Wednesday, 14 October 2009


You probably don’t know it but these two unpleasant looking people are Tory MP Mr David Wilshire (right) and his girlfriend Ms Ann Palmer (the one with the white spider crawling around in her hair).

Well, it seems that their character is at least, if not more, unpleasant as their looks. They have hit the front page of the Telegraph because it seems that all is not well with Mr Wilshire’s expenses. Where to being....?

“Mr Wilshire claimed for more than three years for office assistance provided by “Moorlands Research Services”. Parliamentary rules forbid MPs from entering into arrangements which “may give rise to an accusation” of profiting from public funds. But on Wednesday night, Mr Wilshire – the MP for Spelthorne in Surrey – admitted that he and his partner, Ann Palmer, were sole owners of the business.” Oh dear...........Whata mistaika to maika!

It seems, according to research done by the Telegraph, that the total amount invoiced by the company to the MP over the period 2005 - 2008 was £105,500. And, oh dear, yet another mistake! Unfortunately they somehow neglected to get the company registered in any way whatsoever. There is no record of its existence and it has never filed any kind of accounts. That probably means no tax. Nah, it definitely means no tax. Deeper and deeper!

Needless to say, it seems that Ms Palmer (you remember her... spider woman?) is also employed by the MP as his office manager. Well... keep it in the erm family, huh?

And just in case you thought that this was about as low as a Tory MNP could go, well, have I got news for you? According to the Telegraph:

“Mr Wilshire is now certain to face significant scrutiny from his constituents, already angry at his use of parliamentary expenses. Despite having a constituency 20 miles from Westminster, he has consistently claimed the maximum second home allowance for a flat in central London. In total, he has claimed £141,039 since 2001.

In a highly unusual arrangement with the fees office, he claimed thousands in monthly payments that he said went towards the cost of decorating and replacing its curtains and carpets in the future. He has refused to repay the money despite conceding that it has not all been spent.

With his main home in Somerset, he has also claimed more than £43,000 for travel since 2001.

How Mr Wilshire and his bidie-in must have sighed with relief earlier in the year when the duck house and the dirty moat were being revealed for the world to laugh over. How he must have chortled with delight when Villiers got nabbed for his tree surgery in the place that 'looks a bit like Balmoral but does me very nicely'. He thought he’d pulled it off.

Tut tut Mr Wilshire, never ever underestimate the Torygraph... Oh and by the way, could you ask your bit of fluff where she got her hat. My mum would just love one like that!

Joking mum, I know you wouldn’t!


  1. A couple of shocking carpet baggers. Mart you among all the other thieves and charlatans it is not surprising they were hard to spot till now. I mean after all the Wintertons: need I say more?

    I wonder if he is standing down at the next election. Apparently Jim Devine really thinks he can be re-elected as an independent as necessary. Perhaps he should approach the Jury Team, that’s what they want independents, so he would fit right in. Him and John Smeaton have a lot in common, they both have the I.Q of a boiled egg.

  2. I'm gonna set up a Boiled Egg Rights Society and you, my furry friend, will egg all over your face.....

    I have a feeling the Telegraph has been keeping some stuff back, and there are yet more revelations to come. Maybe just before the election?

    He he... I can't get over that dame's hat though. It looks like it was designed for a pretty young slip of a thing with natural blonde hair... need I say more?

  3. I think we should lay off Mr Wiltshire and his novel financial affairs, particularly after his girlfriend got shat on by a giant seagull.

    No, I think we should string the twastard up by his bell-end and stick his head in a bucket of festering piss. But for a much better reason...

    That manky thief is the same manky thief that drew up the wording of Section 28. The man caused untold misery for thousands of young men and women, and I have no doubt that he has blood on his hands. I'd love to think this lies uneasy on his conscience, but there's no chance of him having one.

    Oh, I want to be like that giant seagull and shit on his head, make them a matching pair!

  4. Sophia:

    Erm.... yes.... hum.... You'd don't much care for him, do you?

    I was just thinking again about the stark comparison between him and that guy I wrote about the other day Lloyd Gardner, who gave away what little he had to help a woman disabled in an attack. I wish Mr Gardner was making our laws and not this obnoxious thief.

    I'd agree with you about him having a problem with anything to do with conscience. It appears he's a little man filled with hate as well as greed, not to mention appauling taste.

    Oh and yeah... you can be a seagull if you want... Good shooting, erm I mean shitting.... :-)

  5. Tris...

    Mr Wiltshire is clearly a buffoon if he thinks he can hide under that massive white hat that Miss Piggy has on her napper.

    Clearly he has gone out of his way to claim as much as he can and was putting his expenses before his constituents.

    There is not a hope in hell that this guy will be standing at the next election (unless he stands as an independent).

    David Cameron will boot this guy out that can be assured. Much that im not a Cameron fan, he doesnt take any bull from his MP,s.

    What a pity for Mr Wiltshire, had he not gone OTT with the expenses then he could had looked forward to another 4 years representing his seat earning not a bad crust, but greed got the better of him so in the long run he will had lost out..

  6. Spookie:

    It seems the greedy tosser has said he won't stand again, so you were right.$1334229.htm

    He's making it sound as if he's doing it for his party. (When are any of these people going to do something for us; between doing it for the party and doing it for themselves, we never seem to get a look in.)

    I suppose he thinks, with a certain amount of reason, that if he does that then he'll just get away with stealing all that moeny, not registering his company for tax and VAT, and not paying NI on whoever it is who runs the company and does the work, (presumably her of the hat fame).

    The thing that annoys me is he's probably right. He'll get away with it. Or horror of horrors, like Smith, he'll be made to say sorry to the other crooks for being an even worse crook than them.

    And you're right again Spook. I was trying to remember who that woman reminded me of. I knew it was a big star. Kylie?.... no Jordan?.... no
    Beyonce?..... nope....and you knew it all along. Miss Piggy it is!

  7. I've just checked up on this guy. He is unbelievable. Just read this:

    I'm glad he will go, but of course not until the end of the term, so he can collect his money to pay off his staff and get resettled.

    He's 66 so I guess he won't need another job. Just as well. It's hard to imagine anyone giving him one. (a job)

  8. Tris...

    I watched part of that politics program (This Week) tonight and yes Mr Toff Wilshire has gone but he was pushed out by Cameron.

    Indeed he will get off with it and others will too.

    Thanks for the link btw. Jesus the guy should be in the BNP, what a racist little wheeze he is. I would sooner have 5,000 Hong kong citizen's than one of him living next to me.

  9. Yeah Spook. So it seems.

    These people go on and on about "fair play" and "proud to be British" and the values that we hold in these islands of decency and fairness....

    It seems to me, looking at his voting record, that this little scroat is not decent or fair to anyone, or indeed anything that isn't a mirror image of him. What a revolting thought.

    I agree with you. I'd rather have anyone live next door to me that this racist, homophobic, greedy, selfish, thieving chump.

    Mr Wilshire.... You're nob!