Sunday, 11 August 2013


As a person who has worked helping disadvantaged people into work, including working at one stage in close partnership with our local prison, I was somewhat cheered today to discover that landing a job after serving time at the pleasure of her majesty seems much easier than it used to be.

Only 3 months after leaving the nick, the esteemed Chris Huhne, onetime star of the Liberal Party (and leadership contender against Nick), has found himself a nice little part-time job for two days a week. 

So, he's not stacking shelves at Tesco under the benevolent Mr Duncan Smith's slave labour programme: that's 5 days a week. 

Nor is he using the talents he may have learned while doing stir: sewing mail bags, making porridge, or mopping corridors and fetching the governor's tea.

However, experience in a past post, the one he had just before he was caught and convicted, must have stood him in good stead for the new post.

The ex-Secretary of State, ex-con has been appointed to a senior post with ... an energy company. 

Bless him, wasn't it a happy coincidence that before his downfall he was her majesty's secretary of state for....erm energy.

He probably picked up some handy experience. The company obviously think he will be of value to them as his two-day-a-week post seems to pay in the region of £100,000 a year.

If I could just have managed to get that kind of result for the lads I worked with, how proud I would have been (and how happy they would have been).

Still there's not that many people could fall from 10 floors up into a pile of horse dung and get up smelling like a rose. Just ex-politicians.


  1. It's an establishment merry go round, when will people wake up.

  2. I think it's '7 homes' Chris Huhne. There's a Geoff Hoon somewhere though.
    He's probably with a global warming scamming windmill company.

    1. Oooops... You're right. Thanks. :)

      Will correct.

  3. And they say crime does NOT pay! Hmm......

    1. Well, in fairness, Arbroath, it probably doesn't unless you have the right kind of connections. I imagine the company don't make a habit of employing old lags with tags.

    2. Aye your probably right there Tris. Mind you having "contacts" in government certainly will NOT have damaged his chances of being appointed!

      As a wee aside I see Rev Stu has put up a link to the FULL Panelbase poll that was carried out last week. I think it might make for some interesting reading. What a pity, although not entirely unsurprising, that not one single MSM/BBC "journalist has taken up the opportunity to examine these results and begin questioning the LIES, DECEIT and MISINFORMATION currently on view from the media.

    3. Thanks for the link, Arbroath.

      If a blog points out that no one trusts you, it is unlikely you're going to give it a lot of publicity.

      The results were all wrong for teh MSM or the BBC...

  4. Tris

    Off topic but the news that Chris Bryant had to change his speech about Next and Tesco just sums up how devoid of decency, guts, honor, judgement or anything Labour have now. What a disgusting gutless party.


    1. When even the Guardian can see them for what they are Quoted for truth #28 then Milli/Balls time is coming to an end.

    2. Don't know about that Bruce. Must investigate. Thanks for the heads up.

    3. CH... even the Gruinard is turning against them....

    4. Just read the story, Bruce.

      Chris Bryant, dick head extraordinaire.

      You can't go around insulting Tesco. They may blow the gaff on the slave workers the government is sending them.

      Really, they complain that these companies don't pay the minimum way (which, in any case, they would probably like to get rid of) to foreigners, which Tories would LOVE tog et rid of.

      The they send the same company a pile of slaves and tell them to use them as they wish.

      What a bunch of half witted bum holes.

  5. Well what do you know Tris, everyone's favourite professor has apparently read the results of the Panelbase poll.

    I think in general it is not a bad piece but I do have an issue with his fourth paragraph, something I've just raised over on Wings. His fourth para reads:

    If a survey is to acquire reliable information on how many people propose to vote in line with the recommendation of the party they support it needs to ask not one question but two – how do people propose to vote in the referendum and how they would vote in an election or how they voted in the past – and then cross-analyse the results to see how many people say both Yes and SNP, etc. We should not expect survey respondents to do the work for us.

    However, if you actually read the questions asked in the poll you'll find these:

    1) Q7. If you currently know how you plan to vote in the referendum, how does that intention compare to the official position of the party you voted for in the WESTMINSTER general election of 2010?

    2)Q8. There will be a SCOTTISH Parliament election in 2016 regardless of the outcome of the referendum. Thinking about how you are CURRENTLY most likely to vote in that election, might your voting intention change depending on whether Scotland was independent or not?

    3)D3. Did you vote in Scotland in the 2011 Scottish Parliamentary Election? If so, who did you vote for with your constituency vote?

    4)D4. And who did you vote for with your regional vote?

    Now to my simpleton mind and solitary brain cell the "second question" the dear professor is calling for WAS provided by one or all of these questions, wasn't it?

    So in my view, I applaud him for writing about the poll, about the only person who has, but in my view he seems to have missed an opportunity to really get to grips with the FACTS! I think this is borne out by his inability to accept the FOR/AGAINST Independence vote figures which strongly oppose anything that has been put out by the MSM/BBC so far.

    1. Yes it was.

      Well analysed, Arbroath...

      But OK, in fairness, the results give a different impression from most of the polls, proving that if you slant your questions in a particular way, you may get a different answer.

      It may be that people consider it to be an outrider poll or rogue poll.

      Maybe we do need another one in a few months...

  6. I have no problem in asking my partner/carer for another tenner in a few months time for another Panel base poll. lol

    The only thing that concerns me is if we'll get a BETTER reaction from the MSM/BBC than the one this poll has received. Personally I have my doubts that anyone involved in the MSM/BBC will have the guts to stick their heads above the parapet and openly evaluate the findings. The only way to spread the results of this or any other crowd funded poll is via Twitter/Facebook/on line news sites/word of mouth etc.

    All a journalist worth their salt had to do was present the findings of this poll and comment on it being a one off but that it did highlight that the whole Independence referendum vote appears to be a lot closer than others have indicated up till now! It wouldn't take much THOUGHT for a journalist to do that now would it?

    1. LOL. No.

      I'd venture to suggest that we no longer have many journalists worth their salt, or at least none that are prepared to fight the editors, who are run by the proprietors, in whose interests it is to remain shackled to the dying duck that is the UK.

      I'm told that during the war newspapers printed what the government wanted them to print. Of course there was a law at that time about not causing alarm and despondency. I wonder if the staunch unionists from London see this possible break up of 'their' country in the same light as they saw the threat from Nazi Germany, and as such as prepared to throw journalistic integrity to the winds in the interests of Great Britain?

      I think Stu said that there is sufficient money for another poll.

  7. I see Stu has uncovered the "source" of all of the top "stories",'s a site called The Porridge! LOL

  8. Its all a club Tris, and folk like us aren't invited.

    All the more reason for:

    1. A British Commonwealth. Republican, federalised system
    2. Full fiscal autonomy, including an oil and natural resources trust fund as applicable for each federal state (just like in USA, for Texas, Alaska et cetera)
    3. Full global withdrawal of UK military forces. Creation of a nuclear free, defence force capacity.
    4. declaration of neutrality. Give up security council seat
    5. full membership of both eurozone and schengen area.

    That ought to give the politically self serving elite a shake up the buttock!

    1. Aye're whistling for the moon there, matey.

      Can you honestly see the likes of Cameron or Miliband agreeing to that?

    2. That ship long long ago so it's now all or nothing since devo whatever was denied by the loyalist parties. Serfdom or freedom your choice!

    3. I agree CH that this ship has long left the port unfortunately it doesn't stop the supporters of the union from continuing to "offer" the idea of Devo Max/Min/whatever whenever they can and as often as they can. I guess they think we're all too wee and too stupid to realise that Devo whatever is not achievable. In their eyes they believe that by "convincing" us that Devo whatever is still "available" then we will all vote NO, they'll win the referendum and we'll get egg on our face and powers will be REMOVED from Holyrood as "payment" for believing their garbage!

    4. So it did...

      1 The Commonwealth lost interest in Britain a long time ago.

      2 No chance that there will be a republic.

      3 No chance of federalism. The only party for it gave up on it.

      4 I can't see troop withdrawals. Britain likes to think of itself as a world policeman.

      5 No chance of different tax/borrowing, etc.

      6 I imagine that rather than join Schengen or Eurozone, the UK will leave the EU.

      7 I heard the other day that the USA wants us to give up nuclear weapons so that we can spend the money on conventional troops. But do you seriously think that Britain would give up its seat on the most important council in the world?