Thursday, 31 March 2011


Jim Devine has been sent to the pokey for 16 months, which means 8 months in real money.

He stole thousands of pounds from us to fund his drinking habits, having been advised by another unnamed Scottish MP that it was the done thing. (In my opinion he should have been told that it was 10 years if he did not spill the MP’s name. There were only 58 other Scottish MPs and his allegation casts a slur on all of them, most particularly the Labour ones.)

We should also remember that when he was caught out the slimy wee toad tried to blame his administrator, Marion Kinley, for stealing £5,000 from him and then he sacked her. Interestingly, when she took him to an industrial tribunal she was found to be innocent, and was awarded £35,000, which had not paid by the court's deadline. Ms Kinley now plans to send the bailiffs into the House of Commons to sieze £30,000 from his resettlement grant which had been frozen by Bercow, pending the outcome of his trial.

Just how despicable is Jim Devine? On a scale of 1 to 10, my opinion is around 6, remembering that we would have to rank murderers, rapists and paedophiles higher, and Pol Pot, Augusto Pinochet, Joe Stalin and other genocidal maniacs even higher.

But thanks to the Telegraph's investigations it has been shown that over half our MPs had stolen money on expenses. And more than 300 were allowed to 'repay' their false expenses claims, including David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg. So why is it that little, fat, sad, drunken, losers are the only ones that were taken to court and prosecuted.

Surely no one believed that the grander beasts actually made mistakes and didn’t mean to steal; I certainly never did, especially when it was revealed that all the paperwork relating to Tony Blair’s expenses were shredded before he left Downing Street!


  1. tris

    thats it kick a alcoholic when he is down eh!
    still he will have time to dry out
    Delirium tremens or what wouldn't fancy being his cell mate never get a kip.

    with him shaking all night.

    anyway Jim Devine is innocent err! I mean ugly
    I can imagine Robin Cook sitting on a cloud laughing his bollocks off at old Jim

  2. Yes Niko. I liked Robin Cook. He appeared to have some principles, was clever, although I always worried what would happen to him when he lost his looks, a bit like Margaret Beckett really.

    I don't mean to lick alcholics when they're down. I do realize that it is an illness and the people can't help it. It's just I've had some bad experiences with drunks one way and another, so I get a bit peed off with them, especially when they're stealing my money to indulge themselves.

    Mind you DTs or no, I wouldn't want to share a cell with him. He looks like he's not over-blessed with social skills. Mind you, I suppose there's a few like that in Bar-L

  3. Tris.

    The guy got what he deserved and unfortunately as you pointed out, he will probably be out in 8 months. I don't trust any of Scotland's Labour MP's, they all have something of the night about them.

    I really do hope his ex employee gets the money she is due and I think Bercow will pay his £30,000 to her because he was elected on a ticket to clear up the crap in that parliament.

    My main concern is, he stole 8 grand but how much will it cost us all to keep this huge bloated creature behind bars and feed him.

  4. LOL Allan, something of the night !!!


    I wouldn't want to meet him at night anyway!

    Obviously it will cost less because he won't have any drink bills... That should save 3/4 of what it used to cost to have him as an MP.

    Yes, OK. He's a broken man, and he wasn't much of a man before he was broken, and I shouldn't mock. There but for the grace and all.

    But people need to learn that there are consequences for their actions. I wish the judges would say that when they get out of prison they must start repaying the outstanding money, even if it's only a few quid a week.

  5. I've never licked an alcoholic when they were down either Tris...

  6. Best time to lick them Conan old mate.

    Lord I shouldn't have typed that. It really has turned my stomach!


  7. Still on reflection... it could have been worse!


  8. Scapegoat politics at its very worst. So much for new politics! A damning indictment on the Labour party that they put forward this cretinous old soak as an MP in the first place. Is he really the best they can get to represent the people of Livingston? Or do they take us so much for granted that any old dross will do?

  9. Cabbage, red rosette syndrome Munguin.

  10. Or in this case a pickled red cabbage!

  11. LOL... Yep defo pickled!

  12. Tris.

    I agree. When someone is released from prison having committed a financial crime, then he/she should still be liable for the debt.

    I'm sure if he was to go on a intense Scottish slimmers course and shed a barrow load of lard then produce a (before and after) photo shoot he would make thousands.

  13. Yes Allan. I think in any case people should be made to pay back money they have stolen, or make right damage they have done to property etc.

    I'm not too sure about him making aofrtune though. Can you imagine all that loose hanging skin....

    erm...sleep well!!!!

  14. I wonder if he filled in a postal vote?

  15. Several I wouldn't wonder CH

  16. Jim will probably enjoy his time in jail especially in the showers. Apparently there is a photo that the journalists have in their possession that shows ex-MP Gordon McMaster some little boys and another man with his back to the camera, all minus clothes. The man with his back to the camera is said to be Jim Devine but the only ones who could confirm it are the now dead McMaster and the wee boys. Any time this photo was mentioned in the past Jim was said to have claimed he would sue the journalist/paper involved. This relates to the post you may have read in the past regarding rent boys and paedophillia being covered up by the Labour party over at Paisley Expressions.

  17. Jeez Billy... the thought of him with his clothes off is making me feel a tad queezy. One good reason to keep out of the pokey for the next 8 months or so.

    As a matter of course, I would like to point out to any police, or lawyers looking to sue Munguin's Republic for megabucks that the involvement of anyone dead or living (inclding the Devine Jim) in any of these crimes is heresay and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Munguin or his minions)

    Besides which... have you evr tried getting even a half crown out of Munguin's furry mit?