Monday, 28 March 2011


Blog member, reader, friend (and Englishman) Mr_TMG suggested that this would be a perfect video for Munguin’s Republic. I’d never heard the song, but I thought it was bang, smack right for 2011 and hilarious!! Thanks Mr_TMG


  1. I saw that CH... Unbelievable. If we don't have the men and we don't have the equipment, why on Earth are we there?

  2. I liked the line "if England is a garden then it needs more manure". Its sure gonna get plenty from the Tories.

    Have people seen the recent STV poll?


    Labour 38%
    SNP 37%
    Tories 15%
    Lib Dems 7%


    Labour 35%
    SNP 35%
    Tories 14%
    Lib Dems 8%

  3. It is excellent news.

    Of course as Labour is want to say at these times, quite correctly, there is only one poll that counts. Strange though that they never say that kind of thing when they are ahead.

  4. That was absolutely brilliant! What a sense of humour, if very gallows, and such a clear understanding he had.

    Great stuff - I'd not heard it either, but everyone I know will - now!

    Thanks for the tip.

  5. Yes, a bit of card funambulist...

  6. Really clever, that Noel Coward fellow!

    And with great pride, your American reporter points out that in this song, as much as he detests much of the rest of the world, he proclaims "I Like America, OK." "Its simplicity, and its passion for publicity".....where "beneath vintage trees in Tennesse, erotic books are read".

    BTW, that big stainless steel arch in the slide show is taller than the Washington monument or the Statue of Liberty. (Sadly, the Eiffel Tower is a bit taller.) It's the "Gateway to the West." And it's in Missouri! Noel would have loved it. ;-)

  7. When the Gestapo's "Sonderfahndungsliste" (Special Arrest List) for Britain was found after the war, Noel Coward was on it.

    "My dear" he said "The people one would have been seen dead with".

  8. The Gestapo simply had no sense of humor. Why he even suggested that his countrymen should not be "beastly" to them....LOL. Very clever stuff!

  9. Great song Danny. And very interesting slides, with funny maps at the end...including (given the video was loaded in 2010) the prophetic "radio active" Japan.

  10. LOL Mr S. He would probably have been an impossible person to be friends with, but I'd love to have seen one of his cabarets and maybe met him for a short while after. His contempt for so many things and his ability to put them down so cleverly with his biting wit would have made for a great night out.

  11. Clever indeed Danny. Thanks for posting.

  12. Genius the man was. Glad to have found the song for our Munguin! ;)

    Amazing how it was sixty years ago, and so relevant today!

  13. Thank you for finding it Mr_TMG

    It fits and the little furry one is as happy as a sand boy (whatever that is) as my granny would say.