Thursday, 21 August 2014



  1. For those who read French, he is an article that appeared a couple of days ago in a French newspaper> The picture was taken from Munguin's Republic (although originally taken by Tom of the SNP in Dundee), so they sent me a copy of the article.

  2. The savings on MP's pay, perks, allowances and pensions, and those of the HoL is something I always add to my list of Things We Won't Have to Pay For when asked on the doorsteps "How will we afford independence?" by the undecideds, which all campaigners are, on a regular basis. Thanks for this excellent piece, which I will print off and take with me when I go back on the trail, if that's okay?

  3. Its our Oil ( But there not much left anymore )
    Even for the Richest nation in the entire known or unknown universe.

    Oil industry on borrowed time as switch to gas and solar accelerates
    There may be little point battling icebergs to drill in the Arctic, or in trying to extract oil from the ultra-deepwater fields in the mid-Atlantic, beneath layers of salt, three kilometres into the Earth

    1. Niko. That';s the telegraph. They just invested billions of Euros/dollars in the North Sea and Atlantic.

      Gre t real.

      But the oil is only a part of it.

      Without it we'd be fine. The new field has between 35 and 50 years.

      There's oil in the Clyde basin but we are not allowed to extract it because of British WMDs.

      The telegraph LIES>

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  4. Sir Ian Wood quoted in the Scotsman late last year:

    “A radical overhaul of the North Sea oil industry can deliver a £200 billion injection to the economy over the next 20 years, a major report has concluded.

    Oil tycoon Sir Ian Wood has led the biggest independent review of the North Sea oil and gas industry in its history, and said yesterday that production could increase by four billion barrels over coming years if major changes to the operation of the oil and gas sector are made.

    Such changes would put the UK in a ‘stronger position’ to extract nearly all of the estimated 24 billion barrels still remaining underneath the North Sea.”

    Unfortunately, since then there’s been a cataclysm.

    “A leading oil industry figure has claimed that the Scottish government’s predictions for North Sea oil recovery are up to 60% too high.

    The figure of 24bn barrels is quoted in the White Paper as an estimate from industry body Oil and Gas UK. But Sir Ian Wood [...] claimed there are about 15bn to 16.5bn barrels of recoverable oil left, and that the figure from the White Paper is 45% to 60% too high.”

    Wait, what?

    Sir Ian Wood’s report in February can be read in full here. It references the 24bn figure at least six times. In itself that seems rather conservative, because a footnote on page 5 of the document says that the UK government’s own Department of Energy and Climate Change puts the “high case expectation outcome” at 35bn barrels:

    From WINGS OVER SCOTLAND... linked to source

  5. The selfish greedy bastards have got away with this for too long Tris

    Can't believe how many times i have came here and a couple of pics tell it how it really is. The Westminster gravy train costs every single person in the UK and they have a cheek to sanction the poor for the Bankers gain. Not one has been taken to court.

    A YES vote is coming. For those outwith Scotland , the place is buzzing. The negativity and lies of the NT campaign has only increased the YES vote. We are everywhere in huge numbers.

    I pity the folks down south. They are in for a hell of a shock thinking were a subsidy junkie. The lies are falling on deaf ears.

    It's sites like this that has got the message out. Now there is a debt we might never be able to repay. The NT campaign is falling apart. No one believes the dross anymore. Big thanks Tris for all the hard work.

    I am off to watch The Libations sing "Caledonia" on Saturday at the Leith mini festival . Should be a cracking day and all welcome including any NO'ers who want a wee spy at a real grass roots campaign.

    Thanks for the pics Tris. of to post them now ...back soon

    1. Hey Richie.

      It's all going well. I was saying on another post earlier that I got a convert in the barber's shop at lunch time, and when I got home tonight my neighbour was telling me that he converted a guy at his work today.

      I see the DWP have rewritten their instructions to staff that they should always vote with the government. Now they are saying that they meant to say that they should support the government's policies while they are at work. SO when were they going to be voting on Scotland's future when they were at work?

      Now apart from the fact that that is all wrong anyway... they may have to uphold the government's policy in their own department, but that doesn't mean they have to approve of illegal wars and starving kids... doesn't it strike you that someone at the level of permanent secretary at the DWP should have been able to write a memo to his staff without having to take it back and reissue it because it was so poorly expressed.

      I mean for heaven's sake, what do they teach at Eton and Oxford these days? Tile grouting?

      Please tell the Libations that I desperately wish I could be in Leith on Saturday, but I'm booked up to go to a meeting to hear Stewart Hosie and Alan Grogan at the Dundee United Club...

      I'm determined to meet the guys one day...

    2. Agree Tris.

      I find it quite scarey that the ones in power IDS etc, are idiots Not up to the job. It's all a grab for as much as they can.

      After the war the politicians promises where for social changes and the health of the nation. They offered us something for our vote and we voted accordingly.

      Nowadays it's all scares and blaming everyone else for this country's problems. Vote for me and i'll save you from ... Whatever.

      Westminster is planning another war and the cuts to services and the Barnett mean more misery. How can anyone vote NO. we all suffer , no one gets away with misery. except the rich.

      have spoken to Darren about gigs and places he will be playing and things are fluid just now so i'll get back to you about them but promise you will get to meet the guys you help promote.

      Off to do some copying and sending.

      I love this site. Most folk don't read past the headline Tris. So a picture can equalize any twisted header. Thanks bud

    3. Brilliant Richie...

      I'm incredulous that anyone who isn't an aristocrat or an MP or aspiring to be one of these could even consider voting for the UK.

      UK OK... No it's bloody well not, unless you are princess Eubloodygenie.

      My best to the band for tomorrow.

    4. Oh... and thanks again for the praise of the site. Munguin's head is getting swelled!