Sunday, 4 August 2013


Gotta love Die Deaprtment für Arbeit und Renten und Führer Duncan Smith
I wonder who we blame...
Live with it. That's Britain today.
Weasel words you say? I think that's a tad unkind to weasels, don't you?
Nah, he can't have said that. After all he's done it.
The Scotsman... yes, The Scotsman. A little lie down I think.
No point in protesting little mouse. The Tories is the Tories. They would squeeze money out of a dead peasant
Not just something of the night about this creep. Something of the highwayman too!
Er No. Silly question.

It's so frustrating to have to live like this when we could live like them, if we didn't have to buy auntie Nellie all these fur coats.
The Herald. Yes, The Herald. 
O Lordy. You have to feel sorry for them, don't you. The Fear Monger must have been on holiday and left the apprentice fear monger  in charge. We've already done that one, Michael ,you twerp. Try something that hasn't been debunked.
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  1. Some good ones. Although I hate seeing Auschwitz used in any kind of political statement. It's a horrible and sad place to visit and no one would joke about it after visiting it for themselves.

    1. I take that point, Monty. I pondered over whether it was tasteful to use them or not, but as I see the current regime doing more or less what Hitler was hell bent on doing, I think they are justified.

      I understand why Hitler was so shocked that Britain wasn't behind what it was doing. Disenfranchising the weak and the poor and the minorities is exactly what Hitler and the Tories are about.

      Of course if I were in Germany, I could be prosecuted for using these photographs, so ashamed are they of their past.

      Here, par contre, it is a way of illustrating what is still happening.

  2. I wonder what Michael the twerp would make of this place -

    1. It looks very complicated, Barney, so I suspect that he wouldn't cope at all. He'd just tell them they were Better Together under the Tories.

      t's amazing that other countries seem to have very little problem with these things adn for Brits it is world shattering. Still most people don't hate foreigners quite as much as Brits do.

  3. I think the ATOS link to Lourdes is sooo true.

    1. Perfectly true CH, although there is a strong chance that the illness will recur shortly afterwards, often with fatality as the outcome.

  4. I hope you are not putting up a photo of your local labour councillor? The photo on Wings was a classic just waiting for parody.

    1. Ha ha, Marcia. It's kind of all been done at WoS, and much better than I could do it.

      She's blotted her copybook as a councillor if she was really as rude to that bloke as he suggests...and why would he lie? But I've been following the story on WoS and Munguin's been researching the FB page.

      I dunno, they talk about Stu as being full of bile... but 'Alex Salmond is a liar' and 'F*** off' is not an impressive way to sell your political philosophy.

      They said on the FB page that they were taking a positive message to the people of Dundee... Did you you see anything positive in that?

      More like she demonstrated how to be a foul mouthed old harpy.

  5. I have not heard anything about her since the local elections last year. I don't think she was meant to get elected. It is a delicious irony that the No1 Labour candidate didn't get in but she did.

    1. Marcia...

      I had the dubious pleasure of listening to their first choice when he debated with Craig Melville, Angela Gorrie, Colin Stewart and Chris Hall before the by election in 2009 that saw the Lord Provost leave Labour, Craig win and the council move to the SNP.

      I found that Craig, Angela, Colin and Chris were good in debate and gave a sound account of themselves. I met them all at some stage and, of course I already knew Craig, but I immediately liked the others and recognised in them enthusiasm for their policies, and a genuine belief that what they were doing was right.

      I disliked McIrvine from the first word. He came over as far too self confident and a tad slimy. I didn't meet him individually as I had with the others.

      He obviously wanted in badly, and instructions came in leaflets that he should be the first choice in the next full council election. I suspect Labour voters thought ...anyone but him... and voted for the 2nd choice.

      You know, even if he'd been standing for the SNP I wouldn't have voted for him. Angela would have got my vote.

      I laughed like a drain when he lost.