Friday, 23 August 2013




  1. HS2 started by Labour, ask Darling he was part of the committee that agreed the original route, continued by the Tories, no surprise there, putting the "wee man" firmly in his place, and now called waste of money by none other than Alistair Darling. Wait a minute did he no agree the route and costs in the first place?

    Has anyone had the guts to whisper in the lugs of Darling that no one gives a damn about what he thinks or even says these days?

    1. You have to ask yourself how it is that Germany, Spain, France and italy all have these fantastic high speed railway lines, and Scotland is still running old diesel trains over Victorian lines.

      Still we do have nukes. So that's all right.

    2. Trouble is Tris you're talking about countries that believe in the future of their countries. These governments all have plans for the future of their countries and a clear plan of how to get there.

      What we have here is a government that has no clear plan about anything other than how best to help their millionaire buddies out and keep the poor and down trodden on down in the gutter!

      Of course you are never far from the truth when you mention "our" nukes. As we all know everyone in Scotland is just so proud to be the centre of attention for every future "enemy of the UK." Just to reinforce this you'll be overjoyed to hear that the MOD is spending £30 million on upgrading the accommodation at Faslane. To quote Defence minister Dr. Andrew Murrison, the funding is a "clear and visible sign" of the UK government's commitment to the base. Hell they can commit all they want, come September 2014 they are going to have to start looking elsewhere, but hey they want to waste £30 million now who am I to stop them.

      As an extra wee aside have you heard that the MOD have spent £40,000 on the speaking clock. Apparently, staff were told not to ring the 123 number but hey ho guess what, they have been ringing it to find out the time. They were given, allegedly, a list of free websites they could visit to check the time but no they seem to have continued to use 123.

      What gets me really rolling about on the floor is the MOD response...... the "inadvertent spending" was due to a .........Technical fault!

    3. Bloody hell.

      Who, apart from people with sight problems can possibly need a speaking clock now.

      If you are at work in the MoD surely you can tell the time from one of their clocks I the building, or your own watch, or a computer screen or your mobile phone.

      I see, the technical fault was that people simply disregarded their instructions. Comforting behaviour in the military!!

    4. PS Arbroath. I always thought that Francois Mitterrand was a visionary leader.

      He realised that a big country like france needed a superb internal transport system at a reasonable cost, and he set about building the amazing network that France has today.

      He knew of course that it would cost a fortune, and that he would no longer be president when it was finished and would not take the credit for it in his lifetime, but he went ahead with it, because it was what France needed.

      Why have we never had a UK leader of his worth?

      Why is it that ours only think about their legacy.

      if I remember rightly Cameron's was to be the Big Society... Not so much a legacy, more a one fingered salute to the

  2. For a railway line at the fraction of the cost of HS2 is to re-open the former Great Central Railway that used to run from London Marylebone to Sheffield until it was closed down in 1966, one of the Beeching Cuts. It was built to the European Loading gauge standards at the beginning of the 20th Century. Parts of it are still used for heritage trains or for freight.

    1. Can't understand why they don't look at the old railway lines Marcia. They have done it in Scotland. Nothing high speed here, but commuter lines have reopened along the old lines.

      I suppose it might be something about not having anyone in the Dept for Transport with a brain cell?