Sunday, 25 August 2013


Dear Mr Cameron,

Since you came to power you have launched an unceasing campaign of terror against the poorest and most vulnerable and people in the nation. You have vilified and victimised them, stripped them of rights and protections and imposed vicious sanctions upon them. You have treated them with contempt and stacked the system against them. You have supported large corporations and businesses by axing their duties to workers, dismantled legal aid, and encouraged a culture of the predatory workplace, including expanding the workfare programme, thus seeking to enculture the notion of work as duty for either little or no pay.

You have changed the face of British culture into predator and prey, and it is as ugly as sin. Those amongst the public who support this new predatory world need to think long and hard about the world they might have to live in if they really believe they would be better off without a system of welfare support. The poor and vulnerable are already dying in droves including the elderly with 600 a week more dying than expected. I hope those who presently bray their support for your world are stoic enough to accept their own demise should they fall on hard times or find their health deteriorating. In the brutalised society you are creating if they do not wholly accept such a fate they should be doing something about it now. It is no good screaming when circumstances change and their chosen role of predator becomes involuntary prey.

But for me, the jewel in your heartless predatory crown is the bedroom tax. You have struck terror in the heart of people’s lives, their homes. People are being forced to pay this monstrous tax out of the pittance in benefits that is the 'minimum amount the law defines a person needs to live on'. You, councils and the courts are breaking the law by demanding payments from legally defined subsistence money.

There is an old expression about not criticising anyone until you've walked a mile in their shoes. Not one of you is prepared to put your money where your mouth is. When Iain Duncan Smith was challenged by a petition signed by 250,000 people to prove his claim that he could live on £53 a week, his mealy mouthed response was, he would take ‘no bloody lessons’ from those calling for him to live on £53 a week. Maybe not, but he is happy to force sanctions on people by stopping their benefits for up to three years leaving them nothing to live on at all. You and your government are architects of misery Mr Cameron made all the worse because you are as far removed from any understanding of the consequences of your actions, buffered, as you are, by wealth and privilege, as it is possible to be. You are a bunch of rich, pampered, bully boys with no redeeming qualities at all.


  1. Cracking letter, just a pity that it has fallen on deaf ears. Cameron is too deaf, blind and dumb to understand even the first thing about what is mentioned in this letter.

    So long as Cameron's high flying business buddies and millionaire mates are kept happy with their tax cuts and absolutely no chasing for unpaid taxes then he couldn't give a damn about any of the little people in Britain who are the ones who actually make Britain tick!

    I sincerely he, Clegg, Milliband and the rest of their cohorts rot in hell for what they have done, continue to do and plan to do in the future to this country!

    1. No, he hasn't an idea what lives are like away from the mansions, the chauffeurs and the private schools, Oxford and the Bullingdon.

      Nor have most of his cronies.

      It's a world away from the struggle of most people's lives, and even if misfortune is visited upon the likes of the Camerons, they are corseted by their millions.

      As my dad used to say. Being rich doesn't make you happy, but it makes being miserable a good deal easier.

  2. Tris

    I agree with everything in this letter but sadly Cameron will never see it, won't even know it has been delivered to him. The other sad reality is with the collusion of the media the message is still not getting across. I was speaking to young people this week about using their vote and the fear is really taking hold and unless people really start to fight back the message will continue to be strangled. Out of the ones I spoke to all were no voters and their reasons were all the things reported in the main stream media. While I was able to get them to a least question what they are told it is going to be a long slog.

    I feel that we really need more polls getting done and forcing the issues to the fore, we need UKIP to have a fantastic euro election next year and Labour a bad one. I actually agree with the article on twitter that the YES campaign have got to stop being nice and start to go for it big time, have their own project fear if you like about what happens if people vote no.

    I do actually believe that independence in going to happen either way, if not next year then 10 years down the road. We have started a journey that can't be stopped but I want it to be next year.


  3. Hi Bruce.

    Yes, it is difficult to get through to people who don't stop to think....are they telling us the truth? Acceptance of what you read in the Sun or the Mail is a dangerous thing, no matter what it's about.

    I'm not sure that we need to start being as unpleasant as the no campaign. It seems to me that that is the last resort when you have nothing positive to say.

    I'm not sure I could even deal with a campaign that was as vinegarish as that. The likes of Margrit Curren spitting bile about her son being foreign and being full of spitting blind hatred for everything to do with independence, turn me off.

    I think what we need to do is get our message across.

    There are so many positive things, that I'd admit, also link into negative things if we stay.

    We can go on enjoying free education, and healthcare; services for the elderly, the kind of pensions they pay in decent countries... or we can stay with England and lose our health service when it's sold off to Serco and Virgin and G4S and Atos.

    We can stay in Europe, or be isolated.

    We can have free prescriptions or we can pay £8+ for every medicine we need, even when we can't afford them.

    We can have a decent relationship with other states, or we can be permanently on edge with everyone except the USA.

    The campaign will begin with the publishing of the Bill.

    Better Together have done their campaigning already. They've lied and been found out. They are already discredited.

    The next UK government will probably be Tory, but if not it will be a facsimile of the Tories. Nothing else will do for the SE.

    They will take back money and power if we say no.

    They have admitted that although they will put limited extra powers in their manifestos, the English are unlikely to vote for it.

    So it won't happen. We are 59 out of 650.

    So they will take back planning because they will say our refusal to allow nuclear plants is holding the UK back and it's being done on purpose. Then they will dump nuclear power stations on us, like they dumped their nuclear subs.

    They will reduce the money we get, but continue to take more tax from us.

    And almost undoubtedly they will pass legislation to stop us having a majority government, possibly by introducing a House of Lords committee act as a 2nd chamber.

    Or they will pass legislation to stop another referendum in the event of a majority government. We won't be allowed to get away with disrupting them again.

    Vote yes or we are finished.

  4. tris


    ' I agree with everything in this letter but sadly Cameron will never see it '

    wrong they will pass it around the cabinet table IDS will read it out loud
    then they will laugh there bollocks off. light there cigars with it and say
    aint the UK voters right a bunch of morons ha ha ha ha

    1. Well, let's at least hope that IDS burns his fingers, badly...

  5. the problem with you lot is you point out all the
    evil devious action this scum do and think it will
    shame them.

    They and there many supporters read it and see it
    as a badge of honour . job well done .

    1. Not entirely sure what else we can do...

      Suggestions on a postcard... but remember that the NSA is almost undoubtedly listening in.

    2. Thatcher started it, Blair and Brown carried it on and now we are were Germany was in the 30's.

      Only when we ALL vote YES next year will the rest of Britain eventually wake up and get rid of these fascist parties.

      Could I ask tris that you find room to put Max Keiser on your blogroll as the general public are sleepwalking courtesy of the beeb.

    3. To be honest Niko, I don't think we are pointing out all the evil actions of the LibLabCon coalition in an attempt to shame them. As you say it is not possible to shame these bastards in any way shape or form.

      What we are trying to do is draw attention of their gut wrencking actions to normal everyday people, people who are like us wanting people's human rights recognised and the incessant attack on the ill, disabled, infirm, elderly, poor, unemployed, low paid etc stopped!

      I agree that it is a long shot but we are limited in what we can actually do.

    4. Done CH.

      People are not interested. They accept all this. As CH it's not unlike Germany in the 30s, but, as my mother pointed out, at least Hitler for all his faults was actually getting Germans into work, building railways and autobahns.

      In other words while he was being evil at least he was giving SOME a hand up... Cameron is only giving his mates a hand up.

  6. tris

    seems to me the only person who consistently
    takes on the Tory scum and there low life followers and wins
    Is Bob crow.

    perhaps his way is the right way.

    “He who lives by fighting with an enemy has an interest in the preservation of the enemy's life.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

    could be said about the present Labour party

    1. We live in a dictatorship Niko and have done all our lives.

    2. Well bob Crow still has some power...

      Of course they are making sure that they take power away from everyone except the ruling elite... not this time particularly made of aristocrats, more spivs...although, for big enough money they have made some of the spivs aristocrats.

      I've not a lot of time for the old type aristos, but the new ones are pure evil.

      I wonder what they will do to Bob Crow. He's no friend to Miliband either, so I expect whatever they do will go without censure.

      Unless the Liberals... no, what am I saying...

      I've no interest in the continued existence of the Tories. I'd rather not fight them, but as long as they wreak havoc on my country I will.

  7. The coalition regime doesn't care about the poorest. If they did prioritising child tax credits would be placed before trident renewal.

    If they did they would prioritise retaining EMA, instead of the biggest, most wasteful privatisation of English NHS

    If they did they would raise not lower the corporation tax on the biggest profiteers - not hammer the weakest with bedroom tax.

    Tories don't care, that doesn't surprise me. The LibDems (remember them? They kept Thatcher in power) are keeping their viciousness possible).

  8. Ohhhhhhhh yes, I vaguely remember the Liberals... Can't remember much about them except they fought from being a party of less than 10 in parliament to being a party of 60.

    Then they sold out to the Tories and will shortly disappear up their own fundaments.

    Nick Clegg should take lessons from Willie Rennie on how to be a total irrelevance.

    How many treaties was it Willie?

    No, they don't give a stuff. They don't even know the poor exist, except as some sort of irritating figure that keeps them from making more money.

    Only here could we have a situation where people are allowed to charge whatever they want for rents in the most run down and disgusting properties; the people who live there are not paid a living wage, and the public purse has to pay to keep them in ridiculously over-priced homes, because there is no where else to put them.

    Then the government complains that the lazy unwashed working classes are ripping off the taxpayer...

    Niko's right. These spivs are scum.

  9. Don't know if you've read this yet Tris, but it explains mountains about Better Together and their faux calls for open and fair debate.

    In all these examples in Stu's article, almost without exception, there is one glaring fact. In every case of the YES camp being "harassed" by the "organisers" it is patently obvious that they, the "organisers, have an ulterior motive. In my view, it is perfectly clear that because Better Together are too cowardly an organisation to actually put a stall up at any fair/fete etc they have resorted to putting, in my view, undue pressure on the various organisers in a pathetic attempt to shut the YES camp from getting their message out.

    In fact as I read Stu's article it got me thinking, with the organisers constantly "threatening" to call the police, the police arriving and deciding that no action needs to be taken, then perhaps the "organisers" should all be arrested and charged with wasting police time! That would certainly, in my view, send a message out to Better Together.

    You can put all the pressure you like onto organisers but they can not do anything, YES activists always do everything legally and as such have every right to be in attendance at fetes/fairs etc. If BT can't be bothered to turn up at organised events then that is their loss and they have no right to force their will onto others!

    I must admit that the responses reported are excellent, what better way to show organisers and Better Together that the YES camp do not scare easily.

    Oh as another wee aside here is the latest, as reported by Newsnet Scotland, on the hacking of YES Scotland HQ. You know the hacking I'm talking about, it's the hacking that no one in the MSM/BBC/STV/SKY are prepared to admit even took place/is taking place!

    As I read the article a couple of things sprung to mind based around who has been hacking the YES Scotland HQ. In my personal opinion, either Better Together are at the centre of this hacking scandal, after all they have yet to come out and even condone this hacking, or, GCHQ are heavily involved on orders from number 10 Downing Street!

    Either way no one should be under any illusion that we have reached the lowest ever point yet in this fight for our independence. We all keep saying that Better Together can not reach any further down into the depths of the barrel of mediocrity and incompetence but they keep surprising us. I'm still waiting for Lamont to surface from whichever rabbit warren bolt hole she currently inhabits to accuse Alex Salmond for all this hacking scandal. lol!

    1. 'We have learnt' or 'A document has been passed to us' a favourite airwaves declartion and now there are calls for the ant-terror legislation to be strengthened some people need to wake up very quickly before they are woken up with a knock on the door.

    2. Yep Arbroath I've read it.

      We've always said it would get nasty.

      And it's not even started yet.

      I wish we were having an adult discussion about this. This kind of stuff is not a good basis for the country to run on whichever way the referendum goes.

      Very very sinistre.

    3. Brilliant U KOK poster LOL

  10. Just wondering here CH, but do you think "we have learnt" is MSM/BBC/STV/SKY speak for "a document has been passed to us from GCHQ" and "A document has been passed to us" is MSM/BBC/STV/SKY speak for "Better Together have 'acquired' by dubious means a document that they want us to highlight no matter the dubious methods used in acquiring it"

    1. I am just highlighting what I have heard over the years over the airwaves it is up to the authorities to investigate all evidence that appears suspect. Not confident in the real culprit/s will be in the dock unless they go to Malta.

    2. If it is GCHQ then Police Scotland will be shown the door sharpish. These people are above the law.

  11. Tris you know how I recently posted about having reached the lowest ever point in the Independence debate so far in relation to the hacking of YES Scotland HQ, well I am sorry but I was wrong, THIS is the new low for Better Together and co.

    1. Best thing to be in unfazed, Arbroath.

      They fight dirty.

      They are prepared to celebrate the start of a war that killed millions so they have an excuse to wave union flags... and to do it in Scotland. That fat prat Cameron is bringing his canonet to scotland, to try to make us feel a part of things... yeah that will work...a part of Tory England!!!

      And now dodger Hammond is having his forces day in Scotland for the second time in a couple of years...

      They are pretty low.

      But we'll win with a positive message. You can wave union jacks all you like, but it won't put [people back in their houses; it won't create work; it won't make the NHS work; it won't replace the soup kitchens.

      Independence can.

      To call Hammond a weazel would be a great insult to weazels the world over.

    2. I suppose we have to give them, say 3 out of 10 for effort.

      1) Remember we've just a Royal baby although I'd rather have a panda or two myself. lol!

      2) Last night BBC and Sky news were fawning over yet another couple of Royal weddings. Allegedly Andy Pandy and Feregie Wergie are an item again and talk was all about a Royal wedding. One of the SKY reviewers even had the gormless insanity to suggest they'd tie the knot in Scotland.

      3) We also had the pleasure last night of watching the nauseating twins talk about ginger heid getting married. (it's all right I can call him that cause I used to be ginger myself lol)

      4) Cameron stuck his unwanted awe into the Commonwealth Games last week to see what help he could give. Hmm funny he didn't seem so free with his help when we won the right to hold the games. Oops I forgot he hadn't signed the Edinburgh Agreement agreeing to allowing us to be in full control of the referendum

      5) We are to be "allowed" to hold Armed Forces day in Stirling next year, aint that nice of them, trying to outdo our celebration of Bruce kicking Edward's earse!

      6) £30 million of improvements announced to Faslane accommodation to show how much Westminster care and respect Scotland!

      7) As you say they are going to "celebrate" the start of WWI in Glasgow, weeks before the referendum!

      8) hacking the YES Scotland HQ e-mails.

      I know nothing definite has been proven on the last one yet, but let's face it there has been no condemnation from either Better Together or Westminster on this ongoing scandal and the longer this goes on without condemnation from either Better Together or Westminster then, in my view, the better the chances are that either or both parties are culpable of this highly illegal activity!

    3. That's not a bad list.

      Fergie and the Fat Boy Andy Air Miles (Earl of Inverness) will probably have to get married in Scotland, because the CofE won't marry them in England. It should be a private affair, though doubtless the tabloid press will make much of it.

      The question is, apart from morons, who gives a ....?

  12. "Niko's right" -Tris

    On each rare occasion I read this, I always hear the theme tune to the X-files play through my head!

    1. Thats really funny Dean... It's exactly what I was thinking.