Sunday, 10 August 2014


What is it? It's clout. Not much more
Yeah, whatever. What did you used to be again?
Well duh, yeah, we know this.
Only unionists seem to think it all came for the broad shoulders of Alistair Darling.
If the UK had had to bail out its banks it would have been sunk.
Yeah, and Iain Duncan Snuff might find out about you.
Well well, but Alistair said the oil would run out in 2017
Another careless government official in Downing street
forgetting that there are such things as cameras these days.
Looks much more statesmanlike now. Not the hideous clutter of before.
And maybe now they can have to good manners to find a space for
a Welsh dragon?
Sounds like plan to me
And one of Jackie Baillie's men was in the audience asking questions
Alex treats the occasion of the remembrance of the millions of dead
in the first war with the seriousness and respect that it surely deserves (even if it
would be more appropriate to  have it in 4 years' time)]
George Osborne and his cabinet colleague think it's all a big laugh.
Anyone think that people care if Cameron's heart is broken?
ARGH Foreigners. Maggie Curran's at the back of all this.
UK Austerity, one way or the other.
Oh look, Labour used to be a socialist party.
Democracy, Justice, Healthy Homes, Fair Rents?
Obviously Blair, obviously
Trying to get some Grassroots?
You don;t need the money. There's any number of people looking for seats in the
House of Old Sleeping reeps.
OK, it's a spoof, but it IS what she would want.
Never forget this. It is important.
Remember Alistair was in charge of bank regulation
 when the whole thing went BANG.
And his "friend" Brown had been in charge up to that point.


  1. The first one isn't "clout", it's penis envy. America and Russia have bigger cocks than Westminster, though Westminster has more bellends. So they go and pay a fekin fortune for, the floating target that is, an aircraft carrier.

    1. Yes, I heard it described as Willie Waving...

  2. Tris, what we call the first photo is a photoshopped mock up.

    Did you spot the mistake in the photo of the Gov memo re the RUK flag after independence. I think someone is taking the wee wee.

    Gestation is spelled Jestation as in Jest ation.

    No civil servant would have let that through

    1. Yes Panda, I suspected it was, but it the ship still exists indeed two of them exist... and we still have it, although of course we don't have anything that can land on it. And it still represents clout.

      The second story came from the Daily Mail.

      Of course that doesn't mean that it's true. But it wasn't off some daft internet site. I'm never sure that Civil Servants are THAT educated that they can't make the odd spelling mistake.

      In my experience letters from government are at times badly spelled, punctuated and on occasions have words that don't mean what they are supposed to mean.

      Seriously they should be looking into this subject even if the DM and Munguin have been taken in.

    2. Oops I'm slower at typing than you- but as they say great minds......

    3. Gotta be fast to get in before panda!

    4. Also the "scheduled completion date" is April 1st 2014....bit of a giveaway....

    5. Well maybe... but I still think they should be on it. It's likely to happen.

  3. Brilliant as usual. Love the new rUK flag- whomever wrote it needs to go back to school gestation is spelt with a g not a j
    Thanks tris

    1. Thanks M.

      As BlP suggests it may be a spoof, but I mean a lot of these spads/CSs are as dim as candles and one suspects in their jobs because they have connections, or pretty faces rather than any serious kind of brains.

      I mean, how hard would it be to decide what the union flag would be without the blue?

      Phd Not!

    2. Off topic... but I'm allowed to do that, aren't I?

      This is Stewart Hosie on the BBC, dealing with currency, EU, business... with aplomb.

      If you're reading, Stewart... Well done.

  4. The lady seated to Alex Salmond's right is not Moira Salmond, but the journalist Kate Adie.

    1. Thanks, Anon. What a mistake to make. Corrected now thank to you.

      Apologies to Moira, whom I've had the pleasure of meeting on a couple of occasions, a long time ago at conferences. I should have gone to Specsavers!!!

  5. Still no explanation as to why Cameron was in Shetland, we must assume that this new huge oilfield does exist, and is being kept hush hush, in the hope that Scots are stupid enough to vote no. As Blair MacDougall said the Westminster government will wait for a no vote and if they get it, they will then punish Scotland severely. We must beat these disgusting men to the punch and vote yes.

    1. I look forward to news about it. But I'm not sure why the Scottish government doesn't announce it?