Sunday, 20 March 2011

如此您有所有工作,请?Assim você tem todos os trabalhos, por favor?

There are moans aplenty about “foreigners coming over here and taking our jobs”, but the lack of prospects in the UK is starting to push young people to consider moving abroad and taking someone else’s jobs!

In a survey of 1,982 people conducted by Student Currency Exchange, more than half of 18 to 25-year-olds said they were seriously considering emigrating to Australia, Canada or even China. And nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said that they had given it some thought.

Job prospects in the UK are at their worst for 17 years. Youth unemployment at its highest-ever levels, with around a million 16-24 year olds looking for work. The trend is upward and with no real prospects of an improvement in the foreseeable future, and ready availability of information on prospects elsewhere, young people with good qualifications can, more easily than at any time in the past, get work abroad.

It makes sense to go where there are jobs, and both Canada and Australia seem to have been little touched by the banking madness of the last few years which has so bankrupted our economies. China and India, of course, are booming and their industries are looking for clever and well educated people.

A lack of language skills has always held Brits back from taking opportunities anywhere but the English speaking countries, but now that the real money will be made in countries with other languages, Brits seem prepared to make the effort to learn.

South America is an economic growth area and people with knowledge of Spanish or, more particularly, Portuguese, have excellent opportunities to earn good money and enjoy a much better quality of life than they could expect here.

We must be aware of the fact that we have an ageing population (
within a few years we will have more over 65s than under 15s), and that if our intelligent young people are emigrating for want of work in the UK, then we will have little hope of affecting a real and long lasting recovery. We simply won’t have the people to man it (or person it, if you want to be politically correct!)

It's down to George Osborne next week to make the economic conditions such that our intelligent youth don't desert us for a better future.


  1. tris

    If George Osborne next week is to make the economic conditions such that our intelligent youth.

    My advice to the youth would be to get on the first plane out of the UK and spit on the ground as they leave.

    I mean all his and scum Cameron finances are based offshore and arranged to pay as little tax to the UK as is possible.

    and then they have the cheek to pontificate on the UK ecenomy.

    you know what watching that Human pile of shit Cameron on red nose at the same time as slashing
    money for most disadvantaged not only in British society but also those we use to support in poor nations.

    Made me quite sick they should of refused to let him on the Red nose day.

  2. Niko, old boy,

    We have piles of the brown stuff with red noses much nearer home than London. If you cannot name five within seconds you will need to stand in the corner with a pointed cap with a prominent "D" on it.

    Must admit that as a "foreigner" with English as a second language I had to emigrate to England in pursuit of work. Did you know that Labour's HQ is in England?

    Slainte mhath, a charaid!

  3. Incidentally, Niko, hope your piles and surrounding area won't put you off canvassing for your beloved Tories.

  4. Brownlie

    Labour HQ is in my heart..............
    Labour till i die .

    must admit bit by bit we are all dying in a decade or so we will all be gone and I will be just as happy to be gone as you lot will be to see us all dead.

    “I go from a corruptible, to an incorruptible Crown; where no disturbance can be, no disturbance in the World.”

  5. Now that the Tories are in charge we can expect unemployment to rocket...its what they do!

  6. Well Niko... that was a wee bit of a rant wasn't it.

    It's not that bad. I can't talk for the rest of the Uk but Scotland's not a bad place to live.

    I've toyed with the idea of France though, I have to admit. And if I spoke Portuguese like a mate of mine I'd be off to Brazil in a shot. I've never fancied the weather in Canada though. A mate of mine lives in Quebec City and they have snow for about 5 months of the year.

    But if Scotland has to stay part of the UK, the bulk of the time we will have a Tory government. That’s the way England votes; in fact it only votes Labour when it's sick to the back teeth of the Tories, or when a de facto Tory like Tony Blair comes along and offers them Tory policies.

    So, you know what to do in May. Vote SNP; get a referendum; get independence and then you can vote Labour... YOU’LL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER TORY GOVERNMENT for the rest of your life (albeit minus some of your personal bits! But that serves you right for making threats!)

  7. Ah Mr Brownlie.

    Is English really your second language? I’ve always wished that I had Gaelic, but it’s so hard to learn as a second language without living in a Gaelic environment... or “taking a bath” in it. Night classes are just not enough. It has to be immersion!

    Anyway, I expect Niko will have a good explanation for the fact that even Labour voters think that Alex is a better first minister than Iain Thingy. And the Tory leader was considered to be better than he was...


    (Oh sorry, are you allowed to read the word Jeez with your Wee Free background? If not ignore it!)

  8. Now that second post was morbid Niko.

    We won't be happy to see you gone...even if you would be happy to go. So stop with the depressive posts. I like you better when you're ranting!"


  9. So it would seem Munguin. The only other Tory government I can recall is Thatcher's and she had massive unemployment; so bad in fact that she transferred half of them to the Sickness Benefit list to hide them from view because it was secret!

    Evil witch.

  10. Thats what I mean the new(ish) kind since Thatcher that only care about money and the Tory party and the rest of us can all go to hell including society!

  11. When the nightmare of higher tax (NI rise) and lower benefits (reductions in tax credits) hit, it will be the end of April and guess what; there is, by sheer co-incidence of course, a royal wedding which should occupy the minds of the cerebrally challenged.

    Well now, wasn't that a piece of incredible luck?

  12. And who will end up paying NI by the back door? Pensioners by higher taxes roll on May.

    Dear Westminster: a divorce letter

  13. That's a brilliant letter CH.

    As for tax and NI going together.... brave brave man. He increases pensioners tax by another 12%... when inflation is around 12% and interest on savings is about 3%. Way to go Georgie. i just wouldn't ever go out of the house without an armed guard again.

    There's only so much people will take.

    You know, it's a dead loss living here. They spit on you at every step of the way.

    I understand there is a very good "Despatches" on Channel Four (Fourmore on the net) about the state of Britain's railways...which is NOT good.

    I was going to watch that tonight and run a post, but I ran out of time instead!! I'll try to do it tomorrow.

  14. It is worrying. I myself am moving (hopefully) down south for my MA and PhD, because once I do graduate, that is here the academic jobs will be.

    I'd love to stay and work in Scotland, but it is dire, there is an imminent crisis in university funding and jobs up here, and it isn't much better in any other industry in Scotland.

    And no, it isn't all UK plc fault, the SNP would have made the same mistakes as fiana fail did

  15. Been reading the Tarot cards again Dean learn Chinese and best of luck over the border as you will need it.

  16. The crisis is a supposed one Dean. The results of the English universities' decisions to charge (most of them) £9,000 pa may put all but the very rich and the very poor off going.

    Oxford will be OK, but I can't see some of them surviving, especially as they will have fewer foreign students to subsidise the home grown ones.

    The Scottish ones will be OK. Of course they will have to get rid of some of the many and various assistant and deputy and deputy assistant and assistant deputy principals with their massive salaries and free housing thrown in, and maybe we can persuade them to drop degrees in swimming and tile grouting and concentrate on academic subjects.

    I mean I wish you good luck if you decide to go abroad for your masters and doctorate, that’s good experience. Why not do one of them in France or Italy, or even Vietnam or China... That’s the kind of broad experience that employers welcome. However, given that you are reading politics, you must remember that there are excellent opportunities in Scotland for that subject.

  17. I think that we should all be learning Chinese and Portuguese.

    When they were on the underside they accepted tht they had to learn American/English. As they reach the top side they may well feel, not unreasonably, that we should be learning their languages.