Friday, 22 August 2014


So, if this is to be believed, everyone is scared of Johann Lamont. And Dearest Darling Alistair (Norman Lamont's Fag) wasn't just against devolution; he predicted apocalypse. He warned of riots, rapes, army curfews and told us we'd be fighting over the last can of food. Must have been gutted when Blair introduced a Scottish parliament.

Still, maybe all his ramblings over a wee bit assembly, as proposed in 1979, puts his worries of meltdown over independence into perspective. I mean, it's not devolution that has caused the queues at food banks, is it?

As for the other Alistair... oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Least said, soonest mended.


  1. Oh that was brilliant. I'd seen Darling's rant before on WOS but Alastair Carmichael oh bless.

    Not long to go now. Over at the Graun they say Dundee is a Yes city but Kezia thinks not. Blair MacDougall is a apparently a master strategist and was involved in David Miliband's campaign for Labour leader. So maybe not a master strategist then :-)

    1. LOL LOL LOL...

      Well, I've driven all over Dundee over the last few weeks and I've seen hundreds of YES windows and YES flags and one, yes ONE. No thanks window.

      Just outside Dundee on the Perth Road there is a No sign in a farmer's field, but it turns out that that farm is part of the Megginch estate of an English Aristocrat. An Honourable no less, adn the daughter of Lady Strange (or downright bloody bizarre). So no surprise there, afraid lest we should go all French and introduce them tae Mrs Guillotine.


      Less said the better. I saw her the night of the last debate. I hate making personal comments about political people as you well know, but she reminded me of a hamster. And does she come over as bitter, or what?

      If I had managed to arrange for Ed Miliband to be elected leader of the party, I'd be hiding on a small uninhabited island somewhere, hoping no one found me...not bragging about it.

      Strategist, my butt.


    2. Andy Clark sent me an email about tomorrow:

      A wee reminder about our meeting before tomorrow's match against Ross County at Tannadice. 1pm, Club 83, St Salvador St.

      The case for Independence with Stewart Hosie (SNP MP Dundee East), Duncan McCabe (Radical Independence), Allan Grogan (Labour for Independence) & Stuart Fairweather (Trade Unionists for Independence) followed by Q & A.

      The meeting is being covered by the BBC so come along and show your support for a YES vote and bring your No & Dinna Ken pals.

      All Arabs & non-Arabs welcome.

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    1. Thanks ch.. to be watched for sure, tomorrow.