Thursday, 24 March 2011


It was a “watch my lips” moment when the prime minister was asked about winter fuel payments for the elderly.

In the run up to last year’s election he was asked about the benefits given to pensioners; bus passes, winter fuel allowance, free tv licence.

Labour had been putting out leaflets suggesting that these benefits would be cut and David Cameron, saying that he felt very strongly about this said that these Labour leaflets were COMPLETE AND UTTER LIES.

He added that if the (then) prime minister had amoral compass then he should “dig it out”... The Tories would keep the benefits in the way in which he inherited them and it was wrong for Labout to be scaremongering.

He said that he didn’t use the word “lie” very often, but he would on this occasion. Perhaps he shouldn’t have been quite so vociferous, because yesterday pensioners were told that their winter fuel allowance of £400 for over 80s, and £250 for over 65s, would be reduced to £300 and £200 respectively. This despite double inflation rate rises in gas and electricity and who knows how much more before the winter. After all the government seems disinclined to take the steps that the French government took over their power suppliers and insist on inflation only rises.

So now, I don’t use the word liar very often either, but I’m afraid I’m going to use it about Mr Cameron. In the clip linked here, he repeats this over and over again in a way that makes one think that it REALLY matters to him. That was electioneering of the worst sort, because it doesn't.

So he’s a liar and he has no moral compass to dig out at all. His mother won’t be cold this winter though, so that’s alright. The rest of you can freeze.

Iain Duncan Smith has given notice that he will be looking at other benefit like free bus passes and tv licences in an effort to save money. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any lower, along comes Iain Duncan Smith

I know we’re in a mess, but we have enough money to go to war in Libya, so why don’t we have enough money for at least our poorer pensioners.

This is an inexcusable and despicable attack on some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the country. It would have been a low thing to do in any case, but after that denial, which I have would say was repeated over and over again in interviews... it’s plumbed new depths.

Pics:(1) Fortunately not every pensioner is cold and uncomfortable all winter. (2) This man is visiting an old lady who most certainly won’t be cold. (3) Clearly this lady is not so fortunate; and will be even less fortunate this winter. Sickeningly over 20,000 old people die from cold related illness every winter.


  1. I suspect the 20,000 deaths are not sufficient or fast enough to make way for the incoming hordes, Min.

  2. Tris, did you hear the 'not for current pensioners' yesterday when Osborne was discussing the 'new' £140 state pension rate? None of the MSM have picked up on that as yet - or not that I can see.

  3. I know a retired social worker very well. She is quite deeply impressed with Ian Duncan Smith and was also an admirer of Frank Field who is helping him.

    In any change there are bound to be winners and losers. There are also bound to be anomalies on phasing in changes.

    In a country where the state spends over 50% of the national income something's got to give. The expense of the EU would be my first target. Few would weep for the politicians and officials put out of work.

    Another easy thing would be the whole climate change nonsense - the most expensive single act of parliament ever, I believe- endorsed in Spades by Holyrood. About this time last year, Subrosa posted an article of mine, entitled "Wind Turbines Kill Pensioners". They do too - as well as making all our electricity needlessly expensive and unreliable. The head of the National Grid recently told us to say goodbye to a reliable electricity supply and expect to use it only when his underlings say so. Bring out the candles and the dolly tub and get used to pre-industrial living!

  4. Yes OR. Probably he should reduce it to £10 and then hundreds of thousands of old people would no longer be getting their expensive pensions and cluttering up our hospitals.

  5. The Nasty Party can always manage to pull a new low out of the hat. But this is a jaw dropping new low, totally and utterly despicable. The Tories really are the vile scum of the earth, that decent people make them out to be and this revolting volt face is proof of that in spades. All Tories should hang their heads in shame at this revolting betrayal.

    David Cameron is a liar pure and simple, it was not in actual fact the Labour party that was lying when they put out literature saying the Tories would threaten these cold weather payment, it was him. Disgusting!

  6. Bloody hell SR.. How can the Libdems continue to associate themselves with this policy? Current pensioners include ones that fought in the war. Now I've never thought that that was the only reason we should have been giving them a good pension, because if it were, then when they were all dead the state could quite reasonably reduce the pension... but, imagine a new 61 year old pensioner getting £140 and a 90 year old who was in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp getting £100.

    Still if they will vote Tory in England this is the kind of thing we will get.

    I not seen or heard anything either on TV or radio. Surely someone will pick up on it.

  7. Well that's my line of business and I'm not impressed with him at all. And as for Field he's a two faced crawling little twerp (and that's being nice about him).

    These people seem to have no comprehension of what it is like to live at the bottom of this ghastly society that we have allowed to be created where bankers earn 100 times what brain surgeons earn, the rich can manage to pay less tax than their servants and the minimum wage is so low that life on it is subsistence.

    Neither Labour nor the Tories/Liberals seem to have the foggiest idea of what life is really like. Not a Scooby.

    Mr Duncan Smith spent a year finding out about problems, but we all that he saw the polished side of things. I’ve been involved in letting government ministers know what’s going on, and it is NEVER the truth. And of course, because they live a million miles away from these problems, they are in no position to find out for themselves.

    What they need to do is what old King Hussein did. Dress in old clothes and walk around listening to people’s conversations. That’s the only way these people will ever understand.

    Every single thing that these out of touch people do to the poor is another nail in the miserable existence that some of our people live. And there will come a day, in the not too distant future when even the supine Brits will rise up.

    Yes cuts have to be made, but the very people who caused this situation are suffering not one bit. Even the governor of the Bank of Britain said so. The poor are paying back the money these people gambled; they meanwhile put up their salaries by 50% lest the government stop the bonuses, but when nothing was done to stop the bonuses, they took them as well.

  8. And I agree with you about the green situation Mr S. If they want to do that unproven stuff they should wait till they don't have to kill old people to do it.

  9. I remember seeing him on tele saying this stuff Munguin, and I remember thinking, well, at least that's something. Even if he wants to he won't be able to go back on this now.

    Clearly I over estimated the "Englishman's word is his bond" mentality that I beleived was taught at Eton and the likes.

    Clearly the message is say wahtever you like, make whatever promises you want, and then you get in stick you fingers right up at the people to whom you made the promises.

    This is, as you say...disgusting

  10. tris

    you call him a liar! me i call him an English Conservative acting in the way natural to their vile perverted beliefs...

  11. No Niko they are Unionist Conservatives just like Labour and the LibDems all willing members of the Union so you wont be detached till after the election.

  12. Well normally I think you go too far on this Niko, but I'm so angry with them a) for treating pensioners in such a cavalier style and b) for lying so blatently to buy votes.

    At least if they have absolutely no money at all they could means test the bloody thing so that the people who subsist get some help instead of sitting freezing.

  13. I wish Scotland could become detatched from this union. Send our troops to save other people from being killed (supposedly but of course we know it's all about BP) but sit by and happily watch a pensioner die every 7 minutes from the cold in their own homes.

    I hope they can sleep at night.... NO what am I saying, I hope they never get another second's sleep.

  14. tris,

    You say that they don't understand? They do understand but they just don't care. I think you were correct when you referred to "amoral" compass above. Is that Maggie Thatcher between Cameron and some old bat? Hasn't she lost a lot of weight but still has a big head?

  15. It's even sadder if they understand but don't care John.

    Yes, I think it is; the bronze woman, as opposed to the iron lady. But I think it's only her bust that has shrunk!

  16. disgusting article.

    No apologies, just good government.

  17. No comment eh Dean. I suppose lies are good government as far as the Tories are concerned!

  18. WHAT DEAN?

    Are you trying to say that he didn't expressly rule out changing this benefit to the old?

    He called Labour liars when they said that he had plans to alter or abolish it. Now Labour were, and are undoubtledly big, nope HUGE liars, but clearly on this occasion they were correct.

    Cameron lied to get pensioners' votes. How much of a scum bag are you to do that.

    I mean he could have at least means tested it... if he felt that it was terrible that his motehr got help with her electricity bill, or that Mrs Thatcher did. But to cut it on poor pensioners is foul.

    If there are more deaths in the coming winter then I call Mr Osborne a murderer.

    Liar and murderer.