Saturday, 27 February 2010

Jack Dromey to fight Birmingham Erdington on behalf of "working people"

Well well. Here’s a surprise. Jack Dromey has been selected as a Labour candidate for the forthcoming Westminster Elections. Jack is Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman's husband, so it was a massive surprise to us all that he did so well in the selection process.

Dromey, who is also the deputy general secretary of the Unite union, has been chosen as the prospective parliamentary candidate for Birmingham Erdington.

Dromey was looking for a safe Labour seat and of course with his connections found it in the Birmingham seat, which was held by Labour at the last Westminster elections with a majority of 9,575.

He was reported to be honoured to have been chosen, although frankly I doubt if he was surprised. He said that he had been fighting battles for working people in Birmingham for 25 years. One wonders if he will continue to do so as a Labour MP. Most of the rest appear to be only vaguely aware of working people's existence.

He said: “I will serve the people of Erdington as a hardworking local MP, punching the weight of a fine constituency that has seen real progress under 13 years of Labour.” Oh Lord, don't they make you laugh? Real progress under Labour? 'Struth!

The current MP, Sion Simon, announced earlier this month that he would be standing down in order to concentrate on becoming the first elected mayor of Birmingham. Simon announced recently that he would pay back approximately £21,000 claimed to pay rent on a flat owned by his sister.

Labour never changes does it? Jobs for the boys and the husbands of the erm.... girls????



  1. People don't like being dicked on from above by careerist politicos like Dromey.
    So I fully expect that seat will turn independent in some way come the big choice. Dromey's corrupt visage will be a sight to behold come the joyous moment of his defeat.

    Harman, however, will still just look like a corrupt, public-school educated, po-faced, vinegary old feminist no matter what, of course.

    These idiots' time has very nearly come. That, to me, is almost a cause for celebration. But I'm not holding my breath...

  2. He's a jumped up union rep, hard work is not in his experience or vocabulary.
    Typical labour jobs for the boys.

  3. What a brilliant summation denverthen.

    I really can't add anything at all to that....

    He he... well said!

  4. QM: Uh huh. You'd have thought his (can I call her his wife? is she maybe his life partner or some such politically and sex free word?)would have told him that the goody bags are all empty now. It's hardly worth being an MP.

    I don't know much about him. Is he Harry's bit of rough, her being from posh stock with a countess somewhere....?

    I wonder if he would actually recognise a working person?

    I wonder if they will MI5 to trace me for saying all these things about them, and hand me over to the Americans ....EEEEEEK

  5. No surprises there then, no more than the tories flying in the Black Farmer to stand in Chippenham and he lives in Devon. What a mess we're on.

  6. I mean mess we're in of course. Tired. :)

  7. Aye SR. Equality means just that, whether it be women, gays, or black and minority ethnicity. You can't force it. What you say is it is there... it is a possibility. Then you actually have the policies where it CAN happen. There is and should be nothing to stop a black woman being first minister. Or, there is no reason why a disabled gay man cannot be presiding officer. And that's the way it should be.

    I realise that it is a challenge for most people to believe that, especially of the Tories and especially in England. Their propensity to have upper middle class males who went to good schools and talk with a southern counties of England accent, and who put on a tie as they get out of bed in the morning is legendary.

    But they are obsessed with their bloody stupid targets for everything. The Tories are as bad as Labour. They must have their quota of blacks, or women and gays to prove that they are inclusive. The truth is that if there is a black farmer in Devon who wants to stand, there should be no barrier to him doing so, but they shouldn’t parachute him in from somewhere else in order to get their targets. Do they not know how local people feel? Can’t they see that this will lose them the election?

    The very worst results of target mentality can be seen in Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust. That is what happens when you take your eye off the real purpose of the job. The real purpose of elections is to elect the person the LOCALS want.

    I had hoped that Mid Staffs would concentrate minds wonderfully on the crass stupidity of targets first, people second which I have ranted about for years and years.

  8. On a more positive note Jack Dromey will have to give up his post in my Union(hooray.

  9. Well Niko, as my granny would say, "A'thing's mixed wi' mercy".

    I suppose he can do pretty little damage in the Commons. It's a powerless talking shop of old windbags anyway.

    Mr Mandleson makes all the real decisions in his dungeon, rather like an unpleasant verson of Herr Flick of the Gestapo.

    Who's Von Smallhausen?

  10. Douglas Alexander would seem to fit the role well