Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Downing Street said that those who rely on cars to get to work should have “contingency plans” for possible disruption of the fuel supply network. (There was a failure to suggest what kind of contingency plans ordinary people should have... presumably Mr Cameron is thinking we should fill the Bentley, the people carrier, the off roader, the Range Rover and the sporty little thing we keep as a toy, or maybe he just thinks we should fill the stable block with large containers of fuel. Idiot.))

Ministers are considering a range of options for keeping fuel flowing, including deploying Service personnel to drive tankers (the few that aren't in Afghanistan)

No 10 has not ruled out trying to employ foreign drivers to stand in for British staff. (That, I assume is a departure from Iain Duncan Smith's recent call for a Brownite policy of the use of home-grown labour. "British jobs for British people, except when they're on strike, of course...then you can use the more reliable foreigners!)

Anyway, I'd write to my MP about it, but the nationalised banks aren't lending and I certainly can't afford a stamp without a loan.  

Update: Downing  Street, in the form of our old favourite plonker Francis Maude, appears to have done a U-turn on government advice. The Fire Services have advised that the government's strategy for dealing with the petrol problem was based on illegally storing petrol in gerry cans in your garage (or whatever)...  Back to the drawing board Maudie


  1. Having to pay £1.56 per litre up here I feel sorry for you mainlanders. Still I haven't got far to go to work but 7 miles to the pub by car and 20 minutes by boat. That's 20 minutes there and 2 hours coming back. What a shower of clowns we've got in the government - mind you we've only got the one simpering Tory MP.

  2. tris

    Just told Conan about dangerous petrol storing over at his place pop over and have a read

  3. Ha ha Yes, John... It's always uphill on the way back!

    I suppose you don't have THAT many roads to spend money on petrol.

    I suppose that's a photograph of you en route for the pub, is it.

    Talking about our Tory MP, erm , has any one seen or heard of Fluffy recently?

  4. Ah of your better rants. So if I run out of petrol I can come round and get a bucketful out of your bath can I?

    Splendid, thanks a lot.

    Is it not more usual for the fire alarms to be wired to the local fire station rather than some place in Germany?

    I mean I know their fire service is probably VERY efficient, but even at that... it is a l o n g way.

  5. tris

    listening on the car wireless to prog man says he is losing his contribution based ESA as he is on a work related support group....

    If he was on a support group his ESA would be protected the support group criteria is tightly drawn and he is unlikely to qualify.

    anyways Paul lewis says to the guy what is your disability he says 'I am totally blind'.

    You sit there totally stunned I mean they are taking benefits from blind people(thanks to the lib dems)

  6. tris

    saw it on the tv petrol buying panic went to pick wifey up from sainsburys at 8pm.....though i leave petrol till the morning drive up to store FFS smacked out with cars getting petrol....Wifey comes out tell me they have been going mad for the last few hours lots of places have run out and half the pumps are empty.............join Queue with al the other saddos and fill up tank should last two weeks.

    And thats all Camerons fault

  7. Yeah Niko. I can believe they are taking away money from people who are blind. They are taking it away from people undergoing why not blind people. There a deficit to pay down, after all! And we are all in this together, even blind people. The only exceptions are rich people and royals/Lords/MPs.

    Soon no one will receive ESA in any way at all. Job done. Then they can abolish it and open a few Poor Houses.

    As for the petrol debacle even the bloody Telegraph blames Cameron and Maude for this mess. It's difficult to see why they wouldn't. It's their bloody fault.

    Conan's "KEEP CALM AND HOARD" sums it up.

    As to storing petrol in your garage, you are allowed to keep a little in a plastic container. It was the term "gerry can" that the fire people had issues with... You'd have thought before making a pronouncement, a minister of state might have managed to get his terminology right.

    God only knows what this bunch of useless nobs would do if a real crisis broke out.

    After all, unions are entitled, even under that government, to use their power to strike, after secret ballots and due warning and much consultation. Governments are supposed to be chosen because their members are clever enough to handle these situations.

    It seems the best qualifications money can buy doesn't guarantee any kind of ability in that direction.

  8. I'm just a wee bit disappointed that any strike or fuel problem is about tanker driver's conditions (not that I wish to detract anything from that argument) and not about the utterly ridiculous price of fuel in this increasingly awful country, (made awful by a government and opposition made up of useless fat lipped/tongued fuckpuppets.)

    You can't help but have this image in your head of this tory/libdem government as being a bunch rich effete fops running around London clubs making remarks that are informed by an extreme stupidity and a total lack of understanding of anything approaching reality as experienced by you or I.

    Even more depressing is the notion that the main force set against this are the Ed's Milliband & Balls. Its like putting the Chukkle Brothers up against the Empire and dark side of the force.

  9. Actually, Tris, that photo gives the wrong impression. I don't normally go sailing unless press-ganged. I prefer my own motor boat which is more predictable and controllable.

  10. Aye well said, Pa Broon. That's pretty much who and what they are... the lot of them.

    Please let us out of this as quickly as we can get.

    I can't take any more Tory rule, nor can I take that set of faux Tories that sit opposite them, but only disagree here and there for the sake of being paid as "opposition". They and everything about Westminster make me want to vomit.

  11. Ah, were you being press ganged there then, John?

    Maybe if you don't use your motor vessel all the time, you'd be prepared to lend it to Her majesty when she's in Scotland.

    We can't afford a royal yacht for her if we're to get the A9 sorted, and some council houses built.