Friday, 30 August 2013


This is how grown up people, mature people, un bitter and twisted people, deal with small nations which exist side by side, there to help each other  share stuff, do-operate with one another, BUT at the end of the day, elect THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS.

Meet Marit Fält

I am both Swedish and Norwegian - and am proud of being both. Having been brought up on the Norwegian side of the border of these two small, independent nations, I am delighted to live in another small nation on the cusp of the independence. I may not be Scottish, but I have come to call Scotland my home.

There are many benefits of living in a small independent nation. Complete influence over the decision of who rules our country. My vision for Scotland is to have a proportional electoral system which forces consensus in parliament, similar to the Scandinavian model. Scaremongers wax lyrical about the uncertainty of independence. I don't see it this way. No matter what we vote there is going to be uncertainty. For me the key question is who we want making the decision in our main national political forum. This dilemma wouldn't enter my mind in Scandinavia. We represent ourselves, and it seems to work very well.

The other aspect of the Better Together argument which confuses me, is their talk about the "abandonment" of England. Sweden and Norway's separate cultures are flourishing as well as maintaining strong ties. Actually the cultures overlap to the extent that I always shopped in Sweden, all Norwegian children watch Swedish television, and Swedes make up the biggest immigrant group in Norway. This is an easy relationship - building on historical, cultural and family ties. It absolutely is not abandonment. This is working together to help both nations. I hope that Scotland gets the opportunity to build these relationships for herself - in the UK, in the North, in Europe and globally.

Marit Fält

That said, a little gloat never hurt anyone, especially the Tories. So here are some pics you might like...
Bad headline day, Dave?
You say it's not like Iraq, but then you're a liar.
Unless of course he's standing next to me...

Bad News Dave?
Not used to losing, is he? And hasn't he aged?


  1. As Cameron's father is Scottish, you don't get to wash your hands of him so easily ;-)

    1. Isn't it dreadful, QM?

      What with him having Scottish connections (which of course he denies completely, calling himself, patronisingly, "a mere Englishman" when ducking out of a debate with the far cleverer First Minister of Scotland on the basis that it wasn't his place to debate in the run up to the referendum (or that he knew he'd be humiliated).

      Add to that, that the barking mad man Brown is North British (he too was ashamed to say he was Scottish) "I come from North Britain" he told an American interviewer who had asked if he was "Scotch".

      Then we have the mad war criminal bastard and collector of money and medals Tony Blair, whose parentage has Scots in it, and who actually went to one of our Independent schools (arguably the best), then having finished his education headed for Oxford and fortunately for us, never came back until he was PM, and then only briefly.

      They all seem to prefer England to their homeland, and franking we prefer them to apply for English citizenship and never darken our door again. But if you don't want them, you could probably put brown in a lunatic asylum, and send Blair to the Hague for war crimes. Cameron...not sure what you could do with him...maybe dress him up as a badger and leave him in one of the cull areas.

      Frankly, I don't blame the English for disliking Scottish politicians, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Douglas Home... all completely useless prats of the highest order.

      All ashamed to be called Scottish (probably except Home, but he made damned sure he sounded like an upper class Englishman).

      The only decent prime minister the UK had was Clem Atlee and unfortunately we can find no claim to him.

  2. Poor wee Call-me-Dave has had a rough few days hasn't he? Maybe now the git can sympathise with his victims circa the bedroom tax, the abolition of EMA, the racist 'go home' immigration posters.

    Scum is a harsh word. Very harsh, but I wouldn't call the poor that...

    1. No, he has no idea. He has 5 houses, at least two of which (including a country estate suitable for an early) are paid for by the state.

      I wish he had to sleep on the streets for a few months and use soup kitchens. Then he might understand what he's doing to people that weren't lucky enough to be born into his class.

      I'd say the words 'scum' and 'dregs' belong to people who deserve them regardless of class or wealth.

    2. Did you see the latest speech by (nobodys)Darling? He has said in his official capacity as head of 'Better together' that an indy Scotland would "struggle" in terms of foreign policy and international relations...


      It sure as heck wasn't Holyrood parliament kicking 'UK government foreign policy' around the floor...

    3. So rather than Syrians poisoning civilians the West wants to blow them up and Darling wishes to be part of that.

      As you were talking of going abroad Dean I would advise going to the Southern Hemisphere as Japan is trying to make the Northern one uninhabitable except for cockroaches.

    4. Shame, I'm extremely fond of everything Japan!

    5. I wonder why he thinks we would struggle in terms of foreign policy. Does Denmark? Does Iceland? Does Estonia?

      As virtually the entirety of British foreign policy is decided in Washington DC adn has been since Suez, I'm not entirely certain that the Uk has much to write home about as far as that is concerned.

      When it came to the matter of whether or not to kill thousands of Syrians or not, I thought that the First minister made a reasonable and statesmanlike contribution.

      Presumably, were scotland independent now, and were he still the first minister, that is what our policy would have been. Not that what Scotland thinks in these matters would amount to a hill of beans, no more than stay what Luxembourg or Malta think.

      I think that can only be a good thing. Specially if it means that the government concentrated its time and energy on making the trains run and ensuring that hospitals are not neglecting dehydrated or diabetic patients.

      I wonder if anyone gives a toss what Darling thinks... Frankly I doubt it. He's yesterday's failure, nonetheless he's bound for the House of Peers.

    6. I'm not sure CH, what the desired outcome of the USA's intervention in Syria would be. The headmaster telling the rowdy lot off.

      All we ever do when we intervene in the Middle East is make a mess, kill more people. I cannot think of one time when that didn't happen. On this occasion we might even be batting for the wrong side.

      Best keep out of it.

      What Darling knows about Foreign Affairs is probably even less than he knew about economics. That turned out to be sod all.

      Incidentally I love Japan too...

  3. O.K. Tris, you can come from your wee hiding place now, the Better Together Glasgow launch is over and we have this utterly jaw dropping statement from Mr Whatisname.

    “The Nationalists are right about the success of the parliament, but with independence devolution ends”.

    Oh in case you were wondering they had a fantastic time today. O.K. Tris I lied there, just trying to improve their image you understand.

    At least there was one good thing about today's secret public meeting though, it has been confirmed that Johann Lamont is still alive!!! LOL

    1. I'm so glad it went well.

      So let me see if I understand the deeply intellectual conclusion that they seem to have come to...

      With independence, devolution ends...

      Goodness, that's deep. Has wee Willie had a hand in working that out? Sounds like something he might have been cogitating on for a couple of years.

      Nice to hear that Lamont is still with us though. We need her to keep Eck in check,, wiping him all over the floor of the chamber with her rapier wit , as she does so expertly on a weekly basis.

    2. I see the page does not exist on the Beeb, Arbroath. Broken link or have they taken it down?

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha... I just read Stu's report Arbroath. I was right. I can tell a Willie Rennie philosophical announcement at 100 meters.

      What a tube.

    4. Heaven forbid as all Scotland hangs on there every word of the funny farm.

      OT: I see that Niko stood his friend up and has returned to his keyboard.

    5. Try this link Tris.

    6. She looks as lonely as the foul mouthed woman in Dundee's Baxter Park (allegedly as she denies telling anyone to F off).

    7. Thanks Arbroath... used that for today's post. :)