SNP, was incredulous... as earlier was Brillo.

    Must do better.

  2. Tris

    I found it incredible that Curran spoke about building more council houses.

    She must have forgotten that when Labour were in power at Holyrood they built six council houses in eight years.

    Theres another Labour selective memory over at Labour Hame.

    Ann McKechin has an article,

    "NHS reforms will impact on Scotland too"

    I left a comment that only last month 32 Scottish Labour MPs voted to support further privatisation in the English NHS. One of the 32 who voted was Ann McKechin.

    London Labour must think the people of Scotland are as daft as the few London Labour supporters left in Scotland.

    P.S. You may be astonished to learn that my comment about the 32 voting was sent to the naughty step. Labour Hame where the unelectable can talk among themselves.

  3. Dubs:

    People should be aware that if we had a Labour government here, then it's likely that we would have a privatised health service too then.

    They seem to agree with Lansley's privatization and 49% private beds in hospitals.

    So, if you want to be treated, free at the point of need, and in some sort of order that is determined by your need, rather than your ability to pay, it seems you should avoid voting Labour, Tory or Liberal.

    Anne Mckechin has some bloody nerve voting for the proposals and then trying to gain favour with Labour voters by whining about them.

    Unprincipled or what!

  4. Og yeah, Dubs, Admin's moderating policy does seem to be, doesn't it, if you don't agree with the dross we're writing, you're on the naughty step.

    Still Admin is only a tiny little cog in the big wheel, having:
    failed to be elected to the shadow cabinet;
    failed to be appointed to the shadow cabinet;
    failed to be elected leader of the Scottish branch;
    failed in his job of trying to copy the SNP's successful internet communications.

    Not exactly what you'd call a huge success, is he? So you have to allow him this wee bitty power.

  5. Didn't Sarwar inherit his seat from daddie? Love the working class democracy there!

    These twits betray the socialist movement.

  6. tria

    there is always hope...........One may I lost all hope after the dark heart of Scotland were let loose by 25% of the electors........

    But now me tale is up i see nothing but blue skys ahead and a lost Independence referendum for the snp...
    the snp campaign has lost a wheel gone all Pete tong and loses more support every day(Hurrah).
    Por old fat Alex looked a right knob in that interview with Andrew Neil.

    Keep the Queen keep the pound keep this keep that what a farce somebody aught to point out to the Lard of Holyrood that aint Independence......

    Still its all part of Alexs Cunning plan plan for what nobody knows least of all The Lard of the snp

  7. I agree with Braveheart here that it's not bitter. It's just financially and politically illiterate.

    Ken MacIntosh simply ignores Brian when he points out that the SNP government is working to a fixed budget from the Conservative Government in Westminster.

    Why can't Labour just come out and say that they prefer Tory cuts to independence instead of blaming the SNP for cuts to Scotland's block grant?

    Margaret Curran is worse. As Shadow Scottish Secretary she suggests that the cuts could be ameliorated by the borrowing provisions in the current Scotland Bill and has a go at the SNP for opposing it. Has she actually read the Bill?

    Any borrowings have to be paid back so as a means of ongoing funding it is not feasible as all the borrowing does is to knock the cuts into the future unless Scotland ramps up the income tax to pay for its borrowings which is economically illiterate when trying to expand the economy.

    In any case borrowing is not allowed as top-up funding for day to day expenditure under the Scotland Bill.

    It can be used to cover temporary shortfalls in the Scottish Consolidated fund or any mismatch in the forecast tax receipts and the actual tax receipts in the devolved taxes or for capital expenditure but not as means to pay for public services year on year.

    The relevant proposed legislation is Section 37 in the draft Scotland Bill which refers to Section 66 in the 1998 Scotland Act.

  8. LOL Doug. The difference between you and Maggie is that you clearly have read some (or all) of the Bill, and she, has not, or that you understood what you read and she , once again, did not.

    Labour's answer tyo everything is "tick". Gordon brown loved it. He did it with government spending, with helath board spending... all these lovely hospitals (come to that schools etc, etc, that we had under Labour, that now are broke.

    Health Boards in England have had to be bailed out by taxpayers' money so that they can go on treating patients, sorry, customers. That was the economics of the madhouse... or of the "while I'm in power everything will look rosie, and then the next lot will have to pick up the pieces, and the tubes that vote for us won't know the difference" school of economics.

    They encouraged the banks to do the same, and then they encouraged the public to do so. Credit cards for all. This must be the only country in the world where you can get a credit card when you are on the dole.

    (Incidentally the result of that is that I have seen lads who can't afford to take a job because while they are unemployed their massive debts are held in abeyance; and yes they only owe £1000 to each credit card... but they had 10!)

    The day anyone takes any lessons in economics from people who pursue that kind of half wit carry on, I'm out and off to France.

    They may be in bother but at least they don't have a Labourenomics.

  9. Niko: What ever you have been sniffing....Stop!

    You know that the doctor said it was bad for you.

    Tch Glue! You'd think they wouldn't sell it to all and sundry, huh?

  10. What are they putting in bath oil these days CH? Ketamine?

  11. Yes, I believe he did, Dean.

    A bit like The Hon Paul Martin took the Scottish equivalent seat that his papa The Rt Hon and Noble Baron had held in the London parliament, before his elevation to the aristocracy.

    Still, I suppose there are political dynasties in all parties... The Ewings won't have escaped attention, for example. The Benns, and husband and wife teams too abound...

    It's a family affair, is politics.

  12. I was just thinking about buying some bath salts type of stuff for an old lady whose 90th birthday is next week...

    I know it's not here, but imagine if you bought that for someone old and frail, thinking it was bath salts, and it killed them.

    The people put this kind of thing on the market are despicable.